Cao Fang saw this scene with some horror and immediately let two hands help Liu Hengshui up, because although it is a suburb and a southern suburb avenue in the evening, there are still a few cars passing through. If Liu Hengshui is not helped to the side of the road, Liu Hengshui will be in danger.

This roadside fight still attracted some passers-by to shake the glass. "You don’t hurry away from the police case." Cao Fang took out his guns in all these eyes and rushed those car owners to have a cold drink. Those car owners went to Cao Fangliang’s gun and the car was afraid to be busy. […]

The man was really frightened in the face of such an attack, and his face was a bit surprised. He quickly dodged, and then the plank brick Lanlong controlled to fly around in the constant pursuit, as if it were a turning point in that huge hurricane

The three men have now hit Jingyang City, and many people have noticed that the battle is gaping. It’s really the first time they’ve seen this level of fighting. The ferocity is really terrible and most of the houses have been destroyed. Jingyang City was actually set off by the hurricane, which filled the world […]

This is the magic of the antique market. It’s intentional to plant flowers, but it’s not intentional to plant willow trees.

You don’t know which cloud is raining. Wang Haidong said with a smile, "This thing is amazing. Anyway, many people have passed this time. We also ran to see if there are good things." Although many people used to think about picking up the mistakes, it doesn’t mean that all people are qualified to pick […]

Going by car to see what Yuan Shaolu Nanrong Illusion is novel. Looking at the scenery outside the window, riding an old car is also a "boom" sound. More men with big braids appear on both sides of the road. Occasionally, men wearing vests and holding trouser legs pull a two-wheeled rickshaw. Although novel, Nanrong Illusion has always been in fear and trembling.

He doesn’t know why he will encounter such strange things when he comes to perform for the first time. It is said that he should come with Yang Ye and now he can’t find him, and there is another woman around him. Guess this is the solution? Did two people fall at the wrong time? […]

When Song Yuanyuan went to the hospital to see her in Meng Xiaodong ward, there was no one in the hospital bed. She was puzzled and went to the nurse to ask, "Where is Meng Xiaodong in this ward, doctor?" Didn’t you say she was awake? "

The nurse also came in and saw that there was no one in the hospital bed. "Maybe you went for an examination?" I’ll ask for you. " As a result, Meng Xiaodong really disappeared, and the doctor felt very strange. Meng Xiaodong just woke up, and her hands and feet were inconvenient. How could she […]

Ye Hongyuan also thought of ways to help testers solve difficulties, but in view of the fact that his son’s intervention will definitely cause dissatisfaction among family members, he tried his best to bury it in his heart.

Even Ye Hong, a patriarch, dare not violate this rule. Now this Ye Qiu dares to violate this rule, which is a great event for the whole family. Although Ye Qiu leaves home in addition to Ye Tianwai, he is also a second-rate role in this leaf home, as well as the heads of families […]