"We transferred to another school today," I replied. Several boys looked at me with suspicion when they heard my answer. "Oh, by the way, I didn’t see you." "How can I see you when I am a senior three and you are a senior one?" I smiled and said, "Bing, you smiled. You should smile more. You look good when you smile." "Oh."
It seems that it is right to let Bing come to this school. He really smiled at Bing just now, but he doesn’t laugh often. I can’t see how many times she laughs in a year. Except for his family and his third brother and friends, he never smiles at Bing in front of others. My sister, you really should laugh more.
"Sam, do you know them?" Yin Junxi came over and asked his sister
"Yes, brother, do you remember when I told you that my bar was bullied and several people saved me and I became good friends with them?"
"Is it just them?"
"Yes, you guessed it."
"Oh, well, thank you for saving my sister."
"Don’t treat it as if you just helped us in return, so we’re even," Xin unexpectedly replied.
Xin is also a stranger. I didn’t expect him to answer Yin Junxi’s words. It seems a bit strange.
I looked at Xin Zhi, probably because I was scared, and said to me, "Don’t think about ice." "Really?" "Of course", "Oh, well, let you go", "By the way, Ying, why are you here? I think this is the top group of women who can come here." Shan questioned.
"So, so, so, so …" Ying told Shan the whole story. "Well, Shan, we’re going to eat. We’ll have a chance to talk." Then we left. "Mm-hmm." We ordered something and left after eating because we didn’t want to be shot by our eyes.
"Bingwu should talk about it. Let’s not skip class." Qi asked me for advice.
"Well, I also think that chatting with you, going for a stroll, familiarizing me with a school, and going to the cherry blossom forest by the way, and then I want to go and see you in the help."
"Yeah, ice, you’re the best. How can Xinqi get there?" "Okay, don’t be disgusting. Go there. Don’t nag like an old woman." "Sobbing, you hurt my heart too much." "Okay, Ying, let’s go. It’s not like you don’t know the ice. We’re leaving." Xin Chayan said, "Well" I walked to the school cherry blossom forest. They also left the cherry blossom forest with their respective sports cars. How should you be beautiful? My favorite flower
Chapter 1 Cherry Blossom Memories ≈ ap; Meet iceberg man
After Xin and others left, I went to this cherry blossom forest.
It’s so beautiful to see the cherry blossoms falling. I grab some of them with my hands and blow them off. I dance around the cherry blossoms and dance with good intentions. The flower language of cherry blossoms is-life/when you come back. This is grandma telling me that cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers with grandma. Just like this flower language, grandma, I’m waiting for you to come back. You don’t want me to be unhappy, so I’m happy. Grandma, are you enjoying your paradise? I paid you back. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I buried my head in my knee and cried.
I remember that it was a spring when I was 7 years old, and the cherry blossoms were as splendid and beautiful as they are now. I ran to grandma’s room. "The cherry blossoms are so dense outside grandma. The whole street is full of cherry blossoms. I really like cherry blossoms. Grandma, can you accompany me to see the cherry blossoms?" At that time, I was naive and lively, unlike now, but I became like this because of this incident. "Uh-huh, grandma Bing Baby will take you to Bing Baby. Does she like this cherry blossom as much as I do?" Grandma promised me without hesitation.
"Ice, do you know the cherry blossom language?"
I shook my head.
"Cherry blossoms, that’s life. When you come back, grandma, I have always believed in you. I believe that ice baby will be very happy, right?" I nodded my head.
"Ice baby, you should remember that no matter what happens to grandma, you have to live happily. You have to live there to meet the finish line. Grandma can’t be with you forever. You must be happy."
"Well, grandma, I’ll, uh, let’s pull the hook and pull the hook for one year. Don’t get better, grandma. We’ve pulled the hook. You’re not worried."
"Ice baby is so good. Come on, baby, let’s go and see the cherry blossoms over there. The cherry blossoms there are beautiful."
"Uh-huh. Let’s go and see the cherry blossoms."
We went to a place where cherry blossoms are really more beautiful than it, one after another, emitting a quiet fragrance, beautiful trees and fresh flowers forming beautiful scenery, which is really beautiful.
However, a shot interrupted the beautiful scenery, and grandma quickly hugged me and covered me, but the bullet hit grandma and grandma groaned and fell to the ground.
I looked at the man who tried to shoot me with a gun but was blocked by my grandmother. He covered his face, but I saw his arm symbol. It was a blue dragon. The man hurried away.
Grandma held my hand and fell to the ground. "Grandma, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare the ice. What’s wrong with you? What’s the matter with that man? What are you going to kill me? Grandma, you can’t die." My tears fell on grandma’s cheek drop by drop.
However, grandma didn’t wipe away the tears on her face, but wiped away my tears and touched my face with blood. It was hard to say, "Ice baby, don’t cry. You promised me to be happy. Didn’t we just put a tick? Ice can’t go back on our word."
"Okay, I won’t cry, I’ll smile for you, but you can’t die. If you insist on going, I’ll call an ambulance." I pulled out a smile that was uglier than crying.
"Ice baby is like this. You have to smile more. It’s really beautiful when you smile, Grandma. I like to see you smile and you don’t bother to call an ambulance. Grandma is old, but you can’t die. You still have a long way to go. I can’t let you stop like this. Grandma doesn’t regret that you blocked this gun. Since he followed us just now, I didn’t tell you that Grandma really doesn’t regret ice. You can’t hate yourself. You have to be happy and live. Let me keep an eye on your heart. Otherwise, Grandma will be angry, When I was about to leave and call an ambulance, grandma took my hand and said
"Yeah, but grandma, don’t sleep. Look at me all the time."
"Grandma Bing Baby is dying. Look at your grandfather smiling and waving at me. Grandma is tired. You should remember to be happy, huh?" I nodded straight, so grandma closed her eyes with this smile. "Grandma, grandma, grandma, grandma, ah, ah," I yelled, so grandma left me forever.
I recall that tears filled my eyes. I wiped my tears, but I couldn’t finish them. I gave up wiping him. I might need to vent. Anyway, there is no one here now.