So the three men walked silently in the path full of rotten branches and leaves, and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the quiet and steady water with withered petals and dead leaves fell into their ears
Accompanied by various sound clouds, Li Xin suddenly spoke, "Ling Yi, let me ask you a question?"
"You said"
"What would you do if Xiaoyan was around you at that time?" Yun Li Xin’s voice is soft but powerful. "Will you choose to give up your easy-to-get family wealth and your great youth to die with her, just like Mo Jingfeng?"
"I will," Dongling said slowly, "I believe I will."
"Well" YunLiXin nodded light should way.
"Gee, Xiaoyan is really a good life. There are so two good men who are willing to live and die. Let me see this loner. It’s really lonely." Princess Lin Fei spoke with sugar in her mouth, but she even said the comment.
Hearing her words, Yunli Xin Nai shook his head, and Dongling walked forward quickly looking for clues.
"Hey, Li Xin, what do you mean by asking?" Watching Dongling walk away, Lin Feifei pushed Yun Lixin’s shoulder. "How do you feel like you are choosing a boyfriend for Xiaoyan? How do you become her guardian?"
"You think too much, I just casually ask" YunLiXin sideways over her with Dongling.
"Who believes you?" Lin Feifei vomitted to stick out her tongue behind his back and suddenly her eyes fell far into the depths of the valley. "Don’t die so easily, or there will be too many sad people."
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Q City Valley is a well-known tourist attraction in China, but unlike other 5a scenic spots, it is full of commercial atmosphere, which is very intact and retains the natural flavor. Green hills are surrounded by dense forests, and the blue color is hidden in the night, and you can hear the faint water.
In these layers of shadows, two black figures are slowly driving, focusing on the past. A handsome teenager is lying leisurely in a trailer. The so-called trailer is just n vines, and a slender girl is struggling to pull it in front of the traction rope ring.
"Gee, it’s really enjoyable." The boy looked at the stars with a dog’s tail grass in his mouth.
The girl in front wiped her forehead and sweated. "I wouldn’t care if I didn’t see your leg hurt."
"Eh, eh, eh, eh, you don’t see who hurt me." Mo Jingfeng refused to comply, pouting and complaining. "I fell with you, but it’s a good thing I fell into the pool. Otherwise, the cliff was covered with two stalls of meat. I climbed out of the pool and saved you from being bitten by a snake. If I am lame, you will be responsible."
"Who is responsible!" Winding small grind red face turned his head.
On the cliff, Mojingfeng confessed to her that she would die, but she didn’t expect to survive. Now she can’t help but feel her heart racing and her face is red.
When she just came out of the pool, she was a little slow because she hadn’t recovered. A green snake swam in the pool, but she didn’t notice it, but she was already up. Mojingfeng saw him and was bitten by a snake when he leaned over to deal with it.
I don’t know if it’s okay. She doesn’t know much about snakes. If it’s poisonous, Mojing’s leg will be lame. No, how can he be lame as a person?
Although the mouth shut, Xiao Yan was still worried about Mo Jing’s thought, even though she was tired to death, she accelerated the pulling speed.
In the dim night, the stars are dotted with black curtains, and the ink seal suddenly gives a low sigh, "It would be nice if it had been like this all the time."
"What’s good about this place? Nothing is still so dangerous." Luo Xiaoyan disagreed. "And you should also think about giving birth to you and raising your parents. There are so many friends that you are willing to let them die. This is not sensible at all."
"Good, good, good" was trained to be one leng one leng. Mojing raised his hands and surrendered. He smiled and said, "This is the only way to be sure, kitten, so I will be afraid."
"Don’t sell cute" Luo Xiaoyan now finds himself most afraid that he is not half squinting as if to eat her general expression, but this pouting and act young selling cute state
"I didn’t." Mo Jingfeng obviously found that this did not converge, but he became more and more fond of selling cute.
"If you do this, I’ll leave you here alone and go back by myself, so it’s much faster." I expressed my great strength to this little research on sound network.
