In Ye Shuang’s impression, the male master has always been determined and then moved. This day’s massive attack on the Central Plains came earlier than he expected. Now, the attitude of the male master towards the cloud makes him feel that there seems to be something inappropriate, but when he left the day, he was not short, and he was not clear about some things, and he did not interrupt himself.
After punishing the cloud, the male master focused on Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang felt that the male master’s eyes were like essence, and he wanted to see him from the inside out. But this time, Ye Shuang did not have the feeling of being seen through by the male master at a glance. After experiencing the tempering of big waves, even in the face of the male master Ye Shuang, he had some confidence of his own.
Ye Shuang stood still, his breath was as deep as the sea, and the Lord showed a little surprise. He looked at Ye Shuang again for a moment before he smoothed his jaw and said, "Ye Shuang, you have made great progress in martial arts, and Lao Jin, I’m afraid, can also beat you."
Jin Lao Zhuifeng and others have seen Ye Shuang’s martial arts before, but it was in the melee that they did not fully observe what level Ye Shuang’s martial arts reached. But when the male master spoke, they naturally would not doubt that Ye Shuang is the first martial arts among the nine brothers. According to the meaning of the male master’s words, gold, silver, copper and three old people may not be able to surpass Ye Shuang’s many unique skills and advantages over Ye Shuang’s three old people.
"Thank you, Master, for praising my brother for his hard work at the seaside in the past two years. He has made little progress and lived up to Master’s expectations." Ye Shuang calmly praised the master.
"Ha-ha-ha-good" I can see that the male master is still very satisfied with Ye Shuang. He went on to say, "Heaven is now full of talents, but the real top figures in Heaven are dwarfed. It is unlikely that the three of them will enter Heaven because of their natural age and other reasons. The three of them are far away from Heaven, and they are not rivals. You are now qualified to fight with them, so you can share the worries with the old lady."
The words of the male master can be said to be highly praised. Ye Shuang naturally needs humility. When these words come out, I am afraid that the attitude of other brothers, gold, silver and copper, will change subtly. They are watching Ye Shuang from the initial innate master to the master realm, and now they are more valued by the male master. If they don’t believe Ye Shuang in their hearts, they still need him to slowly resolve and eliminate their hostility. Otherwise, they will be excluded by them together in the day, and it will be difficult to stand on their feet.
After praising Ye Shuang for a few words, the male master reprimanded him for leaving Tianshan Mountain without permission, regardless of the frost hall, but he didn’t punish anything again.
As soon as the conversation turned, the hero’s face sank and he said, "Don’t easily have a big conflict with the Wulin forces in the Central Plains for seven days."
After a pause, the male master then said, "Ye Shuang, after seven days, you personally led the people of Tianshuang Hall to lead the way to Zhongnanshan. This time, we should solve the true religion and the ancient tomb school in one fell swoop. If necessary, the old lady will personally take the lead in the first battle of the Central Plains."
After the master’s domineering command is reached, including Ye Shuang, the master will bow his head together in many days and should "yes"
They all felt the ambition and determination in the tone of the hero.
When the male Lord told Ye Shuang and others to back off, the nine brothers did not stay together for a long time because of the cloud, but they were polite and comforted by the cloud, and then they separated.
Ye Shuang returned to the temporary entrance of Tianshuang Hall with Qiu Shuang and Frost, and Ye Shuang couldn’t wait to ask, "Qiu Shuang’s brother and master have gained anything from the fifteen swords?" Why did you start to fight in the Central Plains so early? "
"Ha ha" Autumn Frost chuckled two times "I really let you say it and listen to Master’s meaning. It seems that you have really gained a lot. Plus, in the past two years, the whole western region has been completely controlled by our day, and it has been sorted out. Although it is a little earlier than originally planned, it is not hasty."
"Master actually realized that fifteen swords have gained something?" Ye Shuang frown muttered to himself
Hearing Ye Shuang talking to herself, Qiu Shuang said meaningfully, "I heard that Brother Xueyun gave something to Master, which was of great help to Master’s understanding of swordsmanship, and was favored by Master. Otherwise, even if Liu Yun was punished and there were dusk clouds, it would not be Blood Cloud."
