Riemann crossed the white secret arm and looked at the man in the ladder, which helped to choke. "You are relieved to buy Li Shi, aren’t you?"
The man smiled lightly. "It’s my business to be upset, but … the main problem now is that I don’t want to talk to you, okay?"
"Bo Jing said just a Li Shi in front of you but a piece of bread crumbs, please let it go? I will promise you whatever you ask this time! "
"If you can do it if I let you sleep with him …" He casually pointed to a director who followed him and nodded casually. "I can think about it!"
Riemann bit his lip and looked at him with his fingertips pointing at the man without talking.
Bo Jingyan looked at Riemann’s beautiful big eyes and reflected anxiety. His thin and cold lips bent into a smile arc. "Riemann, I really hate being challenged by a person over and over again!"
"Bo Jing said that I am-!"
Riemann wanted to say something more, but suddenly he interrupted her. "Miss Li, if you continue to pester me, I will call security!"
Just as Riemann was at a loss, the ladder door was
Soon ran in from the outside, a security guard Riemann sipped his lips and turned out of Bo’s house.

After a day of meeting, Bo Jingyan came out of the meeting room and sat in the office chair to repose.
Suddenly, he wanted to knock on the door politely. He just answered the door for a second when he was hit.
"There’s still an hour left in the total video conference. Would you like to have dinner first? After the meeting, I’m afraid it’s already past the dinner point. "
White secret capable voice to bo jingyan didn’t open his eyes is a simple’ well’ an answer.
I didn’t hear the sound of footsteps, but I was puzzled and opened my eyes to find Bai Mi looking at his French window.
Bo Jing’s words are impatient. "What? Is there anything else? "
White secret consciousness shook his head.
Bo Jing got up and walked to the French window to look.
The white figure fell directly into his eyes.
Although the weather in early winter and December is not as cold as that in December, it is as cold as when it grows outside.
Bo Jing asked with a straight face, "How long has she been there?"
Big boss asked Bai Mi immediately, "I haven’t been away from noon since I came in the morning. I asked the front desk to persuade her to go back first, and she didn’t hear about waiting for your class."
Bo jingyan stopped talking because she looked at the figure that kept walking back and forth and didn’t know what was going on.
Bai Mi really couldn’t stand it. She advised, "Don’t let her come in and wait for a girl to stop freezing."
Bo Jing’s speech was very unkind and sneered. "No matter her, she liked to play risks five years ago."
Chapter 11 Come with me if you want me to let Li go!
When the man finished, he turned back to his seat and said, "Go out and order a dinner for me. I want to eat here."
White secret nai should go out.
Riemann felt that she must be stupid, otherwise, how could she have never left her feet from 6: 00 a.m. to 6: 00 p.m. in front of Dr. Bo’s door? Her lips were numb with cold, and she didn’t eat anything for breakfast, lunch and dinner all day. Now she is so hungry that her head is dizzy.
But in any case, she must see Bo Jingyan first.
I called her in the afternoon. Although her fever has gone away, she kept crying and told her to go back and cry. Her heart was broken!
Her present position should be the only exit from work, and she has been keeping an eye on the exit position of the vehicle, hoping to see his limited black luxury private car as soon as possible.
When Bo Jingyan came out of the underground parking lot, he saw a woman looking at him with her feet up. He wanted to step on the gas pedal and tried to rush over.
Riemann found out that he was trying to jump from the side of the road into the road.
She closed her eyes and didn’t dare to look until a harsh brake passed Riemann.
However, I saw the man sticking out his first face from the front windshield. "Riemann, are you fucking crazy?"
Riemann was afraid to shrink his neck, but he still crustily skin of head. "Bo always apologizes to you for all my recklessness. Would you please give Li another chance?"
Bo Jingyan looked over from the car and couldn’t really see through the eyes of a car. He heard him utter the words "Let!"
The cold voice made Li Man’s heart twitch and she bit her lip stubbornly. "No!"
I don’t know how long it took him to pinch his finger into the palm of his hand. His cold line once again reminded him of brewing a smile and seemed to hide his anger. "You really dare not go there, don’t you?"
Riemann frowned heavily, even his breath became heavy. "If you have something to do with me, I will get it all." His chest gasped violently and he was angry beyond control. "I’m not afraid. Anyway, if you don’t let Li Shi drive me nowhere, I might as well die!"
Looking at losing his mind, Riemann said with a Zhang Jun face for a long time and then said, "Car!"
She slightly raised the delicate and beautiful bar "Your car!"
Bo jingyan sneered, but also got around the car and walked with her in front. Riemann dragged her arm. He struggled desperately to drag her away from the front of his car.
Bo jingyan frowned. "Don’t you want to talk to me? Car! "
Riemann stupidly has been dragged to the co-pilot position by the man. After he threw her into the car, he went back to the driver’s seat and stepped on the gas pedal and rushed out.
They talked all the way until the car arrived at its destination. Riemann looked up and was attractive.
Charming Riemann visited Bo Jing several times five years ago.
There are famous bars in Yaozhou, and burning money is as rich as burning paper.
Uneasy, she turned to the man and asked, "What’s the charm?"
The man’s arrogant face was full of ridicule. "Come with me if you want me to let Li go!"
Looking at the man who has got off the bus, Riemann thought for a moment and hit the door and followed.
Chapter 12 Jing Yan and Ge Shu are getting married soon
I trotted along with Bo Jingyan and came to the front door of one of the vip bags. I was beaten by waier, and she saw the men and women around the wine table.
Buyecheng saw Bo Jingyan and got up and walked over to him. "Didn’t you say you couldn’t come?"
Section 6
Bo Jingyan pulled out the woman hiding behind him and caressed her waist. Everyone smiled. "Riemann came back from abroad, and I thought, I have to take her to meet our old friends anyway, right?"
Yan Yecheng is Bo Jingyan’s best friend since childhood. Five years ago, she went with him. He knows best where he is. After seeing Riemann, his handsome face has a few more ironies. It turned out that Miss Li Da had not seen it for so many years and almost didn’t recognize it! "
Riemann knew that Yan Ye City was in Bo Jing’s words. She pursed her lips and didn’t return. He lowered his eyelids slightly.
In fact, from the moment she made up her mind to leave Bo Jingyan, she knew that when she came back, she would be looked down upon or abused by familiar people.
After all, how much Bo Jingyan loved her in those days is very clear to herself.
Absent-minded Bo Jingyan took her into the seat one by one.
Riemann knows everyone here. In college, Bo Jingyan took her to dinner with this group of people.
No one welcomed her before, let alone now.
It is true that the atmosphere here has gradually cooled down because of her arrival.
"Didn’t you just say you were hungry after eating vegetables?"
Bo Jing seems to have found nothing unusual here. Now it seems to be back to five years ago, when she kept putting food in her plate and didn’t forget to be gentle.
Riemann looked at the food piled up like a hill in front of her eyes, but it didn’t move. Through Bo Jingyan Yan Yecheng, she tightened her voice. "Jing Yan Ge Shugang just called me and said that she would come over, too, and now she may be on her way."