This night, Zhang Yi lost sleep. She thought about it repeatedly for a night. She thought it was a fraud to tear up the customer’s opinion book. This kind of deception must not be done!

If you don’t go to work, you can’t do it. If the hotel doesn’t announce her departure, she should be a hotel employee and make a contribution. Thinking of these chapters, I finally went to sleep at ease. Teacher Tang Priest says you want it, just say it. How can anyone know if you don’t […]

Aly watched in horror as he stopped moving. Grandpa threw himself into tears and cried. Brother Gan forcibly carried the little girl out and left. The living have to live well. This is brother Gan’s fatalism. It’s better to cry than to live to the door with a smile. Brother Gan turned to the wailing Hua and said, "Don’t be too sad. Hua should prepare the funeral for the old clan leader!"

Hoa wailed and nodded his head. The islanders kept pouring into the thatched cottage with tears in their eyes to see the old clan’s last side. Brother Gan came to the seaside with crying. "Don’t cry, girl. Your grandfather will be sad, happy and healthy when he looks at you crying in heaven. This is […]

Moreover, he is no longer a waste like his previous life. Not only that, but he has also been favored by his predecessors, and he is also famous in this economic Yun Guan.

Qinchuan thinking about two corners of the mouth was more than I could bear to lift up. Would senior sister be so happy if she knew? The second volume The wind blows and Fuxi Chapter 1 Old dreams Fuxishan A huge full moon hangs in a half-dyed layer of blood, and there is a rare […]