After he stared at her coldly, he finally got up the courage. "Brother Xiao, I just want to ask you a question, what kind of woman can enter your eyes?"
Uncle Xiao coldly glanced at her handsome eyes and didn’t leave her any mercy. "What are you doing?"
Indifferent rhetorical questions are hidden, but they are absolutely cold, arrogant and arrogant
His attitude shows one thing-she can’t get into his eyes.
Min Jing’s face changed slightly. Anyway, she is also a pampered and proud woman. Her beautiful eyes suddenly dimmed when she was stung by his stinging words.
She was gentle and he ignored her.
He can’t see her demure.
So what should she be like?
Eyes blink and blink with a layer of mist. I don’t know whether it is intentional or intentional. She has always been arrogant like a white swan and collapsed. The Qiong Yao-style unhappy woman has been moved to the screen-
"The elder brother of the owl you will … you know I like you so much? In fact, I don’t have any requirements, but I just hope to have a normal communication with you. "
Normal communication?
Owl frowned. What if he’s not normal? !
-bird man, you are abnormal.
There was an inexplicable flash of a delicate and coquettish voice in his head, which made his eyes cold and cold. When he looked up at his wrist, he didn’t want to continue talking nonsense with her here.
"Sorry, you have exceeded one sentence."
Say that finish immediately from the line of sight didn’t stay for a second.
Min Jing came back with warbling words behind her.
"Cold owl, no matter what you think, I have the power to like you if I want you to be unmarried."
Small kind is persistent.
But ding-dong-
Stride into ladder cold owl didn’t look back and didn’t give her a redundant word.
The light in the matching room is very weak, and several road repair workers are there talking with Jiang Dazhi who got there first.
"Jiang Dazhi-"
The sound of a heavy hammer coping startled the great river with its head buried, and quickly turned to attention.
"What’s the situation?"
"Report bureau buddy force equipment failure …"
Oh? !
Looking around the matching facilities, Xiao Ye’s eyes are like ice edges, which makes people who are swept by the cold wind unable to help but feel a little chilly.
Aft a moment’s reflection, his question was neat and neat.
"Natural disaster or man-made disaster?"
I heard a helmet worker whisper, "Well, when we led the leader to repair it, we found that the hotel entrance line was stolen."
"How long is the incoming line?"
"About a hundred meters. Alas, during the recent demolition near this hotel, some unscrupulous people often steal manhole covers and cut lines to sell money."
It’s not like lying to give him a cold look.
There is nothing wrong with the whole thing on the surface. It is more reasonable to stop. Everything is normal.
But intuition told him that there was definitely something wrong.
But where is it? He really didn’t have a clue for a while.
After washing your hands in the toilet, Bao Qi walked out of it with a smile, which made me feel great.
After living for a year, she finally experienced the feeling of a high-end person.
What a luxury hotel! Even a place to pee is decorated like a palace gilt, dazzling and dazzling, which makes her almost dazzled.
Just thinking about it, there was a sudden rush of footsteps behind her, rushing to reborn and flying past her.
At first glance, it looks like a man in a hotel worker’s system blinked, and then disappeared.
She was surprised.
Hey, a ghost in broad daylight?
Took a sniffle. If the man hadn’t dispersed with wine aroma just now, she really doubted that she was dazzled.
Curiosity drove her to follow the first few steps to see what this flustered person was like. Unexpectedly, a man jumped out of the oblique thorn and knocked her down several steps.
Mom, when I go back later, I have to see the yellow calendar. What bad day?
As soon as I lift my eyes, the first thing I see is the man’s dark blue diamond inlaid cufflinks. The line of sight continues to move. Only then can she see the appearance of the owner of the diamond cufflinks-a little westernized, handsome face, sharp edges and corners, like a shuttle polished, a pair of ocean-like blue eyes with a touch of levity.
Tut-tut, the toilet can hit a handsome guy!
Exquisite as a Uber, it must be a peach blossom
It’s a pity, however, that it’s designated which dude II-jo is in Kyoto.