His forefinger lit his head and closed his eyes. "Oh, by the way, you will be punished for cleaning Taifu for one month!"
Xiao Yimo’s look has not changed. "How did your father punish you for your indecent assault on the proprietress of Yunlai Inn?"
He chuckled with sarcasm in his eyes. "Oh, by the way, you will be punished with the sow for a month!" "
Xiao Liancheng ceiling "I go to your mother, everyone knows that I have been wronged, and you still dare to quarrel with Xiao Ye-"
He tried to beat Xiao Yi, but Xiao Linchu stopped him. Xiao Linchu looked at Xiao Yi with an expression on his face. "Old Six, we don’t talk in secret. I’m here to ask you if Feng Yunqing is the father looking for Feng Xing?"
Xiao Liancheng calmly stared at Xiao Yi Mo Xiao Yi Mo and sneered, "If she is not a phoenix star, would you divorce her?"
Xiao Linchu breath narrowing her eyes half ring don’t talk.
Xiao Yimo glanced at Xiao Linchu. "You already have the pain you love in your heart and come to provoke Feng Yunqing?"
Xiao Linchu’s humble lips pursed into a straight line. "You answer me first whether she is a phoenix star. Chapter 6 is nothing but superficial defeat."
Chapter 6 is nothing but superficial defeat.
Xiao Yimo frowned. "Then answer me first. If she is not Feng Xing, will you divorce her?"
Xiao Liancheng looked at this and that and thought these two people were very strange.
There is a kind of hostile fire that scoffs in their sight.
Half-ring Xiao Linchu coldly said, "No, even if she is not a phoenix star, I won’t divorce her!"
Xiao Yimo smiled at himself and looked away. "In that case, is it important for you whether she is a phoenix star?"
Xiao Liancheng scratched his hair. Why didn’t he understand …
Xiao Linchu gave Xiao Yi a thoughtful look and turned to leave.
Xiao Liancheng ran past "big cheat you wait for me …"
Out of the Xiao also devoted to the courtyard Xiao Linchu really stopped and looked back and waited for Xiao Liancheng.
Xiao Liancheng was flattered and almost couldn’t stop his steps and fell on Xiao Linchu.
He looked at him coldly. "Would you still hook up and lead her if the old four were not a phoenix star?"
Xiao Liancheng inexplicably seemed to be insulted. "Of course!"
Xiao Linchu frowned at him with confidence. "What?"
Xiao Liancheng disdainfully raised the bar "because she is good-looking and your wife Xiao Linchu-"
Xiao Linchu looked at him and couldn’t wait to seize him and beat him up, but he thought that this guy would remember to eat or not to fight or pinch his fist and endure it.
He gnashed his teeth and left thinking of Feng Yun’s light sentence.
"I like that he looks good in white …"
The resentment in my heart is deeper. Xiao Linchu almost crushed the bones of his fist. What does a superficial woman have to look at her parents? It’s only superficial, but it’s frustrating
For example, the one behind him can be seen except for a face.
Xiao Liancheng suddenly sneezed while walking. "You’re not cursing me, are you?"
"It’s cold. You may have a cold!" Xiao Linchu’s expression
Xiao Liancheng nodded. "You lied to me that I didn’t have a foothold in Ancheng. I want to stay with you at night!"
Xiao Linchu want to also don’t want to refuse "no-"
Xiao Liancheng stamped his foot. "Are we a girl and have any brotherhood?"
Xiao Linchu calmly ignored his flying back.
Fengyun’s light arm in the other hospital has been properly bandaged by Mammy. She smiled sweetly. "Thank you, Mammy!"
Mammy looked at her kindly. "I used to be Xiao Chu’s wet nurse, but later I saved Xiao Chu’s life. If you don’t dislike me, please call me an aunt with Xiao Chu and others!"
Fengyun nodded lightly and shouted happily, "Aunt!"
Mammy stroked her hair. "That kid in Yunqing City is always upside down. You mustn’t get too close to him-Chapter 61 Without being pressed."
Chapter 61 Without being pressed
Fengyun nodded lightly. "I know he is not a good man at first sight …"
Mammy "…"
Fengyun’s eyes were ga zi ng, and she turned around and took Mammy’s arm. "Who are my parents-in-law?"
Mammy sighed, "Yunqing, if you really want to know, just wait for Xiao Chu to come back and ask him. Why don’t you stay here?"
"Ask me what?" There was a sound of Xiao Linchu outside, and then he strode into the teapot on the table and poured himself a cup of tea. He lightly commanded "Fang Heng-"
Fang Heng appeared like a ghost, holding his hands and kowtowing to wait for orders.
Xiao Linchu drank tea in one breath. "Let the dog at the door-"
Fang Heng was brought to turn away.
Fengyun stared at Fang Heng’s back and stroked his beating heart. "How did Fang Heng appear? Can he be invisible? "
Mammy looked thoughtfully at Xiao Linchu and went out to check the situation.
Soon Feng Yunqing heard dogs barking outside and Xiao Liancheng’s miserable barking.
After drinking three glasses of water in a row, Xiao Linchu’s anger came down. He looked back at Feng Yunqing. "Now you can explain why you didn’t come home last night!"
Fengyun speaks softly. The original matter has already been exposed. Why is it up again?
Xiao Linchu squinted at her. "Were you thinking about never coming back to Ancheng after running away with your male god last night?"
Fengyun raised his head in astonishment and looked at Xiao Linchu in amazement. "No, no-"
Xiao Linchu smiled grimly and horribly. "I just went to see Xiao Yi before you …"
He didn’t say what he left. He laughed. absolute beauty squinted at Fengyun and waited for this girl without being pressed.
Fengyun takes a deep breath and has a feeling that the sky is falling.
She stepped back a few steps without a trace. "It was a long time ago that I asked my balls to write to him, hoping that he would take me away, but that was a long time ago!" "
Xiao Linchu smiled even more beautifully. "What else?"
Fengyun swallowed lightly and continued to retreat. "I made him a dress, but Jiing Gang said that he was too ugly to want clothes and threw them away …"