Zhang Tiehan is not worried about the main position. No matter how the array changes, there must be a position for him in the frontcourt. But when he sees these competitors, his first thought is that head coach Grant is in trouble. The former Israel coach needs to consider the most now is how to arrange the array. If he can’t solve this position, his position as coach will definitely be questioned.
This is not a simple matter.
The main lineup seems simple to say, but the position is limited. Perhaps the good news is that Chelsea need a third-line battle against gerent in the new season, but Mourinho’s "excuse" and "everyone will have a chance" to prevaricate over it, but after all, he is not Mourinho. He will definitely be busy when arranging the starting lineup of each game. This is a bad job, and it is impossible for him to let Zhang man of iron, Drogba, Sepcenko and Kalou play at the same time. The fact that two people can play in a game is quite good.
There are so many problems in the frontcourt alone, let alone the whole team. There are 26 players in Chelsea. Fortunately, in the summer transfer, Chelsea sold a group of more than a dozen players including Gudjohnsen, Huth and Crespo, otherwise the team will be more bloated now.
One night after he came to the club, Zhang man of iron had dinner with everyone. It was Lampard’s organization that made excuses for everyone to get together. Zhang Tiehan was happy to attend this kind of party, especially since he just joined the team, and most of his teammates were not familiar with it. He could get to know each other well when he had the opportunity.
Men all know each other in the wine field and get to know each other quickly after drinking.
In fact, not only Zhang Tiehan wants to know everyone, but also everyone wants to know Zhang Tiehan. Many people used to be absolute opponents with Zhang Tiehan, but now they are teammates, and their senses are completely different. When they are opponents, they feel more angry with Zhang Tiehan because they can’t help Zhang Tiehan, but they are different when they become teammates. They should worry about other teams, not them. The better Zhang Tiehan performs, the easier it is for them to win.
Even those Zhang Tiehan’s competitors are the same
Zhang Tiehan is not an ordinary player. He is the most watched player in the world. When he comes to Chelsea, it means that he will definitely occupy a main position. This is almost inevitable. Even Drogba knows that if he competes with Zhang Tiehan for the same position, he will definitely be directly brushed. Although they are competing, he is actually not qualified to compete with Zhang Tiehan.
So their competition is actually not there.
However, he didn’t expect that Zhang Tiehan was actually very easy to get along with. Although Zhang Tiehan was very angry with his opponents, he was very polite to his teammates, and drinking was also open to all. Moreover, some people in Northeast China were hearty and few people could talk to Zhang Tiehan. He could talk to everyone.
Everyone was very happy to play this evening, and they all got to know each other better with Zhang man of iron.
In fact, when Zhang Tiehan didn’t come to the team, there was no Zhang Tiehan in the Premier League last season. It has been confirmed that Zhang Tiehan was a private topic of Chelsea players when he moved to Chelsea. This topic is still enduring because every Chelsea player is impressed by Zhang man of iron.
When the media broke the news that Zhang man of iron was going to join Chelsea, they thought it was incredible that Liverpool would sell Zhang Tiehan? How is that possible? A reporter came to interview them and also questioned the past. They didn’t believe it until the club had confirmed that they had reached an agreement with Liverpool.
This also said that Zhang Tiehan showed great power.
Even in the hearts of these big-name Chelsea stars, Zhang Tiehan’s performance is incredible. He can definitely score a goal on average in a season. After not participating in the league for more than three months, he can still crowd out Henry and win the Premier League shooter king. This is simply unimaginable. Just a year ago, Drogba vowed that he would win the striker Ken Wang. After a season, his goal was not as good as Charlton’s, but Zhang Tiehan directly won the shooter king. This really made many people sigh.
In the hearts of Chelsea players, Zhang Tiehan is also a superstar. Many young players like to discuss Zhang Tiehan very much, such as what he likes to do on weekdays, how his temper is, etc. All the players discuss the topic privately, and more importantly, Zhang Tiehan’s performance is so good that they can’t imagine what kind of person such a guy would be.
This is the first impression that many people in Chelsea have on Zhang man of iron, because they are rivals. They saw Zhang Tiehan’s arrogance, but now they find that this guy is not annoying, but easy to get along with teammates.
It is also a good start for Zhang Tiehan to get along well with his teammates, which means that he can integrate into the team more quickly.
A few days later, Zhang Tiehan became familiar with the team and began to prepare for the training in the new season. Zhang Tiehan’s performance was also very casual. He came to the training ground early every day to conduct his own personal training, and then carried out simple recovery training with the team. Of course, the most important thing is to do personal shooting training with his teammates.
He needs to adapt to the team tactics and cooperate with his teammates more tacitly, and the whole team also needs to adapt to him.
