"It’s true that you and I don’t hate each other, but can you honestly hand it over to the king with chaos in your hands?" San Yao Wang corners of the mouth sneer at a pretentious potential way
"Don’t let the chaos be too small. I can’t finish picking up my words in ten thousand years at this speed. Houdusse is not stingy. Anyway, it is also necessary for a family to share it with heroes like Sheng Yao Wang." Abyss Lord sighed again after throwing a big cake. "You and my two families have lost a lot of money this time. Fortunately, it hurts foreign countries. If we fight again, even if we win, we will be weakened." Why don’t you and I stop fighting and join hands with the alliance to seek common cause? "
"Hum sounds good," King Sheng Yao sneered. "What you Abyss are good at is betraying your allies. I have just been betrayed by the Shadow Lord, and you also betrayed your allies not long ago. Do you want me to believe you?"
"Sheng Yao Wang Ge’s words are poor. Although the Abyss clan is somewhat unique," the Abyss Lord has never betrayed his allies and felt ashamed. "And where in the six realms and nine continents is there not a law of the jungle? It is also reasonable for allies to be betrayed, betrayed and annexed because they are too weak or not alert. Imagine if our Abyss clan is weak and shows the appearance of subsequent weakness, surely Shengyao Wangge will not show mercy either? You and I are just each other. "
"Although your words are sophistry, there is no lack of truth." After careful consideration, King Sheng Yao actually knows very well that the only way out for himself to get mixed resources now is for the Abyss Lord to strike and establish a fragile covenant to temporarily hold a group to defend the enemy and get rid of the throb shadow demon king.
After the war is and nature depends on the strength ratio between the two sides. King Sheng Yao believes that with the wing protoss background, he holds a strong card that is suffocating. Even if he can’t win this abyss, he won’t lose to him.
Then when the time comes, no matter whether it is sharing resources or monopolizing resources, King Sheng Yao can achieve his own goal. King Sheng Yao likes this simple Covenant very much, and no one is weak enough. The lawsuit needs a knife and a gun to be strictly guarded.
….. To be continued.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-one A lot of chaotic crystallization
The Lord of the Unholy Yao King’s Abyss was in cahoots when the situation was pressing (1_1). Simply speaking, after taking a short rest for one night, he gathered up the army and entered the vision with chaotic aura through the gap.
As soon as I entered, I felt a pure chaotic aura, and it was also an exciting spirit. After a few mouthfuls of greed, I praised, "Good place and good aura. The chaotic aura here is really full, which is simply not the same as the thin aura at the bottom of Styx."
However, this place is so full of chaotic aura that it is desolate and more complicated than most landforms in the abyss. The sky is full of darkness and obscurity, and it is full of vitality.
"Hehe, it seems that there is aura here, but there is a lack of some chaotic sources." After thinking about it, I understand the reason why this place is so depressed. "I just don’t know if it was a little bit of chaotic sources contained in chaotic aura by some ancient power? Or is it born here? "But in the eyes of throb, it is mostly the former, and it is judged that it is an ancient power rather than an ancient class. The reason is also very simple. In ancient times, chaotic aura has been scarce and has become a valuable scarce resource. No power will learn from chaotic sources and ignore chaotic aura because it is too troublesome.
When the chaotic source is regarded as treasure and the chaotic aura is regarded as waste gas, it is only in ancient times when the world is full of chaotic aura that such luxury is possible.
The chaotic source is the origin of all life in heaven, earth and universe, and it has chaotic aura, which naturally makes this plane lack vitality.
Maybe I didn’t know the earth-shaking changes in the outside world, and some guards who are good at sneaking and hiding in the dark were stunned when they saw throb and others, but suddenly they felt the suffocating terrorist forces emitted by several mysterious women, and suddenly they were so terrible that they flew straight back and even their whereabouts were exposed.
Because they know very well that it is impossible to deceive those powerful people who are at the level of deification by means of their stealth and interest collection. It is better to sneak away as quickly as possible while running slowly.
These guards with Yuan Ying-level strength were originally the elite in the abyss, but Yuan Ying, after all, is Yuan Ying, and it is difficult to cause too much substantial damage to the God-level strong unless it forms an organizational system or scale.
A group of people may have been lying out of the water for too long. Monty is the most heart-killing, especially last night, when thunder played with rain and dew, Monty was harmed. Some insatiability exerted his pent-up anger on this group of unlucky people.
The figure turns into a magic fog, which is ethereal and extremely fast. Every time the figure flashes, you can hear a piercing scream. After a while, seven Yuan baby guards have died here.
Monty, this is cold, and the magic fog is rolling up the bodies with different shapes and terrible deaths, and throwing them into the eyes of willy, cold and charming. There are quite some expressions of dissatisfaction. "Here, take these flesh and blood to reward your in-laws and tigers."
Those dead bodies are used to killing and throbbing, and they all feel that sen’s cold is in Monty’s bitterness, and his eyes are full of anger and throbbing. I feel that I am going to complain so much. Isn’t it just that politely occupied the whole after midnight? Besides, it’s rare to be polite and willing to play special tricks with yourself. How can you be willing to miss it?
But you can’t be reasonable with women in bitterness. It’s very tactfully to say, "Well, we eat the ghost tiger and don’t eat meat …"
"Hum tiger don’t eat meat that also called a tiger? Just call the kitten. "Monty is very jealous that they have a pair of twin shadow tigers or divide them into males and females.
