The old woman said, "Oh, so you’re here at the request of Dong Ming, too?" Who is that person with you? "

Yang Jimeng said, "It’s a friend who feeds you and catches Xiao Ni?" The old woman grinned, "You’ll be surprised if you say it. This smelly girl’s father is Jin Zhuliu, who is now known as the first swordsman in the world!" Yang Jimeng was really surprised and said, "Xin Qiniang, how dare you catch […]

Jia Ye monk’s spiritual knowledge is stronger than spreading to the dead city, and his face is more and more dignified. It took a long time to say, "The situation is very bad. There are three masters looking for you in 500 meters."

"What about 500 meters away?" Guo Yi asked. Jia Ye sighed, "This is a forbidden area. Even my spiritual knowledge can only be extended for 500 meters, and then it will be blurred. If my spiritual knowledge is outside, it will be a piece of cake even if I lean out for 500 Wan Li." […]

In this way, Qiuyuan’s mentality will calm down a lot and he will begin to return to normal.

Qiuyuan changed another way to check the lobster soldier’s illness. This time, it was not vitality to check the main but vitality to guide the lobster soldier so that he could hear Qiuyuan’s instructions. The former method was that Qiu Yuan unilaterally examined the lobster soldier, but how could the doctor not listen to the […]

Although Ye Han said this, Ye Mu felt a heartfelt relief, but she also heard that kind of dissatisfaction from Ye Han’s words. Obviously, she had already hurt Ye Han when she sent him away.

For this result, I have tried my best to make up for Naiye’s kindness and nodded. "Then stay at home and tell us if there is anything, and we will definitely satisfy you!" That’s what women should do. This is a good boy, but the word child in Ye Han’s heart is no longer good, […]