It sounds incredible, but it is true that Zhang Tiehan is different from others. It seems that it is not an opportunity. When the opportunity comes to his feet, it is likely to become a goal. Teammates need to know more about him to know what kind of ball man of iron can receive, when he can give him the most suitable position, and he will pose a threat to the other side.
Zhang Tiehan is not an ordinary player. He is a greater threat. Many times, he will be closely guarded by the opposing team. If you play football according to the general idea, no one will give him the ball if man of iron is in the frontcourt. He is always guarded by the opposing team. How can he get past the ball?
But often even if Zhang man of iron is in a better position, he can still get the ball. Many people in the whole team must adapt to this and learn more about him, which is also very important.
At the beginning, Zhang Tiehan had a training match with everyone, so he couldn’t get the ball at all because the opponent would restrict him, and it was difficult to cooperate with his teammates unless he retreated to defend.
But a few days later, he was able to catch the ball frequently, and Zhang Tiehan was the opponent, and the other side was always worried about the goal.
At this time, many Chelsea players realized why Zhang Tiehan could pose such a big threat to their goal when he was in Liverpool. This guy is too fierce, and his physical fitness and personal skills are outstanding. It is really difficult for a single player to restrict him defensively. Sometimes he can pose a direct threat to the goal with the ball himself.
There is such a teammate Chelsea player who feels no pressure at the end of the new season.
"Just let him kick himself …" See Zhang Tiehan’s long-range shot outside the penalty area and fly directly into the goal. Joe Cole spread out his hands and shrugged and said.
He just wanted to plug in from the left, but he ran over to think that Zhang Tiehan would kick the ball into the goal with one foot, which was much more direct than giving him another chance.
Joe Cole is dissatisfied, but he can still smile bitterly.
"Ha ha ha Joe, if you have that kind of footwork, you can’t play," Lampard said, patting him on the shoulder.
Zhang Tiehan also came over and embarrassed to say, "I think I am more sure to shoot myself in that position just now." When I heard this, Joe Cole turned his eyes.
It’s not just him.
Zhang Tiehan’s non-ball position involves many people in the whole team, but the key point is that because Zhang man of iron is too threatening, the other side always has to devote a lot of energy to defending the fruit leakage. It often happens that when Zhang Tiehan has a good chance to get the ball, he shoots it himself. However, when others get the ball, their cooperation will not be broken.
But general manager Zhang man of iron still needs to adapt to the team and the team needs to adapt to him.
It has been a few days since Chelsea trained on January 1, when the team will go to Stamford Bridge for a one-day training, which is also somewhat propaganda. It is also the first time for Chelsea to prepare for the summer training, and there will be a press conference to do interviews.
This is training and a means of publicity to the outside world.
On this day, many journalists came to Stamford Bridge, with a head count of 300. The number of media was small, and there were also 100 media, including not only English media, but also media from all over Europe, the United States, West Asia, China and even African countries. They all came to cover Chelsea’s first public training.
Such a grand occasion is rare even in Chelsea.
There is no doubt that Zhang Tiehan has done a lot of credit for all this. If Zhang Tiehan had not moved to Chelsea, there would definitely be no such multimedia to interview Zhang Tiehan, who is the golden boot of the World Cup. He himself can attract a lot of media to come, and many of them are dedicated to interviewing players, such as those from C? te d ‘Ivoire, who are targeting Kalou and Drogba.
Chelsea seized this day to announce to the club that it was the only public training at the beginning of the month, and the team was going to the United States for a tour.
On this day, the publicity training was also open to the outside world. Many fans bought admission tickets and cheered for Chelsea in the audience. Many of them shouted Zhang Tiehan’s name and they all came for Zhang Tiehan.
Zhang Tiehan is now the title of’ the world’s number one shooter’, which was sealed by the media before, but after the World Cup, many fans recognized the title of’ the number one shooter’. Premier League shooter Wang Zaijia and World Cup shooter Wang Zaijia are quite valuable. Every fan wants to see what Zhang man of iron can do.
Zhang Tiehan did not disappoint the fans.
In fact, he didn’t do any special training, but he trained normally on his own shooting, but this time he asked Cech to cooperate with him. Cech enthusiastically promised the two of them to practice shooting and goalkeeping one-on-one
And then … Cech became a foil.
Zhang Tiehan kept shooting directly at various distances, positions and movements outside the restricted area, and Cech also kept shifting his position to make various saves. However, it is not much for him to jump to three of ten balls. Twenty meters away, Zhang Tiehan’s shooting strength is still quite large, and the angle is almost the same. Cech has nothing to hope for, so it is not much different from the penalty kick.
When Chelsea fans in the audience saw this scene, they all shouted the name of Zhang Tiehan with excitement. There is no performance more wonderful than Zhang Tiehan’s direct shooting. Seeing this performance, they kept looking forward to how many goals Zhang man of iron scored in the game between Chelsea and other teams. Will the other team still kick?