"Don’t you wait?"
Jane suddenly felt a little busy and said!
"I’ve already told the magistrate Zhao that he won’t come."
This woman knew it was clear!
"Don’t forget your oath!"
The woman quietly said something before she left, but it’s a pity that Jane really can’t remember what the oath was, and she waved her hand and wanted to speak, but she couldn’t say anything.
When the ship moved, Zhao Yi looked at Jane in the bow against the wind. Sometimes he reacted and shouted, "The wind is blowing out lines. Go in and be seen. I will suffer!"
As the ship went farther and farther, a petite figure stood there for a long time, watching the side getting smaller and smaller …
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Power
Zhao Yi has been away for more than three months.
The weather has gradually cooled down in October, but in places like Jiangnan, you can’t feel the chill in winter for the time being!
The workshop has been completed and the first batch of workers are being recruited. The workers still sign a strict confidentiality system with the workshop, and it is supervised by Zhao Zhifu, which is convenient to strengthen the awe of those craftsmen with weak confidentiality.
Of course, this doesn’t expect them to die in the face of threats and inducements, and protect their secrets. After all, there is no party yet, and they are not party member. They don’t have their own glorious dedication and dedication to their own cause, and they can’t be demanding anytime and anywhere!
The workshop still adopts the division of labor, which is also confidential, although it may take some time to train.
Zhao Yu has already arrived in Hangzhou, and he is accompanied by 50 guards, which has solved the problem of insufficient guards for Jane. Although there are 100 people in Ning Navy here, it is completely unreliable. These soldiers stay in Jane and build barracks all day, and everything will be fine if they don’t make trouble for Jane. But these people still boast that the regular army can’t look down on Wu Dashou’s guards.
But Wu Da’s equipment is much better than theirs. This does not mean weapons, but wearing them.
In general, cotton-padded jacket is worn inside, warm and windy, and you don’t hide in the shed, but wander in the gale. The leather armor outside is dark and shiny. At first glance, it is made of good leather. Except Wu Dalu’s boots, the feet are also made of cowhide.
Cowhide is particularly precious in this big Song Dynasty. Being able to wear a pair of cowhide boots is definitely a status and status symbol.
Although the food is eaten in the same pot, the gap between the barracks is too big. All kinds of meat dishes, greasy dishes and tricks are still satisfied with some soldiers who have served in the workshop. They are not willing to change their guard and beg for help or stay.
Because in addition to food, there are extra consistent money subsidies, which is the big head. Although the consistent money is not much, it is very rich for these big soldiers
For those guards who pay more than 10 yuan a month, they are directly ignored by the soldiers, and they will not compare anything that is incomparable.
All this made these soldiers jealous and curious about the guards.
But all this is simple. He is sitting in the hall and Zhao Yu is talking.
This is a new hall and a new house. After the completion of the workshop, a new house will be built so as to monitor and inspect the working conditions in the workshop at any time. It is also reserved for Zhao Yu’s residence
The house is very big, with front and back gardens and artificial small lakes. There are at least a dozen rooms in the front yard and backyard. Jane is not afraid to spend money, because these will all earn money in this workshop that will produce great benefits, which is only nine percent of the profits.
"I’m going to leave here after you explain things clearly. It seems that the progress is faster than expected, and I can still try to get back to the New Year!"
Jane has a host attitude to entertain Zhao Yu, who sits in the main seat and Zhao Yu sits first.
"It’s a pity that we can live together and ask Brother Liuguang for physical questions sooner or later. I didn’t expect that we would have to leave each other once we met again."
Zhao Yu has a sad expression. It’s not easy to be away from the capital and come here. However, those imperial court officials who are full and have nothing to do and specialize in finding fault with the royal family can attack the pestle. Fortunately, the emperor has taken more or less photos.
Jane has eyes, but she glanced at the man outside the door. He has a bearded face and a waist knife. He looks a bit muscular. When he looks around, he can see that he is sharp.
"Is that to bring me guards?"
Jane said that it is absolutely a pity to send a man to protect herself. It would be more suitable for her to be a girl like Sanya.
Zhao Yu directly denied that Jane was quite relieved and looked funny.
"This is my guard, a coach in the imperial army, who has to be sent out because of drinking. I asked someone to find someone. I didn’t want to wander around, so I found my father here. Seeing that his martial arts are good, I did this favor. This person is also grateful and made a guard in Wangfu. I brought it here this time!"
"This … didn’t you say you brought me one?"
"There really is one for your sister. She said that if she gave you a man for fear that you would be unhappy, she asked me to bring a girl to martial arts, but she didn’t say that people are smart!"
"Well, is it as good as your sister’s three-ring martial arts?"
"Well … you still need to see me yourself. I don’t know. If you don’t like it, I’ll ask my sister to find you another one!"
"Forget it, let’s talk about it later. It doesn’t matter if the guards are there. That girl is a good girl. I don’t know how much she has suffered since she learned that!"
Jane snapped her mouth to show her approval.
"Why don’t I bring that girl here to have a look first?"
"Don’t I a big man need any guards? Besides, I still have Wu Da here. His martial arts are very good, but he is a famous disciple. "
Zhao Yu hey hey smiled and acted very conspiratorial.