Jia Xu shook his head and said "Su Jia Cun"
JiFan remember this Sue home village seems to be Su Yun’s family.
Now Su Yun is collecting Ji Fan’s weight and if Su Su’s family is destroyed, Su Yun is likely to be centrifugal.
But Su Yun is disgusted with this family.
When Ji Fan recruited him, he said it, and Ji Fan didn’t remember it clearly.
JiFan fingers banging on the desktop said, "OK, I’ll go and have a look and send another letter to Su Yun to see what his attitude is."
After lunch, Ji Fan took Dian Wei, Xu Chu and the rest of the 3,000 Tiger Guards to guard his mansion.
Family is not allowed in his territory, no matter who the family is.
Although it is not excluded that there are more talents in aristocratic families, the disadvantages of aristocratic families still outweigh the advantages.
Family brothers will receive excellent education from childhood, even branch brothers like Ji Fan will receive unified education from childhood.
The younger brother of the cold family struggled for food and clothing since he was a child, and it took a certain period of time to receive education, and no one else had to understand "sex" on his own.
This has also led to the fact that all the middle school students have their own styles.
Lieru Guo Jia
On behalf of the "sex" characters!
Lieru Jia Xu
He’s also a poor brother, a drug addict, who sees through people’s sex and says he’s gone through many vicissitudes.
Marotta, Tian Feng, Jiang Wei, Xi Zhicai, Cheng Yu, Wargo
These people are not aristocratic brothers, but they radiate their glory and brilliance in the history of the Three Kingdoms.
But that doesn’t mean that the aristocratic brothers don’t have their own style
Sima Yi, Pang Tong and Zhuge Liang all have family support behind them.
Sima Jia, Pang Jia and Huang Jia even Zhuge Liang’s father was an official in Xuzhou.
Ji Fan hates the aristocratic family so much, which also leads to a large number of talents shortage.
Noble families will not be officials. Everyone knows that aristocratic families are not allowed in Jifan territory.
This does not mean that Ji Fan hates talents from aristocratic families. He welcomes talents but severely cracks down on aristocratic families.
There is not much to say about the category of military commanders. Yu, Zhang Fei, Lu Bu, Hua Xiong and Zhao Yun are all poor brothers.
The military commander is still a poor brother, but the younger brother of the toast family has limited force, but he has studied the command of soldiers since childhood, which is very good.
Talent. Talent.
Like a sword hanging over JiFan’s head.
Hebei’s strong appearance is based on its weakness.
The appearance of the aristocratic family now means that the news is likely to be sold to other princes.
In the eyes of aristocratic families, interest is the most important thing.
They are not loyal to others, even the Wen family is just being nice and leaving themselves a way out.
Ji Fan arrived in Jicheng the next afternoon.
Holding the claw, Huang Fei and his contact person’s feelings are cultivated step by step to enhance and mount the tacit understanding, so that they can rise to the riding skill in one.
However, Ji Fan just entered Ji Cheng and noticed the abnormality.
All the foot soldiers looked at JiFan in a strange way, or rather at claw Huang Fei.
JiFan heart sank.
There must be a story here.
Chapter 9 I’m Ji Fan
After ps status adjustment, I am in debt one after another. I am in debt now.
JiFan waved to one of the foot soldiers recruit.
The man looked at him strangely, glanced at his cold hum, and Huang Fei ignored JiFan.
JiFan frowned.
You know, when Ji Fan stayed in Yecheng, but he had twenty thousand foot soldiers, now it’s impossible not to know Ji Fan with thirty thousand foot soldiers in Jicheng.
Now this person obviously doesn’t know JiFan, but also specially took a look at claw Huang Fei.
What’s the situation?
Then a foot soldier came running.
Ji Fan pulled him over and asked, "Tell me everything you know."
The foot soldier bowed his head and began to talk.
"Adults have been active since three months ago, when adults sent troops to Xuzhou."
JiFan face "color" gloomy for "choose at that time, then the Sue home is absolutely not good"
"Did they have any news in the conscription? Until a month ago, they appeared in the barracks with three soldiers less owners."
Ji Fan looked dignified and nodded and said, "What else?"
The foot soldier said, "Ten days ago, he put pressure on General Wargo because of two batches of BMWs, such as Claw Huang Fei."
Ji Fan asked, "What pressure?"
The foot soldiers thought about it and shook their heads and said, "It seems that it is because of the establishment of a family."
JiFan looked at the radar heart suddenly sank.
Because there is no red dot in radar thrips, which means his golden finger is invalid.
Then I’m afraid JiFan can’t help this time.
JiFan calm face nodded with two thousand tiger wei Dian Wei, xu chu to satrap mansion.
Entering the satrap mansion, Wargo happened to take Tian Fengzhen out.
Ji Fan asked strangely, "Are you going out?"
Wargo said with a faint smile on his face, "Master can."
Ji Fan looked at Tian Feng and asked, "Don’t tell me you can’t help it."
Tian Feng face "color" silent on his fuels devoting to wordless.
Wargo said, "Lord Tian is worried that Lord Su Yun will be eccentric. At present, we are short of manpower."
Ji Fan nodded and said, "I’m a little tricky about this, too. Don’t blame you. Let’s go in and say it."
Wargo and Tian Feng silently watched JiFan heel and went in.