Autumn frost was a leaf frost immediately understand it. This time, the male master deprived the flowing clouds and feiyuntang hall of benefits and rewarded the blood cloud, which means that the blood cloud has always been relatively low-key and not very obvious. I don’t know what he gave the male master, but it is helpful for the male master to realize and kill the fifteen swords.
After Qiu Shuang explained to Ye Shuang sadly, he immediately changed the subject and stopped talking about it. Even if they are male brothers, some things still need to be taboo, which involves the dispute between Feiyun Hall. They really shouldn’t talk.
After arriving at Tangkou, Qiu Shuang ordered people to prepare a banquet, which was regarded as Ye Shuang’s welcome.
While eating and drinking Qiu Shuang, the three of them began to introduce Ye Shuang to the changes in the Tianshuang Hall in the past two years. Some places that need Ye Shuang’s attention were awakened by Qiu Shuang, which made Ye Shuang secretly grateful. Qiu Shuang is indeed a brother with a broad mind. He has already won Ye Shuang’s respect over the years, and Ye Shuang has never shown signs of competing for profits in Tianshuang Hall. He also believed in Qiu Shuang two years ago. Maybe Qiu Shuang also felt that Ye Shuang’s ambition was not here, and Ye Shuang had little defense and reservation. They got along well with each other over the years.
Ye Shuang left after the banquet, and when he followed the people to the courtyard, he found that the song had been waiting here for a long time.
It’s awkward to see Ye Shuang at the end of the song. After all, when the song ended, he just accompanied him to cure the injury, and he left without saying goodbye. Now he still has some guilt in his heart.
At the end of the song, I looked straight at Ye Shuang and looked straight at Ye Shuang. I was embarrassed to bow my head and said, "End me."
"You don’t explain anything."
At the end of the song, Ye Shuang immediately looked up and argued, "Listen to me, I didn’t tell you at that time because I was afraid of you."
Ye Shuang’s words didn’t finish before the song ended, but he interrupted him again with a smile. "Am I so terrible and so unreasonable?" I don’t blame you. "
"Don’t blame me?" Ye Shuang some consternation looked at her.
At the end of the song, he walked around Ye Shuang and said faintly, "It’s still a little strange for you to come, but I heard that your martial arts are great and they are not your opponents, so I don’t blame you. Are you still white?"
Ye Shuang is not a stupid person. He didn’t know how to face the end of the song. When he heard the end of the song, he immediately knew that his martial arts surpassed others. Then they threatened Ye Shuang’s engagement at the end of the song. There was almost no suspense. I believe they all knew that they would not compete with Ye Shuang for the end of the song for so long, and a big stone was finally released. Perhaps this is the main reason why Ye Shuang didn’t blame the end of the song this time.
Ye Shuang’s mood also relaxed after thinking about it. "Don’t worry, it’s not that I boast that I’m a martial artist now. There’s no problem. Even after the gold, silver and copper people give me a period of time, they are definitely not my opponents. Everyone can take you away from me."
When I heard Ye Shuang’s high-spirited words, I finally got shy and said, "When did I become you?"
I’m sorry to see the end of the song. Ye Shuang haha laughed and said, "Isn’t it a matter of time?"
Ye Shuang stopped teasing her and asked, "By the way, why didn’t you come to the Central Plains with Master this time in Tianshan Mountain?"
When I heard Ye Shuang’s words, I was a little shy and sweet, and the look at the end of the song immediately darkened and a faint sigh said, "It’s not you."
"Kill me?" Ye Shuang looked at the song with some doubts and didn’t know what this had to do with him.
"I know that the adoptive father will start work on the ancient tomb school, and there will be no fighting casualties. Isn’t the elder sister in the ancient tomb school? When you weren’t there, I couldn’t watch what happened to her, so I came with my adoptive father. "The song ended slowly and explained that I turned around and avoided Ye Shuang at the same time.
