"This time, they have their own purposes to kill me. The blood cloud is to get the remnant map of the Zen Temple that you nine people took back. He must have found the location of the Zen Temple and that remnant map has also fallen into his hands. Maybe with this remnant map, he can enter the Zen Temple and learn the atlas of the God of War. Starting today, killing the blood cloud is the first thing in the world. We should try our best to find and kill him before his martial arts is accomplished."
"Yes" Ye Shuang four people should way together.
Ye Shuang meditates on these two names in his heart. The atlas of the God of War is the ultimate martial arts. After repeated battles, the temple contains the relief of heaven, geography and blood clouds, and the martial arts will surely advance by leaps and bounds.
"The blood cloud is the first thing that the old man wants to explain, and the second thing is that the old man is officially located in Ye Shuang."
As soon as the male master said this, the three men were Zheng and then returned to normal. It was not too abrupt that they had already been psychologically prepared for this matter.
"Ye Shuang’s martial arts skills are clear to the three of you, and he will be able to step into the heaven completely in three years at most. After the death of the old man, Ye Shuang can hold the situation steady so that the old man will not work so hard to build the sky and fall apart."
"Master, rest assured that my brother will do his best to assist Ye Shuang and make the sky unify the rivers and lakes."
Frost first expressed his support for Ye Shuang, and then Liu Yun and Chen Feng also spoke out.
Male definite view this relief nodded, "I hope you don’t let me down. Don’t leak the news of my death to Ye Shuang for the time being. You three go first. I still have some things to explain to Ye Shuang."
Cloud three people know that the male master must have given some secrets to Ye Shuang, and the three of them are no longer suitable for being here, so they left with a sad face.
"Ye Shuang, you don’t have much involvement in the Heaven Society on weekdays. It is still difficult to control the Heaven Society. The old man finally gives it to you, which is a lot of secrets. This is divided into three parts. One part is the old man’s collection of martial arts secrets over the years. The second part is the secret hall. You can rest assured that they will be absolutely loyal to the old man’s hands in the three halls. The third part is the collection of wealth and treasure in these years."
Then the male master explained many things to Ye Shuang in detail, and Ye Shuang was single-minded.
It was not until less than half an hour later that the male owner and Ye Shuang walked out of the house. At this time, the male owner looked slightly pale and looked exactly the same as before, but the injury had not healed and there was no sign of imminent physical death.
After he came out with Ye Shuang, many high-level officials waiting for news outside were relieved.
"Blood Cloud United with others to try to plot against others, and everyone else was killed by the seat. After the blood cloud was removed, it was the first wanted man in the day." Many masters of the hero’s Lengli audio will be killed in the day.
Later, the male master once again said, "It will take several years for the seat to be closed for healing. Now the seat is officially located behind Ye Shuang, and he is the Lord of the Heaven. You need to help with all your heart and not neglect it."
The male master announced the news quite suddenly, but just like the reaction of the three people, although it was a little surprising that the male master was so eager, it was nothing strange that Ye Shuang would help the Lord the next day. Ye Shuang had completely established his prestige in the sky. It was a series of battles in exchange for hard work
"See Ye Wang for the genus"
Not only will many masters in heaven, but even the three of them will kneel together to pay homage to Ye Shuang’s gift.
"You all get up. Many things will depend on you the day after tomorrow." Ye Shuang’s hands were lifted to make everyone get up.
This bow-down has formally established Ye Shuang’s position as the Lord, and there is no objection any more.
The male opinionated face also showed a smile, and then he met some people with Ye Shuang to appease a crowd.
After dawn, the male master disappeared completely, while Ye Shuang began to return to Tianshan Mountain with many troops. He did not accompany him, claiming that the male master was looking for a secret healing.
Ye Shuang is dealing with all kinds of things along the way. He is familiar with everything in the sky. He belongs to many people. Fortunately, frost, flowing clouds and morning breeze are responsible for three halls and three halls respectively, so there is no big deal in the sky meeting.
The news that the hero was in Ye Shuang’s place and closed the healing wound almost instantly spread all over the Jianghu. The Heaven Society helped the Lord to become Ye Shuang, which was definitely a great event that shook the Jianghu. Naturally, there was a great uproar in the Jianghu.
When Ye Shuang was about to arrive in Tianshan Mountain, his biggest worry was that there was a rumor in the Jianghu that the hero was dead. At present, the rumor was still spread in a small area and Ye Shuang got the news at the first time.
