For example, the command to restore magic, after Weber said this command, Rider felt that a powerful force was injected into his body, and the huge magic consumed by Wang Jun potential was replenished a lot in an instant.
Although it is impossible to make a Wang Jun potential again without restoring its heyday, the Rider’s strength has also returned to a July 7th degree.
"Ah … it’s really a bit difficult, but it’s really good to do it. This is a qualified Maser. Fight alongside your own Servan Maser!"
Rider was so proud that he looked up and looked at Saber standing in front of him with a sword.
"It’s a pity. Saber may say that you should be called Altolia without Maser and the strongest support. After all, it is impossible for me and my little Maser to join hands."
"Just witness the fetters of Maser and me! Then please leave here! I won’t hesitate to accept the head of the famous arthur king! "
At this, Rider held his sword high and slashed it at Saber.
Saber, on the other hand, is still standing there in that posture. Obviously, it’s a spent force, and the girl has no resistance, so she can watch the Rider knife swing at her head.
Chapter 153 Rolling Battle
Hum …
Before the blade touches the air, it has already sent out a violent real fluctuation, which shows how strong Rider’s blow is.
This is an attack with the consciousness of absolutely killing each other. It’s a mortal blow!
But …
Nothing happened.
Rider swords didn’t collide in the end, and his attack stopped. Another force among them abruptly stopped Rider’s attack.
It was a moment when something happened that made Rider react endlessly, and then a second later, with the cold wind, a breath of death slammed into Rider’s body.
The sound of broken limbs is particularly pleasing to the ear in the night, which is mixed with the girl’s excited smile. Rider’s face is very ugly and he stepped back several steps. One side of his cloak was completely soaked with blood.
Rider was supposed to face the enemy tonight, so in front of him, the young girl’s face spread out her hands at Rider with a crazy smile.
"It seems that the spirit blood is red … but the taste is not as good as that of Maser."
"Yeah … sure enough, is your rank Berserker? I really feel this madness."
Rider showed a wry smile. He shook his head without any fear.
"Although the night is already deep, the goal tonight is you. Let’s finish this postponed battle!"
Rider waved his sleeves and died without caring about his arm injury. Looking at Flanders’ combative opening in front of his face.
"Fighting? Are you in a state now?"
Flandora disdains to look at Rider in front of her. Although her courage is commendable, at some point this kind of courage is not courage, but it is as stupid as a headstrong man.
Rider would really give Flandora a headache if Wang Jun was launched in its heyday, but now it has made Wang Jun a potential and its own strength is still left. Rider has not been taken seriously by Flandora.
"That’s like a king how can retreat on the battlefield? ! Even if my soldiers fight in front of me, I will not be afraid to go forward and continue to fight! "
Rider said this, and the other intact arm raised the sword in his hand and immediately launched a charge towards Flanders.
Although this charge is courageous, it is as hopeless as a death charge.
"Really … but don’t forget that I’m … ……Berserker!"
It’s foolish to fight Berserker head-on. Losing one’s mind costs Berserker the most powerful battle force in almost seven positions. But when Berserker fights crazily, it’s hard for anyone to compete.
Berserker is in his own camp in every Holy Grail War, and Maser is the last to provoke his opponent, because Berserker is a crazy provocation after all, so his opponent is not good for him.
Although the Holy Grail War is said to be fought by seven Masers, it is also very important to benefit each other and be benefited. It is normal for many MASERs to form an alliance to jointly deal with more powerful MASER and Servan.
But Berserker’s uncertainty is really unpopular. You really don’t know when you were stabbed in the back.
In Flanders, she announced that she was a Berserker girl, and her face was instantly twisted with a smile. She raised her hand high in the direction of Rider and then squeezed it tightly.
Rider’s whole body was stiff during running, and then a big mouthful of blood spurted out, and the whole person collapsed. If it wasn’t for the sword in his hand to support the ground, I’m afraid Rider would fall directly to the ground.
"Ha … ha-ha, it’s really outrageous. I was so rude when I was a king. Fortunately, I wasn’t seen by my soldiers, otherwise I would lose face."
At this time, Rider can still say this in a teasing tone. This tolerance alone is enough to make people admire.
On the other side, Ye Yu hugged the whole body and bathed in blood. Saber girl seems to have lost consciousness because of exhaustion and fell into Ye Yu’s arms.
The girl’s blood and wounds are heartbreaking, and Ye Yu’s heart is not particularly pity and guilt for her.
By this time, Ye Yu’s doubts and doubts have disappeared completely. He can make sure that the girl is himself and fight for the identity of Altolia, a girl in love.
"Fran won’t show mercy. Let Rider leave tonight."
Holding Saber and raising his head, Ye Yu stared at Rider with an expression on his face and said something similar to Rider not long ago, but now the object of this discourse has become Rider himself.