But even if she didn’t do it, she swept everywhere. Although cleaning is the same as not sweeping, it seems that she is still working hard.
I don’t know why I went out to live near Zhonglie Tower, and all the people ran out to watch the fun. When Ning Xiaoyue came with water and cakes, the street leading to Zhonglie Tower was full of people.
"Sweep a street and so many people will have to let Heaven know that she is a disgrace." Ning Xiaoyue squeezed out of the crowd with a food box and walked to Yan Liang.
Waving the broom, because she pushed it too hard, the thin bamboo branches flew away, and most of them were scattered around the place she cleaned.
"You be gentle, the dust is everywhere. This is not cleaning or throwing garbage." She will choke to death if she waves the dust before her eyes.
Backhand a very beautiful gesture to take back the broom Yan Liang suddenly looked at her "sweep clean?"
"Yan catching head I trouble you to look back? There is nothing to come to this step. After you sweep it, there are bamboo branches all over the floor. "Ning Xiaoyue said that it was a big mistake for the emperor to let her sweep the tower.
Looking back at Yan Liang, I saw a circle. "It’s still a certificate that I swept it."
"You win, I give up." Her statement defeated Ning Xiaoyue.
Yan Liang, as if holding a long sword broom, turned around in her hand and brought out the whistling wind as if it were juggling, which provoked the bystanders to applaud.
Ningxiaoyue smacked her lips and rolled her eyes. It’s a shame to know that she wouldn’t come over like this.
"Come on, let’s drink water and eat quickly." She snatched the broom from her hand before, and she opened the head of the punishments department. She actually played the broom in the street and had to laugh at her when she went back to the punishments department.
Came over to Yan Liang and sat down to sweep the floor clean.
"On the first day of this campaign, look at it. I’ve come to pay tribute to you. For half a month in a row, you will completely become a celebrity in the imperial capital." Ning Xiaoyue’s mouth is very broken, but it’s quick.
Drinking water and eating cakes is very relaxing at this time.
Looking at her NingXiaoYue also can’t help laughing "is it fun? You’ll turn your back or kick the steps to pieces when you sweep. Who knows you still enjoy it? I’m worried in vain. "
"It’s more interesting than going to the punishments every day, and I can go home to sleep when the sun rises to half." I’m not so idle at ordinary times, and I can’t go home casually even if I have something to do.
"Look, enjoy you as if I would envy you. Give up. I won’t envy you." It’s interesting to swing a broom and there is dust everywhere.
Not saying a word, but Yan Liang’s face was really relaxed, eating cakes and drinking water. Looking at Fang’s onlookers, she suddenly felt very interesting.
"Sweeping for half a month passed in the blink of an eye, and I was reluctant to send you water and meals every day." Half a month passed quickly.
Yan Liang didn’t hear her eyes slowly narrowing as she looked at the busy crowd.
"Oh, it seems that I don’t send it every day, and others give it to me." Ning Xiaoyue suddenly laughed when he saw the situation.
She said that some things were not so simple. Yan Liang and Wei Yuan were very strange when they were in Liucheng, and they just went through a difficult time, and they couldn’t even try to redo strangers.
Look at Wei Yuan, who has come to send food to Yan Liang. He cooks very well around him. He Chu is carrying two boxes, which is much richer than her. 66. Is the dead reappearing and angry?
Walking step by step, Weiyuan’s sight dropped from Yan Liang’s body, and the ground was full of bamboo branches. The poor broom was thrown around her, and those bamboo branches all fell off from the broom, which was really pitiful.
It is estimated that bamboo branches will pile up into mountains in this way after half a month, and the fire can be started at any time.
"Weijun Wang had known you would come to send water and rice, so I wouldn’t have come. It’s too shabby to compare these things with you." Ningxiaoyue shook his head repeatedly.
"Miss Ning can help clean up." Wei Yuan looked cool and spoke but instantly blocked Ningxiaoyue’s mouth.
Secretly pie mouth curse NingXiaoYue squinted at both of them more see more strange.
"It’s really talented to sweep the floor, and the place is full of sundries." Weiyuan lamented that the emperor really assigned Yan Liang a good job.
"Do you want to sweep if you don’t like it?" He should do half the work here.
Look at her impatient face. Wei Yuan turned and sat down, and then looked at the beginning of the grain. "Let’s go, Yan Catcher didn’t have breakfast, and he was in a very bad mood."
Glancing at him coldly, Yan Liang didn’t want to argue with him about this place, not to mention that Ning Xiaoyue was surrounded by bystanders. She has been punished for sweeping the tower and making some charges of offending the sovereign. This loyal tower was really contracted by her.