Go back to the Dojo and wait for Xiao Xia Ayi Road to say goodbye. After that, Aaron Xiaojian and Xiao Xia will continue to travel immediately. In fact, Aaron is going to stay here for a while. After all, there is a very suitable training ground for Tyrannosaurus rex, but Aaron always has a bad feeling. This bad feeling does not allow him to stay in one place …
Came to the island a big forest …
"Okay, I’m going to collect Poké mon!" Aaron is full of fighting spirit.
"Why are you so excited?" Xiao Xia is strange.
"It’s because of this," Xiaojian opened the map. "The Poké mon here are mainly the armored rhinoceros, armored Tyrannosaurus rex and the bobobibi bird. Because of the large forest area and rich food sources, these Poké mon are very well developed and larger than ordinary Poké mon." Xiaojian said.
"No, to be precise, it should be about three times the general standard, that is to say, the standard length of Bibi bird is 11 meters, and the size of armored Tyrannosaurus rex is about 35 meters here, but it is 19 meters and almost 6 meters here." Aaron said that he naturally went to investigate.
However, Aaron now thinks that the standard length of Snorlax is 1 meter, but the size of Snorlax in Xiao Zhi is almost as small as that of Tyrannosaurus here, and it is 5.5 meters and a half. Then Snorlax is also a big boy. Aaron regrets more and more that he didn’t accept Snorlax …
"I see. So is there a big water Poké mon here?" Xiao Xia asked Xiaojian.
"I don’t think so. There is no record of a large water Poké mon here." Aaron interjected and replied that Xiao Xia’s enthusiasm has disappeared again.
Three people were walking in the forest. Suddenly, Aaron heard the sound of heavy objects hitting the ground. Aaron’s face smiled and Xiao Xia Xiaojian ran past. The closer he got, the louder the sound. Aaron realized that there was more than one opposite.
Three people approached and hid behind the tree, and saw that there were more than a dozen armored Tyrannosaurus rex on the grass in front of them, one of which was half a head taller than the other armored Tyrannosaurus rex, which was very conspicuous. Aaron locked the target.
"Well, the maximum height is estimated to be 75 meters, and all parts are very good and developing very well." Xiaojian took out the visual instrument and looked at it.
Thirty armored Tyrannosaurus rex? "Rockets"?
"Yes, it’s very good." Aaron responded with a smile.
"But there are so many armored Tyrannosaurus rex on the other side. If you go out now, you will be made into meat sauce." Xiao Xia said mercilessly
"Yes, that’s why I’m hiding here with you," Aaron replied.
In fact, Aaron always felt something was wrong. Why did such a large group of armored Tyrannosaurus get together? After a closer look, I realized that there were two figures in a large group of armored Tyrannosaurus.
"There seems to be someone in those armored Tyrannosaurus rex!" Xiaojian beat me to say that Aaron came here and Tyrannosaurus Rex was dealing with the enemy together, but he didn’t attack. Aaron’s idea was broken by himself again.
"But if it is simply to deal with the enemy, why do you gather so much? Besides, there is no anger in watching Tyrannosaurus rex’s expression, but it is a little enjoyable." Xiao Xia commented on the side, and Aaron was really happy except for the biggest one.
"I went to see that those two people were spreading a smell. From the current situation, it seems that it can make Tyrannosaurus Rex hallucinate, but it seems that the one with the highest wind hasn’t smelled it yet." The dream came out and brought a very valuable information. "The gopher Rattata Poké mon is nothing. It seems that the smell is effective for Tyrannosaurus Rex."
"So they are using illegal means to catch Poké mon?" Aaron said wrong in the eyes of Xiao Xia and Xiaojian should be said to himself.
"Aaron, what do you mean by that sentence?" Xiaojian asked Aaron.
I think it’s very strange why a more fierce Poké mon like Tyrannosaurus Armoured wouldn’t attack them, and those two people didn’t seem to send Poké mon. It’s not the kind of time-consuming Poké mon left. What strange things did those two people do to make the Tyrannosaurus Armoured think like this and catch them? "Aaron made an impromptu reasoning again, which seems to be very effective. Xiaojian and Xiao Xia didn’t continue to ask.
