Of course, even if those problems are solved, there is still a problem of loneliness, and there is not much he can do about it. He can look forward to a faster time with two months left in his heart.

I graduated from college in March, and by that time, Chen Sirou will come here to accompany herself, but if she comes, she will naturally not feel lonely. And I don’t know if McClaren can last until the end of the season. He talks more and more. Maybe he will leave class in March. If […]

"Yisow, you said I’m not doing this. It’s the first time someone believes that I can’t do such an important thing for me. I can’t live up to Yisow’s letter." I can get Lin Yue’s affirmation. Li Xiaomei is filled with joy and thinks of her sister-in-law.

"Second sister-in-law, my sister-in-law wants me to ask if there is anything suitable for her?" "It’s not without what your sister-in-law’s sex will do. Our family is all manual labor. She may not be able to eat it when she comes." Lin Yue thinks that there are really two cooking jobs missing in the kitchen. […]

Zhang Ji treated Cao Xing while Cao Xing also asked Zhang Ji whether he had distributed those medicinal materials to the people of Qinghe County, and Zhang Ji nodded his head.

After Zhang Ji returned to the barracks, although he was also worried about Cao’s sexual safety, then again, Zhang Ji also knew that he was a healer and could do nothing to save Cao’s performance by Chen Hu and others. He finally remembered Cao Xing’s words and did not hesitate to grind the herbal medicine […]