Shoucheng lightly sighed, "Even so, I didn’t expect to be directly infiltrated into the sect. After all, there is a guardian mountain array and a fairy flying sword sitting there. I’m afraid there is no red-violet old devil."

"Is it difficult for the four dharma bodies to shed their remains as if they were summoning bone demons?" Qing micro frown don’t worry said Although I expected that there might be some movement in the dark road, I didn’t even guess that I would do such a thing and steal the ancestors directly. Also […]

Jia Ye monk’s spiritual knowledge is stronger than spreading to the dead city, and his face is more and more dignified. It took a long time to say, "The situation is very bad. There are three masters looking for you in 500 meters."

"What about 500 meters away?" Guo Yi asked. Jia Ye sighed, "This is a forbidden area. Even my spiritual knowledge can only be extended for 500 meters, and then it will be blurred. If my spiritual knowledge is outside, it will be a piece of cake even if I lean out for 500 Wan Li." […]

Mobius seemed to be affected by an invisible force and walked towards the street with his feet stiff, but this was not the reason why Peter Parker was surprised. He looked at Mobius with his hands open in surprise and asked for help. "What’s going on? Peter parker, what have you done to me? "

"Isn’t this Mobius acting by himself?" When I heard Mobius screaming, I took a look at his face again. Does it look like a fake look? Peter began to think. But after all, Mobius’s behavior is really strange, just like a patient who suddenly has epilepsy, and his hands and feet are twitching, but he […]