There is no doubt that the most likely news is the blood cloud. He wants the sky to be self-sufficient and has not come to kill him. It is also possible that others have come out. No matter what, Ye Shuang needs to make the sky stable and the people can’t be chaotic.
After returning to Tianshan Mountain, Ye Shuang continued to be busy with many things in the sky. Even at the end of the song, she told her the truth and spent a short time with her every day. At other times, Ye Shuang was dealing with things in the sky.
Most people still don’t believe that the male leader’s life and death are confusing and soon opened in the Jianghu, especially when the male leader appeared in person and the news officially came out that the male leader mainly closed his wounds. Most people still believe that the male leader will close his wounds and wait until the male leader’s injuries are healed.
When Ye Shuang returned to the Western Regions, the first thing to do was to send someone to attack Lingjiu Palace for floating. Now that he has been shot at Shaolin Temple, he can’t stay in Lingjiu Palace. When he learned that floating was dead, he began to evacuate from the ethereal peak. Obviously, they also knew whether the sky would let Lingjiu Palace go. Although the monitoring of Lingjiu Palace has not been relaxed, almost all the experts were in the Central Plains at that time, which gave Lingjiu Palace the opportunity to evacuate and attack Lingjiu Palace people. To be more precise, they didn’t see the main force of Lingjiu Palace.
However, at this time, a message once again shook the Jianghu evil pole. Zong Yang never cultivated the Taoist mind into a magic solution to make a complete breakthrough in the mastery of heaven.
When Ye Shuang heard the news, his first reaction was that it was impossible for Yang to be absolutely martial arts. He knew very well that it was absolutely impossible to break through to heaven. It must be that the news was wrong, but then he changed his look because he thought of a possibility.
Just then, the guards outside reported, "Wang wishes to be in red."
"Let her in," said Ye Shuang thoughtfully.
Soon I wish the red dress went into the slant hall where Ye Shuang was located. Ye Shuang glanced at her and saw her face full of anxiety.
I wish the red dress saw that Ye Shuang, who was sitting high in the first place, was calm and calm, and relaxed a little. He said, "Red dress has seen Wang’s family have a big event to report to Wang."
"But Yang never broke through to heaven?" Ye Shuang said airily
"It is this matter." I wish Red is not surprised that Ye Shuang knows this matter, and then said, "Red can be sure that this matter is true. My magic door has confirmed this matter. Someone in red has started to flee to Yang Jue."
Ye Shuang quietly listened to the words in red before gently sighing, "It was my fault that I didn’t kill the evil patriarch on the spot in a moment, and let him escape before he died. I gave myself a magic solution to Yang Jueyang to break through to heaven in one fell swoop."
I wish the look in red is also quite ugly. "Wang said that one way to achieve great success is to use magic. One way is to work hard. Han Bai cultivated the magic solution because of red respect and belief. Today, Yang Jue broke through the heaven in Yang Jue because of evil. Now, the male Wang closed his eyes and healed the pine crane. It can be said that the people in the Jianghu can deal with Yang Jue. I don’t know what Wang intends to do?"
It’s a great gift to ask Ye Shuang directly in red, but now she’s a little out of her mind. Most of the strength of the magic door has been received by her. Yang Jue broke through the heaven. The biggest influence is that her masters of hiding the magic door have all started to go to Yang Jue at this time, and her hands are unstable. How can she not worry?
"Don’t worry, Yang never has my own way to deal with him, but I’m just new to heaven. Even if I lose to him, I can’t stand me." Ye Shuang said with great confidence, "You tell your hand that the Mormon Yang is definitely a buffoon. Even if my master doesn’t make moves for three years, I can take his life and let your hand not make mistakes."
"Red is naturally confident in Wang’s martial arts." After listening to Ye Shuang’s words, I wish Red is also refreshed. Then she added, "Red has a secret method to dedicate to Wang."
Said I wish red took out a thin booklet from the bosom and handed it to Ye Shuang.
Ye Shuang took a look and couldn’t help it. This secret method is the disintegration solution of the magic door and monty. He saw that the evil patriarch and the Yin Kui patriarch had exerted the wish of red and sent him this secret method at this time. Obviously, he was worried that he was not Yang’s absolute hand and let him press the key at all times, which made her and Ye Shuang lose both glory and loss. I couldn’t help her not doing her best.
