"I don’t know, I always feel that the Buddhist is a little weird. It seems that there are always some things that I can’t see through. It’s hard to rest assured."
Grunt was silent for a while and finally said, "He is the Imperial Master. You and I should respect him for the private affairs of the Buddhist Master, so don’t take it too seriously, otherwise it will affect the harmony. Today’s plan is to figure out Saint Will first, then destroy the natural wind and achieve my goal. I don’t want to affect the overall situation because of some unnecessary factors."
However, in Songgan’s heart, I can’t help but think that it’s really important to open the imperial Buddhist’s whereabouts if it’s ghostly and erratic.
Chapter 60 The plan has been finalized
The deceitful ruler never thought that he would enter the rainbow again in this way
Due to the assassination failure, the urban alliance blocked the port, and every outgoing ship had to be scrutinized. Under the pressure of Nai Qinyi, she was able to go to Xiguo Empire with a deceitful ruler. At this time, the maple hill has been destroyed. Now Xiguo Empire and Jinghong are officially connected in the map, and they can enter the control of Xiguo Army. Now, the Jinghong West Lonely Shadow leads 400,000 Jinghong Army, and 200,000 troops in the south road of Qinzhu Wangwang are facing each other head-on. There have been several large-scale wars and small-scale frictions.
Although Gu Yuanying has an advantage in the number of people, he is not greedy for success, but slowly sticks to the barriers. His family has a solid foundation in learning and knows that the number of people has never been guaranteed to win the war, and it is not to beat Qin Zhuwang if he can hold the rainbow.
In this case, Qin Yi’s entry into the rainbow can be said to be an enemy everywhere. Everyone who is surprised by the rainbow is extremely cautious about outsiders. If Qin Yi is not born of most Liang people, he is characterized by Liang people’s face, grassland people’s concave eyes and high nose, and he is afraid of being reported to the government by several villagers.
Even so, Qin Yi had to carefully choose the countryside, the wild jungle and the barren road to walk. There are many obstacles in this place, but for Qin Yi, a strong man who travels all over the world and is also a martial arts player, it is as easy as repeatedly rushing all the way, which makes it difficult for him to recover his injury. Until now, Qin Yi’s skill has only been restored to half of the old one. Rao, his walking speed has also made the strange ruler complain.
"I said, can you slow down? I am exhausted! " The deceitful ruler simply plays to depend on sitting on the ground and doesn’t walk.
It’s a wilderness with few people, but the ground is rocky and the road is uneven, so it’s very difficult to walk.
Qin Yi grunted coldly, "Get up and concentrate on breathing longer. Have you forgotten the exhalation method I taught you?"
"Is it true that the magical power of Bolan Sect is to hurry?"
"Nature is not to practice siddhi, how can you not suffer? Only by constantly exercising in this difficult environment can you keep your interest stable and enrich your knowledge. I am hello. Get up now and don’t be lazy! "
"No wonder you won’t even find two horses. You’re in the heart to torture little ye." Then the ruler grumbled and got up. Naidi Qin Yi taught him to exhale and adjust his body to relieve fatigue. It’s also strange that he felt much better after several times of breathing, but the ruler still cried, "Nothing, or his feet are numb with fatigue."
In fact, the cunning ruler is also white. Qin Yi really has a good heart. It is precisely by taking this opportunity to exercise himself. He really has a bad impression on Buddhism. He doesn’t like this old monster who has taken away his disciples. He is even less interested in the so-called natural enemy magic. His interest is to command thousands of troops in the battlefield like shallow water. Isn’t it much more imposing than a small enemy like you? Even if you touch hundreds of Qiang Bing with magic, you still have to escape from the disaster. He is not rare at all.
The less he cares about Qin Yi, the more unkind he is. Poor Qin Yi, a holy man, made every effort to travel all over Qian Shan to find several holy medicines. He washed his meridians and pulped them, but he did not hesitate to lose his skill. He got through the meridians in exchange for a heartless little guy who complained and hated Qin Yi, but he was not angry. He scolded him with mirth. Who told him that he was his favorite? This is not only a rare talent, but also a tenacious will. He knows the taste of the five punishments from personal experience. God can say that few people can endure it, but it just takes a few days to recover. How can such a good talent and jade fall into Qin Yi’s hands without making him ecstatic and complaining about anger? It is a trivial matter. In time, Qin Yi is absolutely sure that he will be loyal to Boran from now on, and maybe even the best pope in the future.
These days, Qin Yi has not explained the teachings with the ruler. It takes two hours to recite the teachings of Brahma every day, and then he practices Qin Yi to teach him to protect his teachings. As the days go by, the ruler gradually understands Qin Yi and the situation of the Western Empire. Even those spies who have been lurking in the Western Empire for many years have not gained as much as the ruler in just a few days.
