Lin Yue said, and commanded Xier, "Xier, take Liu steward to the warehouse to pick things. Let people send them to the soap-making room when you pick them."
Here, Ruyan Liu went to the warehouse with Joy, and another Musheng daughter-in-law came to say that this time Zhao Erhu brought a few kinds of flowers from Nanyang, but most of them have sprouted. Lin Yue thought that there was a box of various kinds of flowers that were cleared out later, so that Musheng daughter-in-law could take them back. If there was room, she would make all kinds of essential oils. If it was necessary to wait for all kinds of petals to bloom in spring, it would be a long time. Moreover, there were many kinds of wild flowers in this rural mountain village. If some flowers were precious, they were usually planted in adults’ homes and Mrs. Musheng
This afternoon, a few things came to stay until it was almost noon when Musheng’s daughter-in-law left. Zhao Erhu also came back from outside. Lin Yue used to meet Zhao Erhu "back?" How can things be done? You smell of alcohol. You’ve been drinking at the village head’s house again. It stinks. "
"Xiao Ni, you’re so picky about things, and you think that’s the smell of a" xianggong "smelly man. I think you must owe it to clean up before you dare to abandon me and wait for you to clean up later!" Zhao Erhu also deliberately took a few breaths at Lin Yue, which was really childish and made Lin Yue want to swear. It was a little funny. The old man came back from drinking too much and was drunk. It was also a long time since he was so cute. If only there was a camera, record his words and deeds and show him his own appearance when the wine woke up.
Look at Zhao Erhu in Yueyue. Don’t talk to this drunk. Look at Zhao Erhu. His tongue is a little twisted. He speaks a little upside down and drinks a lot. You know, Zhao Erhu’s capacity for liquor is very good, but he can’t drink to this extent. Zhao Erhu said that he didn’t drink much, and she didn’t believe her. It’s not against Zhao Erhu’s drinking. It’s to drink too much wine and hurt his health.
"Zhao Erhu how much wine did you drink? I told you not to drink too much when I went out. You don’t remember, do you? "
Zhao Erhu’s brain was confused at this time. He forgot the front and began to answer, "I remember what my wife said without drinking much. I can drink without drinking much."
Lin Yue saw Zhao Erhu, so he no longer asked and called Xu Mammy and another maid who served outside to help her help Zhao Erhu to rest on the couch for a while, sober up and feed Zhao Erhu a bowl of sober up soup, and let people call hot water to scrub Zhao Erhu himself.
Partial Zhao Erhu is not honest enough to move around and interfere with Lin Yue. Lin Yue has to deal with Zhao Erhu and help Zhao Erhu scrub Lin Yue out in a sweat.
It took about half an hour for Zhao Erhu to wake up, and people woke up and rubbed their foreheads. They thought that they had eaten a lot of wine in the village head’s house before, but they didn’t feel a headache. It must be that Kannika nimtragol fed him a hangover soup and looked at his clothes. It must be that Kannika nimtragol helped him scrub. Thinking about Kannika nimtragol’s thoughtfulness, Zhao Erhu couldn’t help but grin and giggle, just like stealing honey. His kannika nimtragol’s beautiful things are capable and considerate, and his mind is really the best daughter-in-law in the world.
"Zhao Erhu, you’re not drunk yet. Otherwise, how can you giggle here and drink so much wine alone?" Yue-lai Lin felt that feeding Zhao Erhu with hangover soup should not cause a headache. See Zhao Erhu rubbing his forehead and asking in doubt.
"It doesn’t hurt, daughter-in-law. You feed me a hangover soup, otherwise I will definitely not be so comfortable." Zhao Erhu smiled at Lin Yue and said that he put his hand around the person in front of him and sat in his arms.
"You know, don’t drink so much, or I’ll take care of you." Lin Yue said, pointing her finger and pointing a little bit at Zhao Erhu’s forehead, saying that it seemed a little mean to others, but in Zhao Erhu’s eyes, Kannika nimtragol became more and more lovely.
Zhao Erhu said kannika nimtragol, this is hard-spoken but soft-hearted. No meeting can really ignore him, but I don’t have to say that Kannika nimtragol is angry. If it’s a daughter-in-law, I won’t do it later. Today, it’s time to get things done and have a good talk with Uncle Fu before I have a few more drinks. Daughter-in-law, stop that now. I’m in a hurry. I won’t talk so much later.
"This is what you said. When a big man talks, he should keep his word. If he comes back after drinking too much again, he will be mad at me. You will move into the room. Who will forbid my door?"
