Of course, even if those problems are solved, there is still a problem of loneliness, and there is not much he can do about it. He can look forward to a faster time with two months left in his heart.

I graduated from college in March, and by that time, Chen Sirou will come here to accompany herself, but if she comes, she will naturally not feel lonely. And I don’t know if McClaren can last until the end of the season. He talks more and more. Maybe he will leave class in March. If […]

After a few hours, the exam finally came. Soon after Junai and the others returned to the hall, Gureifia and Sasakes also came here.

"To celebrate the success of the exam, let’s have a banquet first. Azazeru should be ready!" Sasakes smiled easygoing, and Azazeru discussed holding a banquet before the exam. Now it is estimated that it has been ready for a long time, except for the return of the candidates. "Well, my brother said that they did […]

Seeing the other two people projecting their eyes at the same time, a cruel one, a Nellinfei princess raised her hand and surrendered, "Okay, okay, I won’t talk to someone."

So the three men walked silently in the path full of rotten branches and leaves, and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the quiet and steady water with withered petals and dead leaves fell into their ears Accompanied by various sound clouds, Li Xin suddenly spoke, "Ling Yi, let me ask […]

The power of the spell is incredible and unimaginable. For vague and general orders, such as winning this holy grail war and defeating an opponent, it may be difficult to fully take effect, but this kind of specified order is absolutely executable.

For example, the command to restore magic, after Weber said this command, Rider felt that a powerful force was injected into his body, and the huge magic consumed by Wang Jun potential was replenished a lot in an instant. Although it is impossible to make a Wang Jun potential again without restoring its heyday, the […]