Going to Brew with Uncle Lao Zhuang is the third-level output of the manor, and Zhuang Zhuang attaches great importance to it.

But after all, he doesn’t know what this program is a three-level output. "I’m going to take advantage of the high energy to rush forward. The heat of the program has not cooled down, so I’ll release the video directly now!" Producer Zhao said, "Master Zhuang heard that you also have many fans on the […]

The revelation is that he worked hard to refine it himself, so that the Pope of the Maya at that time was far more powerful and most people could suppress everything.

Normally, he can’t hurt him by refining things in the dark sun. But Joanne is an expendable one-time way. Tear up the revelation and attack him as a consumptive attack You know, it’s amazing that the enlightenment has been revealed through the years when the Amish popes have blessed them. Just turning over can hold […]

Chang Youyou began to cry. "I want my mother to be happy and let’s go out, okay? I’m afraid we will die here if we go like this. It’s terrible here! Must be homesick. That little bitch must be her! Isn’t she possessed? She must be a ghost to scare us! "

At this time, a light shone, then disappeared, and then a gust of evil wind blew in from the window. When the curtain was lifted by the wind, it was a brief light, and they also saw a white figure and long loose hair in the window. "Ah-" This time, not only Chang Youyou shouted […]

Xiao Huang’s shortness of breath and quick thinking, do you want to think of a way to imprison this man and keep such a person for life, so that ladies will be fine. He won’t marry ladies.

Xiao Huang is moving across the brain, but Xiao Ye laughs coldly. "Xiao Huang, you don’t want to imprison the king, do you? You really think too much. Don’t believe me. Come and see if the king will die even if he is imprisoned by you and Feng from night?" "If I didn’t kill her […]

Before Xiao Liancheng put away his long sword with a cold hum, "How did your father punish you for disrespecting Big Brother six times?"

His forefinger lit his head and closed his eyes. "Oh, by the way, you will be punished for cleaning Taifu for one month!" Xiao Yimo’s look has not changed. "How did your father punish you for your indecent assault on the proprietress of Yunlai Inn?" He chuckled with sarcasm in his eyes. "Oh, by the […]