"Daughter-in-law, this punishment is too serious, and I’m really mad with alcohol? No way. I remember I was always very good at wine. Everyone said that. 54 Chapter 54
"Why did I lie to you? I remember you said you wanted to tidy up me. Now that you’re sober, let’s talk about how you want to tidy up me. !” Lin Yue finished raising his eyebrows and looked at Zhao Erhu, which obviously meant second guessed.
Although Zhao Erhu was drunk at that time, he would wake up and have some impressions of the situation at that time. Seeing Kannika nimtragol, he would have to settle accounts with himself. Hey, hey, smile and play dumb. "Daughter-in-law, you know that I am drunk and don’t remember what I did, so don’t care about it with me."
Lin Yue is still investigating whether Zhao Erhu’s attitude is worth forgiving. Xu Mammy has brought people to send lunch ready. Lin Yue has been busy with things for a long time and taking care of Zhao Erhu. This will really make Zhao Erhu feel a little hungry. This will spare Zhao Erhu and have dinner together hand in hand.
"By the way, did you buy that mountain and forest?" Their family doesn’t pay attention to anything. When eating, Lin Yue asked about Zhao Erhu. Because tea sells well in the West, especially their home-made tea sells well. However, Lin Yue wanted to plant tea trees to build a tea garden, which prevented Zhao Erhu from buying a mountain forest. Besides planting tea, she also planned to plant flowers.
"It’s all done, even the contract has been signed, otherwise how can I go drinking? You fancy that mountain forest and the mountains connected to it and the two barren hills behind it. I bought it for you. It’s so cheap and it cost five thousand two hundred silver." Zhao Erhu said this with great credit.
Lin Yue is really satisfied that these mountains are also close to them. Besides planting tea trees and flowers, what else can fruit trees be planted? Then we will make detailed arrangements to go out and buy fruit trees and tea trees according to the market price. After all, many people will send them to the door. These are cheap things to the villagers, even if there is a price there, few people can buy them. It is not necessarily necessary to sell them. The key is luck. There are many mountains of these things, but we have to find time. Besides, now Zhao Erhu’s family won’t accept any fruit trees. Whether the fruit is delicious or not, as well as tea trees and beautiful flowers, will be collected by their families. Many people immediately went to dig trees in the mountains for fear that it would be too late. After all, if these mountains are dug, they will spend money. Isn’t it a waste of money?
In fact, if you don’t need much, you will naturally take people to dig in the mountains. However, if their family has not dug up the nearby mountains at half past one, it may not be enough to come back to Lin Yue. However, they are willing to give the villagers some opportunities to make money. It is too difficult for the people to make a living these days. It is also a condition for their family to be ruled by such a stupid official as Cheng Lu. Anyway, they will not spend too much money, which is usually tens of pence. Just like their family income is more expensive than the market price, and it is still very cheap.
Peter said that Feng Yinan’s cronies rushed to Zhaojiacun and finally arrived on the sixth day. First, he gave Feng Yinan a message to Zhao Erhu. "Master Zhao asked me to send you a letter, saying it was extremely urgent for you to burn it immediately after reading it."
Zhao Erhu was a little surprised when he saw the bearer. It was natural to know this person when he was dealing with Houshi in the north of the town for such a long time. Houshi in the north of the town not only asked his cronies to send letters, but also told him that it was important to burn them after reading them. Is it that there is something wrong with the goods shipped back from overseas or something wrong elsewhere, but most of them can’t get away from going to sea?
"Master Shi, do you have anything else to say?"
"It’s really a charge that the genus must hand this letter to Master Zhao, and you can’t let anyone pass it."
"I’m white." Zhao Erhu said that he first ordered people to wash and rest and ordered the kitchen to prepare good meals and dishes. Since this person is a close friend of Hou Shihu in the north of the town, he naturally knows that Zhao Erhu’s family has a good meal. He thinks that the food in the former Zhao Erhu family is delicious and he can get a little bit every time. He came in person this time and naturally ate a few meals. Don’t be in a hurry to send it back to me.
When people left Zhao Erhu, when they opened the letter this time, they looked dignified at first, but later they became more relaxed and with some joy. The emperor valued his willingness to give things to him, even if the challenge was an opportunity for him. If he could make things satisfactory to the emperor, he would not have to worry about his future.
Zhao Erhu is a white man. It’s different to work with the Emperor in the north of the town, but he can’t give it to the Emperor. He doesn’t want to do business with the Emperor in the north of the town. Instead, he wants to make money through this business, but he wants to be able to protect his wife and children after making a career. No one is bigger than the Emperor, but the Emperor is so high that he can’t even dream of doing business with the Emperor from afar.
