Chang Youyou began to cry. "I want my mother to be happy and let’s go out, okay? I’m afraid we will die here if we go like this. It’s terrible here! Must be homesick. That little bitch must be her! Isn’t she possessed? She must be a ghost to scare us! "

At this time, a light shone, then disappeared, and then a gust of evil wind blew in from the window. When the curtain was lifted by the wind, it was a brief light, and they also saw a white figure and long loose hair in the window. "Ah-" This time, not only Chang Youyou shouted […]

"Pikachu is dangerous!" Xiaojing shouted that a horse was thrown out of Poké Ball and it was Ivysaur.

"Ivysaur rescued Pikachu with a cane whip!" Xiaojing shouted Ivysaur nodded knowingly and used rattan whip to bring Pikachu to Xiaojing, where Xiaojing picked up Pikachu. "Are you okay?" Xiaojing said softly. Pikachu wanted to escape. When Xiaojing asked, he looked at Xiaojing curiously. "Hey Xiaojing, things haven’t happened yet." Aaron patted Xiaojing’s shoulder and […]

Xiao Huang’s shortness of breath and quick thinking, do you want to think of a way to imprison this man and keep such a person for life, so that ladies will be fine. He won’t marry ladies.

Xiao Huang is moving across the brain, but Xiao Ye laughs coldly. "Xiao Huang, you don’t want to imprison the king, do you? You really think too much. Don’t believe me. Come and see if the king will die even if he is imprisoned by you and Feng from night?" "If I didn’t kill her […]

Seeing the other two people projecting their eyes at the same time, a cruel one, a Nellinfei princess raised her hand and surrendered, "Okay, okay, I won’t talk to someone."

So the three men walked silently in the path full of rotten branches and leaves, and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the quiet and steady water with withered petals and dead leaves fell into their ears Accompanied by various sound clouds, Li Xin suddenly spoke, "Ling Yi, let me ask […]

Before Xiao Liancheng put away his long sword with a cold hum, "How did your father punish you for disrespecting Big Brother six times?"

His forefinger lit his head and closed his eyes. "Oh, by the way, you will be punished for cleaning Taifu for one month!" Xiao Yimo’s look has not changed. "How did your father punish you for your indecent assault on the proprietress of Yunlai Inn?" He chuckled with sarcasm in his eyes. "Oh, by the […]

Su Fang came here to dig the ground by himself. After all, he did it at home before, but according to what he said, my husband just wouldn’t let him touch the hoe and let him mow the grass.

"This soil is too hard for me to dig myself." Qi Lan directly wiped his face with sweat on his sleeve. They are sorting out a wasteland next to the courtyard at the moment. There is about an acre of land in their home and courtyard. Qi Lan is not going to sort out how […]