"You lost" Leng Yixuan announced this cold ratio result "Phantom of the Opera and Evil Night Teaching disappeared from now on" and he turned to leave.
"Live you say disappear disappear? Not too arrogant! " Xu Qingling just stopped him in a bad mood.
"Die" He threw a poisonous needle at her without looking back, but was caught by Mu Yeying.
This is ….. He looked at the poison needle in amazement. Is it a night rose? Is it her? No, it’s impossible. How could she come back and destroy the Phantom Gang that she worked so hard to build? No, it won’t. His eyes went black and he lost consciousness
"How is Brother Yuan Qingying?" Xu Qingling asked her anxiously.
"Mu Yeying, he was hit by a strange poison. Only poisonous people have an antidote." Yuan Qing told them the sad news slowly with a dignified look.
"How … how did this happen?" Xu Qingling’s feet were soft and she almost fell down. Fortunately, she held the wall.
"And I found this in the night shadow neck, and there are two other needles, namely, the blood magic temple Lord stabbed me and you." Yuan Qing lay three identical poison needles in his hand.
"What is this pattern?" Xu Qingling had a bad feeling.
"Night Rose" Yi Lin murmured that she was distracted and rushed outside! What is she? What? I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! Bing Xuan, you told me that was fake! Someone else is pretending to be you!
She rushed out of the villa and ran to the garden to look at the vast expanses of night roses in front of her. God seemed to be as good as her, but it rained cats and dogs.
"Yi Lin" Mu Han chased her to the garden and hugged her lovingly from behind. "You will catch a cold in the rain here."
"Cold, you told me that all this can’t be done by Bing Xuan. She won’t destroy the Phantom of the Opera!" Her tears streamed away, and the pain made her heart violently pulled up.
"Yi Lin, don’t do this." Mu Han now thinks that he can actually make the beloved woman cry in front of herself and he can’t do anything.
"Cold what? What ice Xuan doesn’t come back? Why would she rather bear all the pains, tears and pains by herself? Does she know that I also want to help her share? She must be very tired over the years. "Yi Lin’s eyes are full of tears, which are tears of heart, love and blame."
"Yi Lin, maybe she didn’t come to you because she was afraid you were worried." Mu Han comforted her.
"But I think my heart hurts. They are both sisters. What should I do?" Yi Lin choked up and her eyes were already red and swollen.
"Don’t cry, Yi Lin. Leave everything to heaven." Mu Han lovingly put his arms around her and patted her back. Is it not difficult for him to taste? Both of them are his best brothers, but they are fighting to the death. He really doesn’t know what to do.
"What?" Xu Qingling murmured "Zuo Bingxuan! Zuo Bingxuan! " She ran out like crazy, chanting Zuo Bingxuan’s name, making people wonder what she was up to.
"Zuo Bingxuan, I want to see if you are really alive." She walked to Zuo Bingxuan’s cemetery with a hideous grin.
"Blow up the grave for me," she ordered her opponent.
Yes, those people were ordered to get ready at once, and it was not long before the explosives were placed.
"Bomb" As soon as her voice fell, she heard "bomb". Zuo Bingxuan’s mausoleum was bombed and the tombstone was blown to pieces.
"Bring me the bones back to check if it’s Zuo Bingxuan," said Xu Qingling, turning away without noticing the figure of a big tree.
"As you expected, the temple master Xu Qingling really came to blow up Zuo Bingxuan’s grave." A black man knelt in front of Leng Yixuan wearing a mask.
"What? !” Mask Su Yu was taken aback. How?
"I see, you go." Leng Yi Xuan waved the man in black away.
"Did you see that this is the way they treat us?" Leng Yixuan’s mouth evoked a sneer with a bitter taste.
"It’s not that they did it. It’s that Xu Qingling cheated them." Su Yu also desperately tried to find an excuse for them to shirk their responsibilities.
"Cheating? Their IQ is so high that they can be cheated? Ridiculous "cold easy porch with a sarcastic smile" they don’t believe us! Su Yu, don’t you think it’s too self-deceiving to ask them for reasons now? " He looked up and his eyes were full of murderous look and bloodthirsty chill.
"What must be like this?" Su Yu’s eyes are full of sadness and endless sadness.
"Why don’t you ask them to give me a way out?" Leng Yixuan’s eyes found the determination to refuse hatred and revenge.
"Bing Xuan" Su Yu looked at him with complicated eyes. She has really changed a lot in the past year and is more cold-blooded than before she met him. "But is this really good? Will you feel better after getting back at them? " Su Yu sad eyes looked straight into her eyes.
Leng Yixuan was stupefied and then restored to its original state. He said, "I want to get back a justice now, so you should stay out of it." His eyes drew a sharp hatred.
"What was the result?" Xu Qingling forced to run to ask
"This is really a human bone," said the inspector with a serious face.
"What? !” Xu Qingling stepped back two steps in disbelief. Is this really Zuo Bingxuan’s body? Who is the owner of the blood magic temple? Who is Leng Yixuan? Who wants Brother Shadow? She felt a pair of big hands reaching out to them as if to cover the sky.
The next day, six family meeting rooms.
"What? ! Mom and dad, you said there was a crisis in the group? The guest department was robbed? " Yuan Qing was surprised to hear the news. "How did this happen?"
"alas! I don’t know what the world’s largest company’ FIRS’ has taken away all our customers in the past few weeks, and it has also greatly depleted our funds. "Xia Yuanqing’s parents’ faces are gloomy.
"Uncle Zuo, what are we going to do now?" Mu Han looked at the current chairman of the largest Zuo’s group.
"There’s nothing I can do. My Zuo’s is the worst loss of funds." Zuo Zheng sighed and shook his head.
"Then who knows who is the chairman of ‘firs’?" Mu Han continued.