"How can you be so ungrateful? You can’t abandon the dross just because my legs are lame!" Ink scene encapsulates a pair of falling tears and emphasizes leisurely saying.
"… MoJing seal you give me a good talk!" Winding small grind a cane turned around and glared at him with his hands in his waist, like a fried kitten, and she could see a little blush on her face in the night.
As soon as I got home, I came to update the weekly meeting and tried to praise me for being beautiful every night.
Mo Jing Feng looked at the incarnation of "cat" and Xiao Yan couldn’t help laughing with tenderness.
It’s good that none of us are dead yet.
It’s good that you are still so real in front of me.
I don’t want to lose anything because of my hesitation anymore.
"What are you laughing at!" Collateral Xiaoyan was more red when he stared at her cheeks. I always felt that it was gentle to look at her now. Many of them must be illusions!
"Don’t be angry. I’m glad we were born again after the robbery." There was a sly light in amber eyes. He suddenly held down his foot and whined, "Ah, my leg hurts. It seems that snake venom has made me."
He this howling winding small research can be described as three soul lost, she immediately ran to the front of the ink scene cover and looked at him with a deep frown, and her heart was also pulled up and clenched his hand "ink scene seal? Does it hurt? Whoops, you are speechless with pain. "
"Nothing doesn’t hurt at all." Mojing raised his eyes and saw that she was worried. Her expression and mood were instantly happy for N grades.
"How can it not hurt?" He looked very painful, and his hands were pressed on his legs. No matter what, it didn’t hurt. She got up. "I want to drag you to the highway valley quickly. This is a scenic spot, and there will be a lot of vehicles."
"Don’t" Mo Jingfeng reached out and grabbed her puzzled expression on her face. He relaxed his strength and said, "There must be no one to accompany me on this last trip so late. Shall we just sit here and look at the stars?"
"Say something stupid, you’ll be fine" was frightened by his death-like appearance. After finishing the research, she lost her heart and fell off the cliff. This kind of thing made her feel restless. Because the ink scene was sealed in her, she could show a calm appearance. In fact, her heart was still in shock.
"Don’t think too much about ink and ink scenery. You will be fine. You want to see the stars, right? Then let’s watch them together." Luo Xiaoyan sat side by side next to him and held his hand tightly. I don’t know whether to give him strength or reassure himself. It’s not a cold touch.
"One, two, three … The stars seem particularly bright today." Mojing looked up at the stars. "Kitten, sometimes you are really like a star."
"Praise me for being beautiful?"
Mojingfeng scraped her nose and said "idiot"
That is to say, although you are not as dazzling as the moon, you also have your own light. It is even more exciting not to strive for glory.
If she had been scolded before, she would have fought back, but she has been through so much today.
Too tired, she didn’t realize that Mojingfeng was now in a healthy state and knew that the place where they touched was very warm.
"In fact, I’m not stupid … my grades have always been in the top three." Luo Xiaoyan spoke this sentence, and her physical and mental exhaustion made her feel sleepy soon after she sat down. She leaned against Mo Jing’s shoulder and slowly lowered her eyes.
"Have a good rest." Mojing Feng stretched out his hand and touched her long hair, which was messy and stained with a few leaves.
He knew that she had walked all day today and dragged him on for so long that she was exhausted early, so she deliberately asked her to sit with her for a while. She reached out and held her in her arms in exchange for her body temperature. A happy feeling overflowed. Chaper116, who is playing handsome in the middle of the night?
So when Dongling one or three people found them, they saw such a scene.
In summer, the moon hangs quietly in the starry night, and the cold moonlight gives Lin hugs a holy light. When they are exposed to the air, their skin is as jade-like. Their hands are clasped and they are leaning against each other, one face is quiet and one mouth is smiling.
The fragrance of forest flowers overflows in the air, lingering around you, winding your shoulders and correcting your black hair. Who is it? The two are as natural and harmonious as if they were integrated into one.