Xiao Huang is moving across the brain, but Xiao Ye laughs coldly.
"Xiao Huang, you don’t want to imprison the king, do you? You really think too much. Don’t believe me. Come and see if the king will die even if he is imprisoned by you and Feng from night?"
"If I didn’t kill her then, you killed her, you people killed her."
He said, looking up at the night with grief, "If it weren’t for Qi Wang’s nine turns, Feng Luan robbed you and Feng Lai Night, what is the past life? You were already dead and Feng Lai Night didn’t appear in the past life, but you ran out to spoil it one by one. Is it really good for the king to bully? In the past life, Qi Wang moved nine times. It’s not cheap for others. Give yourself one if you can’t realize that Wang is willing to die with her. "
When he finished, the blade sent two points into the neck, and the blood flowed more and more badly. Xiao Huang was horrified in his heart and his hair stood on end.
He is not afraid of this man’s death, but of ladies’ death.
I still want to imprison Xiao Ye, but now it seems impossible. Seeing him like this, Xiao Huang’s eyes can’t help but turn red slightly. What should he do now?
What should he do? Can neither make ladies sad nor let her die.
It seems that you can’t have your cake and eat it.
He can give up one.
Xiao Huang raised his head steeply at night, and his eyes were crimson and bloodthirsty. "Well, what do you think you really want in the world?"
"From now on, you should make her give up and despair of you, and you’d better not tell her these things if you tell her that I don’t mind dying with her."
Xiao Ye dagger turned forward again. Xiao Huang saw that he was crazy at the moment for fear that he would really commit suicide in anger.
Think of ladies ladies died in the fire in the past life. Does he have to watch her die in this life?
What’s the difference between him and Xiao Ye? He says he likes her, but he can finally watch her die.
"Okay, I promise."
Xiao Huang said this sentence and felt that the whole person seemed to have been smoked. He felt weak and weak as if he were stepping on the clouds.
Thinking of ladies’ charming and charming face full of pain, he felt that his heart was pumped at this moment, and his mind was buzzing.
Xiao Ye laughed in front. "It seems that I have a chip to win you after all. Xiao Huang, stay away from your son from now on. If I see you near her again, don’t blame me for doing something I shouldn’t do."
Xiao Ye saw Xiao Huang’s slouches. The pain was so painful that he suddenly felt a lot of trap to feel avenged.
Smile more carefree and then looked at him with a steep and gloomy face and said, "I think it’s almost time for you to show up. Isn’t it just to prevent me from hiding before? Now that I know about you, it’s no fun for you to hide."
He finished. "
When he finished, he stopped laughing and lifted his eyes to restore the cool color. "Hello!"
Say that finish flicker and go.
Xiao Huang looked at the figure behind him and leaned back in a soft way.
Seeing that he was about to fall to the ground and go to the dark, his hand flashed out and he quickly reached out and held him.
When Yu Ge looked up, he saw that the night was terrible, and his face was pale, and his eyes were full of latosolic red, but his hands were cold and there was no temperature at all, as if he were frightened by something.
Yu Ge got a fright and held Xiao Huang nervously. "Master Shi, what happened to you? What happened?"
Xiao Huang shook his head. At the moment, he had some mywood and didn’t know what to say. He slowly held the danger singer and walked all the way to the dark.
Su Wan didn’t know what happened here. She fell asleep because she had kissed Xiao Huang and visited the back garden twice.
Xiao Huang didn’t appear when she came, and Su Wan didn’t know the situation. She and Feng Linglong Muqian paid attention to the East China Sea emperor.