I’m not interested in the remote sacred continent, but I’m very clear about all kinds of dynamic paradoxes in Guanlan continent. Deep in my heart, he’s been looking forward to getting rid of this old man and returning to the wind, but the thought that this old monster’s evil deeds are so careless that dozens of people are not his opponent’s scalp and a tingling has dispelled this idea.
But for such things as returning to the Great Western Empire, the ruler can really drag on.
Therefore, he is now tired after walking a few steps. Even if Qin Yi is transported to teach him kung fu, breathing and conditioning his body, he still says that he can’t stand to take a carriage and rest.
Qin Yi, however, is there such a good way to trick him into smiling. "Don’t pretend with me that you are from the jungle and are best at walking and running in special environments. Now I have taught you how to teach you magic. If it is difficult to get you in a mountain road, it is strange that you cried out to take a carriage. Do you really want to get this carriage for you? Don’t you have to go to town in the end? Hum, if you want to enter the city, you will have a chance to escape? "
It’s not urgent to be guessed right. It’s a hey hey smile. "How dare I in front of your old man?"
"Hum, it’s no big deal. You can either call the master or the patriarch. Do you yell at your old man as a Shan Ye man?"
Then feet continue to say with smile "good good patriarch your old man’s house wisdom superman ego this idea from you so what are we waiting for? Go early. "
Qin Yi was satisfied and nodded to lead the way.
The deceitful ruler made a face behind his back and secretly lamented your old man’s leaving early. I won’t be with you.
What he meant in this speech was to wish the other party an early death and a super life, and to be inspired by the great god and never return.
Qin Yi didn’t know that the little guy’s mind was bound to take advantage of his mouth. Anyway, he was too lazy to dispute with him if he didn’t escape.
Two people along the way are also breathtaking. Although they are interested in attracting attention and creating chaos, Nai Qinyi is impenetrable and won’t give him a chance
Seeing that there is a log cabin at the foot of the mountain not far away, there are still fresh fireworks in front of the door, which is obviously inhabited.
The sly ruler’s eyes turned to Qin Yi and cried, "I’m thirsty, patriarch. Let’s go to that family and ask for some water to drink."
"You’re not trying to find someone to save you again, are you?"
Then feet hey hey say with smile "patriarch this is where words that how many people can there be in the cabin? Maybe your old man will still be afraid of the incomparable magic? Or can I arrange an ambush in that area early to ambush you? "
Qin Yi stared blankly for a moment. It’s also the cabin. It’s the only family that really wants to make the ruler break his throat and call for help. There are not many people to tell jokes about the ambush. The person who wants to play tricks under his nose has not yet been born.
When he turned to this idea, he automatically ignored the notice of chasing the sun with a silver ticket, so he nodded and said, "Well, let’s go to the wooden house and beg for a bowl of water to drink. I can warn you first that if you don’t want to implicate Koo, you’d better be smart, or would you mind killing all the people in this room?"
"Don’t worry, I have my own discretion." Then the ruler looked dejected and looked a face of nai.
In fact, he had long planned to ask the people in the cabin to save him, but it would not be a problem if he found an opportunity to send a message to let the people there help him send a message to Jinghong.
Nowadays, Shallow Water Qing is the most sought-after figure in Jing Hong, and his apprentice has been taken captive. Surely many people will be willing to come out to rescue themselves and ask for credit and reward.
With this in mind, I stepped forward excitedly, pushed the door and saw a big man in cloth chopping wood in front of the courtyard.
The deceitful ruler was about to call that Han looked up when he saw someone coming in.
The two men froze at the same time.
cold wind
A large number of storm corps soldiers have now changed into cloth and dressed as civilians, and entered this place in batches. After entering the stunning territory, they will go to the designated place under the leadership of their respective leaders and stand by in the cold wind. The soldiers will be deliberately mobilized to send out a series of inexplicable instructions, strengthen the city’s defense for a while, and make organizational changes for a while, which greatly reduces the ability of external supervision.
It is hard to hide the fact that the Great Western Empire has sent so many troops to various places, with more than 100,000 troops. It is necessary to take some measures and means to reduce the possibility of being discovered by the enemy.
In the cold wind general’s mansion, a group of generals who once fought with Shallow Water Qing in Mecca have now returned, except for 50,000 people who have gone to the west line of Jinghong. Now we need to add a group of soldiers from Storm Corps.
"Oh, I remember that before you joined the army, you seemed to have lived in the west wind grassland for a while?" Shallow water drank a light tea and asked Mo Ou.
Mo Ou wry smile way: "Yes, when I was a child, I had a wandering life, and I once followed my parents to wander in the west wind prairie, where I still remember clearly. I learned my riding skills and a lot of cavalry fighting experiences there, and it is for this reason that many people think that I am a western tiger, but I should not pay attention to it. Later, I was appreciated by Gu Zhengfan and gave me some meritorious opportunities, and then I was transferred from the west line to the east line to be stationed in the cold wind with him, which calmed the rumors."