"This secret law sequela is great, and Wang must be careful." I wish red added.
Ye Shuang took the book in his hand and said, "Go if you know."
There is an undercurrent in the rivers and lakes, but the Tianshan Mountains are extremely calm. Ye Shuang takes out almost all the remaining time to practice Yijinjing as soon as possible, refining the heterogeneous qi and really stepping into the heaven. At the same time, he is still watching and understanding the martial arts secrets that the male master stayed to practice.
Just as Ye Shuang was busy practicing and stepping into heaven as soon as possible, Yang Jue was extremely high-pitched in the Jianghu to challenge Ye Shuang. Many of his masters died in Ye Shuang’s hand magic door, and at the same time let Ye Shuang hand over Zhu Hong, a traitor and magic door.
This news soon spread in the Jianghu. Along with this news, there was a letter from Yang Juexin, to be exact, a war letter. First, it expressed greetings to the hero, and then it was almost provocative to Ye Shuang.
Ye Shuang looked at the letter calmly and put it aside. Yang Jue sent him this letter at this time. It was not because he saw the right moment. The male master is now healing, and it is almost impossible to come out to kill him. Ye Shuang didn’t break through the heaven. He just took the opportunity to close the magic door. Ye Shuang also noticed in his letter that Yang Jue was testing the mystery of life and death of the male master. If there is an opportunity, Yang will never let the male master recover. He also wants to disintegrate the sky. This is also his challenge to Ye Shuang.
After seeing the eyes, I wish Ye Shuang, a master in red, sink a way, "Tell Yang that I will go to the appointment."
After half a month, Ye Shuang went to a dangerous peak in the western regions to meet Yang Jue with Zhu Hongyin, Mu Xiao and other top experts for more than ten days.
The news that Ye Shuang and Yang Jue are going to have a decisive battle has set off a wave of rivers and lakes frenzy again after the Shaolin Temple Armageddon. Although the western regions are strictly controlled by the Heaven, there are still many people coming here to witness the battle.
This time, the sky was unexpectedly not stopped, but the people in the Jianghu came to watch Ye Shuang, who also came to the sky with more than a dozen masters. The big team was not dispatched. Of course, secretly, the sky will always pay attention to the surrounding troubles.
Yang never came earlier than Ye Shuang and waited for Ye Shuang on the mountain peak. When he saw Ye Shuang coming, he immediately laughed wildly. "Haha Ye Shuang, you actually came. It seems that the male master is really dead and you have to come."
Ye Shuanggen didn’t respond to the temptation in Yang’s unique words, but said coldly, "Yang was lucky enough to escape by you. This time, you will die yourself, and I will be you."
Ye Shuang’s arrogant words immediately made Yang absolutely furious. He couldn’t help but think of the situation when Ye Shuang killed the magic door and fled in a panic. He himself was desperately trying to escape.
"Ye Shuang, you are too arrogant. Although you have played martial arts in the Jianghu, you never know how big the gap is with the Heaven." Yang said with a sullen face, "Today I will let you, the leader who has ruled the Jianghu for more than half, kneel in front of me for mercy."
"Hum" Ye Shuang didn’t talk nonsense with Yang again and directly killed him in the past. This time, Ye Shuang didn’t bring his epee hand, so he was also a hand when he killed Yang.
Yang never saw this and greeted Ye Shuang with a grimace of a grin. Two people approached quickly.
At this time, there are many other masters besides the master of Heaven, such as Shaolin Wudang Huashan, who sent people to watch this battle, and Ye Shuang did not stop them from staring at the two people who were about to kill together.
When they were ten feet apart, Ye Shuang suddenly burst into a strong momentum.
Yang Jue immediately changed his look and exclaimed, "Did you also break through to heaven?"
See Ye Shuang didn’t leave him to continue to kill quickly. Yang Jue immediately hesitated. He looked very gloomy. Ye Shuang broke out. This momentum is much stronger than him. Think about it again. It’s nothing impossible for Ye Shuang to break through the heaven before the enemy.
Yang unique heart immediately played a drum before he was not Ye Shuang opponent Dao Xin kind of magic solution Dacheng breakthrough to the heaven realm is also mainly evil extremely patriarch work can be said that congenital weak Ye Shuang is better at this time, both of them are heaven realm, so he is naturally not Ye Shuang opponent.