However, the emperor is eager to open up financial resources. He has to go out to sea at least twice a year, so he spends less and less time at home with his daughter-in-law. She doesn’t know it when he thinks about his daughter-in-law. Zhao Erhu just took the letter to the hospital, and after the daughter-in-law read it, she burned it. If the daughter-in-law is not someone else who can’t tell her the difference, if the daughter-in-law can’t believe it, what’s the point of him being busy? If the daughter-in-law is so insightful, maybe he
Yue-gang Lin was surprised when he read the letter. However, considering the pattern and situation of the imperial court, the first emperor left this rotten stall not long after he ascended the throne. Moreover, the state treasury is tight, and it is reasonable for the emperor to do so. Although it seems that the emperor is too degraded to participate in these businesses, it is the most important thing to get benefits and solve the problem. Now, the most urgent thing for the emperor to solve is the virtual problem of the state treasury and his identity will be arrested. In Yue’s view, the emperor can really benefit the court and the people.
"Daughter-in-law, what do you think of this matter?" Zhao Erhu saw Lin Yue read the letter and asked, by the way, also burn the letter. 543 Chapter 543.
"What can I think? Of course, it’s a good thing, and after it’s a great thing, no one will be afraid of our business. With the emperor as our backer, who dares to come to trouble? And after the emperor delivers the benefits to us, we won’t have to be subject to Zhenbei Houshi."
Lin Yue said that Zhao Erhu was a little surprised that his daughter-in-law first thought it was this, but Kannika nimtragol saw the key problem at first glance. He was also worried that if the business grew bigger and bigger after the violent business, he would be very passive if he had differences or different ideas with Zhenbei Houshi in business. After all, both the sea and the court were connected with Zhenbei Houshi, and he could not do this business without this side.
Lin Yue misunderstood Zhao Erhu’s dazed meaning and explained, "It’s not my little heart. Although Zhenbei Houshi seems to be a good person at present, we don’t know much about you saving his life. Zhenbei Houshi is grateful to you, but I don’t know how long this saving life can be remembered."
Business is complicated, and the profit from going to sea is too high. We earned hundreds of thousands of taels just by tinkering around the edges. It’s hard to make people indifferent. Since we put the world on the map to do business, we need money. No matter how much money we earn, we can’t have too many benefits. Even our relatives, brothers and sisters can turn against each other. Who knows how long we can keep it with Zhenbei Houshi?
If Zhenbei Houshi has always been like this, it’s okay. Once it’s broken, we can break this situation with the participation of the Emperor. Zhenbei Houshi is the consort of the Queen Mother’s family. Although I can’t wait to know the actual situation of Rongchong, I don’t think the Emperor is completely convinced that Zhenbei Houshi doesn’t trust him, so he wants to hand over the benefits to you.
This is the advantage of our identity. We are civilians. Even after this business grows and earns huge wealth, the emperor doesn’t worry that we will threaten his interests. This is an opportunity for the emperor’s family and our family. "
"Daughter-in-law, I …" Zhao Erhu was trying to explain that he didn’t misunderstand his daughter-in-law’s meaning before opening his mouth and was interrupted by Lin Yue.
"You listen to me first!" It’s about Lin Yue’s mind that Zhao Erhu’s image of attaching great importance to friendship is too partial. Zhao Erhu doesn’t want to be sorry. According to the news revealed in Zhenbei Houshi’s letter, the emperor will soon call Zhao Erhu to Beijing to see him in the palace. When the time comes, Zhao Erhu must not show too much intimacy with Zhenbei Houshi, otherwise he doesn’t know what will happen. Naturally, he will turn his mind around.
"I know that you are a person who values kindness and righteousness. Bei Houshi gave you an opportunity to show your ambition. You feel sorry for him for doing so, but you are his savior, not him. You just think that after he returned your kindness, you are not in debt." Lin Yue said that he had another meal.
"But it’s not impossible to have a better personal relationship. Doing things for the emperor is not doing things for others. A bad thing is to lose your head. Maybe you have to implicate your family and people. The emperor suspects that the North Houfu will hand over the benefits to you. You can’t violate the emperor’s taboo. I think that’s what the North Houshi said in the letter. Those words are also meant to avoid suspicion. This is not only good for our family, but also good for both families. Don’t be stupid and handout spirit is bad."