"This is also normal. It’s not a year or two since the Western Empire plotted against the mainland. Their deep designs on the mainland far exceed those of a country. Their arrangement in various countries is indeed much more successful than that of other countries’ intelligence agencies. In the last year, it’s not nearly 100 for the Tianfeng Empire to capture the secret spy. This is still the tip of the iceberg."
"The shallow handsome will be so cautious, even if it is cold, it is necessary to avoid people’s eyes and ears and pretend to go forward."
"I have to ask you this question because I want to know what you think about the West Korean people and this war?"
Mo Ou hesitated slightly for a moment before slowly saying, "I won’t say anything about the fighting capacity of grassland people. Since the shallow commander asked me, I will say something that everyone still doesn’t know. Everyone knows that the number of people in the west wind grassland is far from the sum of the number of countries in mainland China, but it is actually a mistake to underestimate the continuous fighting ability of the West Wind Empire. The west wind grassland has a wide area, a variety of topography and races, and each has its own way of life. Speaking of it, the West Wind nationality is just one of the largest races and the whole. In fact, the number of people born in the west wind grassland is not less than 20 million. Chi Di, the Lord of the West China Kingdom, is indeed a capable figure. He is also good at governing other countries. Together with Grand Marshal Grunt of the West China Empire, these two people can be said to have formed a sharp iron triangle. Wherever they hit, they will end up in the enemy’s direction. Among them, Grunt, the Chi Di people’s command bureau, is responsible for attacking the city and plundering the land, and Wangzan is responsible for governing, but the political tactics adopted by Wangzan are very different from those of the grassland monarch, that is,
"People in the grasslands have always had racial superiority in ethnic issues. In this racial superiority psychology, they can get the support of ethnic warriors to the maximum extent. The Lord of the West Guo is also the head of the West Guo. Without the support of ethnic soldiers and civilians, he can’t do it. Therefore, the Lord of the calendar has always given priority to oppressing foreigners and plundering other countries’ political policies. At first, the so-called grassland empire was actually a natural country of the West Guo. After praising Taiwan’s ruling, he vigorously promoted the policy of ethnic integration and tried his best to fight for the West in dealing with other ethnic issues in the grasslands. In this way, the equal treatment of the Polygonum viviparum has greatly reduced the hatred of other ethnic groups against the Polygonum viviparum, which has suddenly enhanced the centripetal force of all ethnic groups, reduced grassland consumption and increased national strength, thus once again giving birth to great willingness to expand abroad. "
Listening to the blood and agreeing to nod, "it’s like a cycle."
"Yes," Mo Oulian said, "But the Wangzan policy has aroused the dissatisfaction of Grand Marshal Grunt of Xiguo to a great extent. In his eyes, other ethnic groups can’t be regarded as grassland people, just as Xiguo is his brother and other ethnic groups can be regarded as neighbors. Grunt thinks that the Wangzan national integration policy has seriously violated the interests of Xiguo people. If Chi Di didn’t mediate and support Wangzan, it would be impossible to stick to his practice, but it can be seen. Dai Appreciation is that his position in the clan is in jeopardy. Only the issue of his pedigree has been impeached more than once. It is said that it is a conspiracy of my former Liang, and Wangzan is either sent by the heavenly winds or the people who surprised the rainbow to harm the country. "
Speaking of this, Ou laughed. "In fact, I also doubted whether this Wangzan was one of our own earlier. If it wasn’t for the shallow handsome, it was confirmed that Wangzan turned out to be Qin Yi, and the old monster Qin Yi was still alive. I couldn’t believe the fact that it was really dead."
"It’s even harder to imagine that he is still the Pope of Polanda. I heard that all of them are fierce and not afraid of death. Didn’t Yan Xiang, the murderer, once catch one? As a result, people committed suicide directly before interrogation, and the brainwashing ability of cults was really shocking. "Fang Hu also sighed.
At present, these people can be said to be the most trusted people in shallow water. Qin Yi didn’t hide anything from them. They were strictly told not to leak it.
The shallow water is so clear that I can hear a little smell. "So Grunt and Wangzan are somewhat at odds?"
"They have different political views, but they don’t agree. So far, there is no public contradiction between the two men. Instead, they often walk around each other to discuss state affairs. Now the situation of Xiguo Empire is better than that of others. Naturally, the two men can get closer. If there is any problem, it’s hard to say that they belong to the shallow handsome man. Then, they will kill their edge and then plan for future strategic considerations. This is the best way to play for Xiguo people in their current state, but it’s a pity …"
"What is it?" Shallow water clearing
Mo Ou thought about it and finally said, "The general has considered all aspects very carefully, but the biggest problem is the lack of things that can be done in the first world war."
Shallow clear eyes narrowed.
That’s right, Mo Ou said it to the point.