"This soil is too hard for me to dig myself." Qi Lan directly wiped his face with sweat on his sleeve. They are sorting out a wasteland next to the courtyard at the moment. There is about an acre of land in their home and courtyard. Qi Lan is not going to sort out how much. A small piece is enough. This wasteland has been abandoned for many years and is full of weeds. It is not easy to clean it up.
In fact, JiLan can let Zhang Da and them come to work, and no one will say what JiLan is. Thinking about what he seems to have done recently, he feels that even the belly seems to be thicker.
I’m afraid to be lazy again, so I’d better find something to do for myself honestly.
My husband insisted that the Soviet side didn’t know what to say. Quickly cut the weeds and spread them aside and began to sort out the grass roots in the soil dug up by my husband. Otherwise, the grass will grow better than vegetables.
After three days, they freed up a small piece of vegetable field, mainly because there were too many weeds.
Suitable for growing vegetables recently, a lot of peppers, cowpeas, green beans, cucumbers, eggplant, loofah, etc. Of course, there are Chinese cabbage. These kinds are all taken out by Qi Lan, who thought that people in quadrangles should also grow vegetables, so Qi Lan divided them out.
Just give it to them when you see them.
There is already a lot of manure in the cesspit here. Naturally, Jilan didn’t go further and further to the pigsty. After two days of busy work, Jilan was too tired to feel straight all over, and there was no place where he was not sore.
Sitting in the chair, I breathed a sigh of relief. Jilan frowned and hammered his shoulder backhand. These days, he either dug the ground or picked dung. He felt that this shoulder was not the same as himself. At this moment, a pair of tender little hands pressed his shoulder gently and kneaded it moderately, which made Jilan almost moan.
"Husband, do you feel better?" I don’t care about my husband, Su Fang. Who else? My husband has done all the hard work and dirty work by himself these days, and he can’t even come by himself if he wants to.
If he changed his job, my husband would definitely be a bad COP. He knew that my husband was distressed and didn’t want to be too tired. At this moment, it was extremely uncomfortable to see my husband so tired.
"Shu Xiaofang is really amazing. My husband feels that his body doesn’t hurt."
Massage almost squinting JiLan reached out and covered the shoulder that tender hand and then pulled people to the front "Zhang Shuyao come back? It’s time to send meat to the quadrangle today. "
Four times a month, the meat is fixed on the 7th, 14th, 22nd and 30th, which are all these days. Generally, they are looking for someone to help them cut some pork in the town and come back with fat pork belly or pork ribs. Occasionally, they will get them a fish inside.
Rabbits and pheasants in it have been eaten by Wang Shi and Li Shenggang on the day they came.
After all, their family doesn’t have many. It doesn’t make sense to give them these sources all day.
However, during this period, Jilan got a lot of hares and pheasants to wait outside to breed, so they can eat casually.
"Zhang Shuyao has come back and just sent everything he brought for us."
During this period, I was used to my husband always touching him, either pinching his hands or pinching his face, and he was used to it.
JiLan had a stretch. "I’ll send them the meat."
"Husband, I’d better go and have a good rest." Su Fang hurriedly pulled people to hold him. Husband fell asleep as soon as he fell into bed so tired these days. How can Su Fang be willing to let him deliver things at the moment?
And besides meat, it’s also the 30th of today, and it’s not as easy as a few catties of meat.
"Don’t worry, food is not good? Just move in the past. "JiLan simply took a small party and went to the kitchen first. Three pieces of meat were all one catty of pork belly, and some ribs were left, which they prepared to keep for themselves.
As soon as I opened the door, I saw that Lunsheng raised his hand and was ready to knock at the door. Next to him was Wang Shi.
"Dongjia!" Lunt hurriedly say "hello". "Brother Shi and I have come to help move things. These days, seeing that the owner is busy, we have come to help ourselves."
It’s a nice way to say that you are busy. In fact, you are so tired that you are embarrassed to wait at home for your owner to send them food, so you can get it yourself.
"Just in time, this is to send you meat and food. All the food has been distributed in this room. When you go back, please ask others to come and bring your own food back. I will pay you this month’s wages at noon."
As soon as Jilan’s brain turned, Bai Lunsheng became bored and didn’t feel embarrassed. He directly gave three pieces of meat in his hand to Lunsheng, and then let Wang Shi go aside to move food with himself.
This Wang Shi’s strength is so great that even the two of them can easily carry food a month, which really makes Qi Lan, a little waste, envious.
But this time, it also made JiLan react. In fact, he didn’t have to deliver it himself every time. Both meat and food can be collected by themselves. Anyway, it’s always fixed, isn’t it?
Chapter 146 Don’t eat dog meat
This is not the first time that wages have been paid, and the wages have already been prepared. Wang Shi Li Sheng has one person and one silver. Qi Lan did not give them directly, but wrapped them in red paper and then sent them.
Of course, so do others, but others are not treated as well as these two people.
The other two men each have a hundred coppers, two middle-aged husbands, six hundred old people and three small ones, leaving the little boy with a hundred coppers. These coppers are also wrapped in red paper and given to them. Qi Lan did not give the family wages to one person.
Instead, they are sent to their own hands and the wages are calculated according to the amount of work.
Wang Shi and Li Sheng have the smallest and most flat red envelopes, but no one will tell them the least.
Because it can be seen that their wages are silver, not copper.
However, no one dares to disagree because long eyes can tell.
These two people, especially Wang Shi, work hard and fight hard. Only two people can stand Wang Shi alone. Although Li Sheng is not like Wang Shi, he works more neatly than them.
These things JiLan nature is also see in the eye why Wang Shigan so much don’t raise wages? Because he eats a lot! He can eat as much food as two people by himself!
If he raises his wages again, will he keep people working or not?
"There are still some vegetables planted in the vineyard, and the land over there can be put aside for two days temporarily. You can open up the vegetable garden you want to grow. These are kinds of vegetables and take them for yourself."
After the wages were paid, JiLan took out several paper bags, and there were all kinds of vegetables on the face.