"In that case, we have to stop them quickly." Xiao Xia said that he wanted to run out and hold Aaron.
"You forgot what you told me just now. Going out now will turn into meat sauce," Aaron said quickly.
"But …" Xiao Xia seems reluctant, but compared with Aaron, Nai can’t get rid of the disparity in strength, and Aaron is also very reasonable
"Let’s wait and see," Aaron said, releasing his hand. "You see, it seems that the biggest one hasn’t been affected yet. It seems that he wants to leave, but it’s different. Tyrannosaurus Rex squeezed it and made it unable to move. But it still didn’t break free according to its size. It should be no problem, but it didn’t do so. It can be seen that it is a cherished companion, Tyrannosaurus Rex. I want it more and more." Aaron said that Poké Ball was ready to fight with his left hand clenched.
At this moment, the group of armored Tyrannosaurus began to move. All armored Tyrannosaurus began to walk to Aaron’s right hand. Stay by Aaron and others saw clearly that two men in black took the lead and wore masks. There were two small barrels with some pink liquid in their hands. A strong wind blew towards Aaron and his side. Aaron felt a stench coming. Immediately cover your nose and see that Xiao Xia and Xiaojian were holding their noses. Aaron finally became white …
Because there is still a little distance, Aaron can’t clearly see who those two people are. Aaron, they have been following behind the armored Tyrannosaurus rex group. The armored Tyrannosaurus rex group came to a cave. Aaron, they are still hiding behind a tree, and Xiaojian is watching with a telescope.
"Those two people are so strange that they all have an’ R’ in their clothes." Xiaojian said that Aaron and Xiao Xia were surprised.
"Show it to me." Aaron took the Xiaojian telescope. "It was the Rockets or the lowest black player. This is easy to deal with." Aaron looked at it and laughed.
"Who is it? Do you know them? " Xiaojianwen
"Look at Xiao Xia." Aaron gave the telescope to Xiao Xia. "It’s really a rocket team!" Xiao Xia said, "It is indeed an ordinary player in black."
"So who are they? What is the Rockets? " Xiaojian is still puzzled.
"No, Xiaojian is so well-informed to you. Will Poké mon observers know about the Rockets? If the Rockets are an evil organization, it seems that they want to rule the world or something, and these two guys are among them, but they are black players at the grass-roots level. If they are not strong, I’m afraid they can’t compete with 1 armored Tyrannosaurus Rex head-on. "Aaron explained.
"Oh, I see. Then it seems that they must have stopped doing good deeds." Xiaojian said that his eyes became more serious and he began to observe more carefully.
After a while, "Look at their movement." Xiaojian suddenly said that he saw one of them put the two barrels, then ran into the cave and drove out a truck. Then the back door of the truck opened, and the man took out two shotguns from it. The other man also put the barrels and took one …
"It turned out to be a gun!" Aaron was surprised. After all, Aaron had never seen anyone point a gun at Poké mon. "Do those guys want to kill those armored Tyrannosaurus Rex? Damn it! " Aaron tried to run out but was pulled by Xiaojian.
"You are not bad! There is a gun opposite! Whether you can save the armored Tyrannosaurus rex if you go out now is unknown, and whether you can survive yourself is even more unknown! " Xiaojian quickly advised Aaron that his reason was still there and he had to stop angrily.
The armored Tyrannosaurus Rex is still the most intoxicated there. It seems that he has never seen a gun and can’t see any uneasiness. He cocked his head and studied what it was …
"Those two people are complete assholes" Super Dream came out again. "I went there again just now. Guess what they are saying? They said that the armored Tyrannosaurus here was so big that it would make a lot of money if it was skinned. They also said that it underestimated the size of the armored Tyrannosaurus here and the truck volume was too small! " Dream is also bad to ruthlessly say that the big spoon is already on the shoulder. "If it weren’t for your two little companions around you, I would have rushed out and killed them."