At the end of the song, Ye Shuang was suddenly silent. This problem that he didn’t want to face was finally placed in front of him, and the end of the song was considered in front of him. When he came to the battlefield near Chang ‘an, he had noticed whether it had fallen, but he didn’t find that it was inevitable that he would attack Zhongnanshan and fight with the True Sect of Ancient Tombs this time, so it was almost inevitable to meet it, but he still didn’t think about how to solve it.
"Do you want to do? Bring sister Luo out of the ancient tomb school? Or "asked Ye Shuang with some hesitation at the end of the song.
Ye Shuang sighed thoughtfully for a long time. "Although Luo looks very quiet, she has a strong opinion in her bones. She will never willingly come with me or betray the ancient tomb Sect easily. Especially at this time, I don’t want to kill her brother in front of her. When it’s time to declare war against each other, I think I’ll catch her first and then talk about other things slowly."
This is also the best way. It is impossible for Ye Shuangbai’s ancient tombs to take refuge in Heaven. These famous sects would rather move away or fight to the death and never surrender.
When Ye Shuang saw this, she began to talk to her about various situations at the seaside. When Ye Shuang talked about the seaside, she finally got better.
"I haven’t seen the sea for many years since I went to Tianshan Mountain with my adoptive father." The song finally sighed, "I went to the seaside to practice Xiao every day in Peach Blossom Island."
This leaf frost suddenly remembered the second wish at the end of the song and immediately said, "When the Central Plains comes to an end, I will take you to the East China Sea to go to Peach Blossom Island. Now I believe that there is no master in Peach Blossom Island who can stop me. I will take you back to Peach Blossom Island to worship your master."
When Qu Zhong heard Ye Shuang’s words, he immediately turned around and looked excited and said, "Are you telling the truth?"
Zheng nodded Ye Shuang face with a man promised, "Of course, if you really want to crack the Peach Blossom Island Peach Blossom Array, then Peach Blossom Island people can stop us."
At the end of the song, with glittering and translucent tears in his eyes, he nodded repeatedly, "I can’t resist the peach blossom array. I am finally coming to this day."
At the end of the song, the mood was obviously excited and depressed. Ye Shuang comforted her again and they began to talk about other topics.
For the next seven days, there will be nothing too big, but many Jianghu people in the Central Plains dare not take it lightly. Every day, there are many qigong players who spy on the sky and test its intentions.
Ye Shuang’s seven days have been quite easy. Besides accompanying the ending of the song, I met with many hands for two years. I didn’t see many hands familiar with one’s straight hand. Fortunately, although Ye Shuang left, he was photographed in Ye Shuang’s prestige. Instead of reducing his master, he came to take refuge in many of those five elements. Frost Hall has been working hard to cultivate momentum for the past two years, which is much stronger than that of two years ago. It is quite gratifying to see Ye Shuang.
Seven days passed quickly, and just before dawn, the people in Frost Hall had breakfast. Some people started to set out in the direction of Zhongnanshan with Ye Shuang, while Autumn Frost and Frost took other people in Frost Hall to meet them behind.
It’s natural that there are so many people making such a big noise in Tianshuang Hall, but there are eyes everywhere. Soon, the agents of the major forces in the Central Plains will know what will happen, and after Ye Shuang has traveled a few miles, he will soon determine the target of Ye Shuang-Zhongnanshan.
In fact, it is also expected that they will really teach the recent main force to defeat others, that is, there are many white people on both sides who naturally know the problem. As soon as the leaf frost moves, they will know the intention of heaven.
There is nothing too dangerous to go all the way to Zhongnanshan near Chang ‘an. The terrain is not like the Western Regions and Lingjiu Palace, where the terrain needs to be constantly watched for ambush. After sending some agents to explore the road ahead, Ye Shuang quickly rushed to Zhongnanshan with Tian Shuang’s team, without worrying too much about ambush and interception in front.
In fact, not many people dare to intercept it on the road after knowing that it was Ye Shuang himself, but there are also some latecomers who haven’t seen Ye Shuang’s ferocity and want to pretend to intercept it. Looking forward to becoming famous at a stroke, Ye Shuanggen is welcome to these people. A lion’s roar killed most of them, and he never dared to intercept Ye Shuang people again.
Until near Zhongnanshan, Ye Shuang took Tianshuangtang and everyone was unblocked.