Zhao Erhu wanted to explain to Lin Yue that it was another idea. He had never heard these words and no one had told him. After all, who dares to talk nonsense about this speculation? And Zhao erhu was born in a Zhuang family. Even if his business is bigger now, he knows some noble people, and he has more knowledge and experience, but he is still confined to a range.
For example, he didn’t think much about things in the imperial court. He felt that it was a good opportunity to learn that the emperor would participate in business, except that he was happy or happy. Although he was a little worried, he was also worried that Fa Shenggen didn’t think about deeper problems. The emperor would give him all the benefits instead of the town of Houshi in the north. What was his mind? If his wife hadn’t woken him up, he might have really made a mistake, and he didn’t necessarily think about the consequences. He was covered in cold sweat.
"Daughter-in-law, don’t worry, you say that, so I know how to deal with this matter. It won’t make the emperor unhappy. I also know that a sentence is called companion, like a tiger. I’m not that stupid. I didn’t expect this face to rely on my daughter-in-law. You pointed out that it is not difficult to understand the emperor’s mind now. Be careful at most. After all, the emperor still counts on me to do things for him. It won’t be too difficult for me.
Master Yu, it’s not good for us to rush away from him. It’s too powerful and easy to offend people. We are still in the same way as before. We are also in business and pay more attention to him. It’s not that we are close. We should just pay attention to our discretion in front of the emperor. "
Lin Yue listened to Zhao Erhu and nodded. "I’m relieved that you know what you are doing."
The emperor sent people to set out one day later than those sent by the emperor in the northern part of the town, but only at the normal speed. On the fourth day, the people of the northern part of the town sent talents, not only to order eunuchs, but also two teams of troops. One team was an army and a bunch of them seemed to be the palace supervisor Lin Yue or the emperor sent people to make a big show. Only later did they know that they were sent by the emperor to buy them.
Don’t say that Huang Fujing has long coveted Lin Yue’s food and wine. Every time Lin Yue sends something to Princess Yongle, he always divides it up. This time, it’s hard to ask Zhao Erhu if he sends someone to Zhao Village. He should simply let the palace be responsible for buying slaves and go to Zhao Village with the eunuch to buy everything he wants, and he doesn’t have to be run by his own sister every time because he goes to Yongle Palace to grab things.
"Of course, the emperor wants something, but this father-in-law has to make some food systems now, and it will take several days to do them well even if he works overtime and says little."
"hinder to do a good job of the emperor commanded errands sage, etc. 544. 544.
"Then I’ll bother my father-in-law and sirs to come here once in a while. Let’s stay in my humble abode if we don’t dislike it." Since I’m here, Lin Yue won’t be so ignorant that people will leave after announcing the purpose, at least we have to arrange these people’s food, clothing, housing and transportation. Besides, she knew a few days ago that the emperor would send someone to come and made preparations, but she didn’t expect so many people to come, but she was able to arrange it reluctantly. When she first built this house, it was specially built to make it bigger, and now it seems to Crowd up. If there are more people this time, it won’t be enough to live in. Now there is enough money in the family and there are sites. She has to talk to Lu Lao about building a house while there is a large piece of land in the east. Anyway, the silver ticket is lying in vain
"Lin Niang is welcome to see that your house is not worse than the palace. Although it is not so magnificent, it is chic. Even if the emperor comes, he will be afraid that he will like sage. Where can he abandon his desire to live and enjoy Lin Niang’s blessing? Lin Niang should not think that there are many people in our line to ask questions." Father-in-law Cui said quite politely that he did not mean to hold Lin Yue in his words.
Father-in-law Cui said so, and others won’t say otherwise. This line of people is Princess Cui Gonggong, who is in order and serves in front of the emperor. Even if Lin Yue doesn’t stay, he needs to inform the government. Naturally, someone will make thoughtful arrangements. However, since Lin Yue stayed, Father-in-law Cui’s attitude towards the emperor is very important. Otherwise, he wouldn’t turn to the sect to run this errand. Besides, Zhao Erhu’s daughter-in-law and Princess Yongle’s Jou-chia are both very good, and he is
Who doesn’t know that the things sent by Zhao Erhu’s family are rare and even rare? Especially, the wine made by Zhao Erhu’s family from wine making and tribute is more than the emperor’s joy. Every time the wine arrives at Yongle Palace, they are exploited by the emperor. These minions just look at where there is a chance to taste the wine at most. This time, they can have a good meal. Besides, seeing Zhao Erhu’s family is sensible. When they leave, there will be no shortage of gifts. Those guys in the palace will wait to envy him.