"I see, but you’re not worried." Aaron started talking to himself again. "If it’s a general armored Tyrannosaurus rex, I don’t trust it if you say that bullets can kill them. In other words, the armored Tyrannosaurus rex is three times the size of the general armored Tyrannosaurus rex, and its skin is three times thicker. The general armored Tyrannosaurus rex can’t kill them, and don’t forget that I’m still here." Aaron said with a smile and walked to the two rocket players of the armored Tyrannosaurus rex group.
"Danger, Aaron!" Xiaojian wants to hold Aaron again, but he can’t come.
"Hey kid who are you from? What are you doing here? Don’t get in the way! " The two men found Aaron walking towards them, and one of them asked him.
"Me? I’m a Poké mon trainer or I’m here to save these armored Tyrannosaurus Rex, "Aaron replied with a smile."
"I advise you to get out of my sight, otherwise …" The man continued.
"Otherwise? Or what? " Aaron’s fearlessness seems fatal to others …
"Otherwise, I will let you go to see the king of hell!" The man said, raise your gun at Aaron.
"In fact, what I hate most is you people who kill Poké mon. The Rockets are cleaner than you. At the very least, they are interested in Poké mon and won’t hurt Poké mon on purpose." Aaron sighed
"We are the Rockets." The man seemed very strange.
"Someone so recognize? It seems that you have your own rockets uniforms. It is quite simple to make them. Generally, anyone who wants to take a look at the real rockets can pretend to be them. Although the rockets also use machines or other tools, they don’t have to fight with them seriously. Everyone knows that they can see through you. "Aaron laughed again." Your costumes are too poor. "
At this time Xiaojian looked at Xiao Xia Xiao Xia and blushed …
"Anyway, if you don’t leave, I’ll shoot!" The man continued to roar, seeing that he was loaded …
"Try it if you can!" Aaron also shouted and then shook his hand. Poké Ball’s huge blue shadow appeared as Aaron’s giant tyrannosaurus rex! Aaron is very powerful in the head of Tyrannosaurus rex
"Strange … monsters!" The man’s expression changed into a face of fear and shouted …
In front of m-tall Tyrannosaurus rex, the man collapsed to the ground, and the shotgun had already been sold over there …
The other guy just stood there and then raised his gun and fired a shot at the Tyrannosaurus rex, but it rang …
"Ah, come and catch Tyrannosaurus rex, but it’s an ordinary bomb. You don’t even have the qualification to be a poacher. Do you still want to deal with Tyrannosaurus rex? Its scales are harder than steel armor, "Aaron said, and his eyes flashed with contempt from time to time." Tyrannosaurus rex attacked with a water gun! " Aaron ordered the water cannon out of fear of accidentally killing the man.
Tyrannosaurus rex is also very clear about Aaron’s intention to limit the power of the water gun to a minimum, but even so, there is still so much water. Tyrannosaurus rex raised its big tail and smashed both shotguns into powder one by one, and then rolled the whole truck into a cylinder before stopping.
"Xiao Xia Xiaojian! Come and help tie it. "Aaron shouted in the direction of Xiao Xia Xiaojian that the rope was already in Xiaojian’s hand." Ah, leave it to us. "Xiaojian shouted that Aaron also nodded with a smile.
39 strange phenomena? Go to Asia island!
Because the pink liquid has gone with the water, the armored Tyrannosaurus Rex has also returned to its original state. When Aaron and the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex started fighting, the militant nature of the armored Tyrannosaurus Rex was revealed. At that time, the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex began to shout at his peers. After listening to the words of the largest armored Tyrannosaurus Rex, they all looked at Aaron strangely, then smiled at Aaron and waved, and then left Aaron. I think that should be the way for the armored Tyrannosaurus Rex to thank him.
After all the other Tyrannosaurus rex have left, the biggest Tyrannosaurus rex is ready to leave.
"Wait a minute!" Aaron stopped it. "You should be the biggest armored Tyrannosaurus here, right? I want to accept you." Aaron smiled and said that armored Tyrannosaurus turned around and laughed. This is called a battle preparation. It seems to be accepted.
Tyrannosaurus rex stepped on the ground and then rushed towards Tyrannosaurus rex to challenge the strength directly from the front!
"Tyrannosaurus rex water cannon!" Aaron is still in the dragon head ordered.