"Good monty elder sister was my fault last night" Ding Wanyan blushed slightly with a charming smile "Bad sister wants to punish him, so why don’t he return to his sister for the next three nights? You can do whatever you want. "
Monty corners of the mouth immediately float a bit coldly smile cheng tip glance to the throb wave heart is obvious.
It’s throbbing’s turn to be very resentful. I stared at Ding Wanyan with a straight hair. Should I go back to Qi Feifei and ask her if there are many male achievement methods in the case of acacia? Otherwise, in the face of a group of daughter-in-law, especially Monty, the temptress and witch who are demanding degrees are really overwhelmed and flogged.
Of course, Qi Feifei is now stranded in the dawn mainland. No matter how sweet the water is, it can’t solve the near thirst. It’s a good way to say, "Everyone’s been in a trance, and my husband should work hard so as not to meet anyone casually and think that I am eating soft food. Recently, my husband has to abstain from sex and take advantage of the chaotic aura here to close it properly."
Don’t wait for monty to oppose throb, then your body will flash, and your body will become empty, and you will go to throb’s accomplishments. Now, although you are grinding and honing, you can reach the peak of Yuanying, but there is only one rule, even if it is three points more familiar than the Shadow Lord, who is the best at it among the strong.
Even monty stamped his feet and scolded willy for being cunning.
The "Lord" throbbed the most confidant and was also a blood-related ghost servant. The ghost thorn was kneeling respectfully and reported, "Today, the chaotic aura adopted by our advance team has been refined by the main array method, and a total of three chaotic crystals have been refined." The ghost thorn was slightly excited and took out three crystal clear chaotic crystals with a light golden light from his belongings.
Maybe it’s different quenching techniques. The theory of willy chaotic crystallization is far superior to the small chaotic crystals refined by the abyss master Houdusse in appearance and effect. In such a short time, three visible ghosts have been refined. They have worked very hard and desperately.
In terms of quality, the demand for this chaos is not as strong as that of others. However, it is not as good as taking it or sharing it with your reliable allies if it falls into the hands of enemies or ambitious people.
Willy entered the abyss and participated in the war many times, and obtained a huge number of souls from various channels. Chaotic soul-eating towers were used to decompose and restore those souls. In a short time, Willy had already obtained eleven chaotic crystals, which shows the importance of war to Willy.
Of course, willy won’t abandon the ghost thorn to get three chaotic crystals first. After all, even a single chaotic crystal is enough to support three highly qualified Yuanying peak-level strong people to advance to the gods. This is already a precedent. The second and third echelons behind things can definitely be made by two people even if they are less qualified.
It can be seen that so many chaotic crystallization effects are amazing, and the chaotic soul-eating tower is so important in these days when chaotic aura is extremely scarce, which is really against the sky
If there is life, there must be killing, and the army of thunder will be stronger and stronger in Vietnam.
For the current willy, the most important thing is to shock the gods. Now he has more than ten chaotic crystals at hand, not to mention that the qualifications of willy are medium, even if they are equal, they are enough for him to shock the gods.
"Ghost thorn this chaotic crystal is for you." Willy solemnly handed a chaotic crystal to Ghost thorn primly. "This is a reward for your long-term loyalty and hard work. I hope you can successfully impact the level of deification and achieve the ghost emperor through this chaotic crystal. By then, you will be the third living ghost emperor among the ghost families."
The ghost thorn suddenly got excited. Although he has been the peak of the ghost king for a long time, it is absolutely difficult for a ghost king to be promoted to deification. It is extremely difficult to break through the shackles and impact the ghost emperor level in history. The number of ghosts is very rare, and it was a long time ago that the chaotic aura of heaven and earth was not so rare. Only in this case can such opportunities be possible.
However, when there is a general lack of resources today, it is already impossible for the ghosts to promote to the ghost emperor. However, the impossibility does not mean that there are no dreams, including ghosts stabbing in the sky. Which of the many ghost kings does not want to promote to the ghost emperor?
Of course, even if willy doesn’t give this chaotic crystal, according to the abnormal abundance of chaotic aura here, there is still a chance to advance to the ghost emperor for hundreds of years, but there is no doubt that chaotic crystal is the real king.
"Can the owner share with ghosts?" Ghost stab slightly excited trembling way
"Ghost? Although he is also a ghost servant of my blood sacrifice and has great potential, his contribution is still far from the point of enjoying the chaotic crystal. "Willy said justly," But now that this chaotic crystal has been given to you, you can share it with others powerfully. You need my consent, but the ghost pricks me to wake you up. Although you are very clever, even if you are promoted through chaotic crystallization, you may not be able to make it both of you. "
"The ghost hasn’t come out yet. Thank you, Brother Ghost."
Willy will just dialogue spirit force wave mode to the ghost, then it will be summoned from the extremely nourishing soul tower.
….. To be continued.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-two Spirit root qualification
The ghost knows all this from the fluctuation message of throb. Although he has gradually risen to the peak level of the ghost king in the Lord’s gift, he is one step away from the ghost emperor. Theoretically, his ghost stabbing is almost different, and because his fighting talent is stronger than the ghost stabbing, if he calculates the real fighting ability, he is slightly better than the ghost stabbing now.
But all this doesn’t mean that he can ride to the ghost thorn head, because the ghost thorn has gradually grown up with an obscure little monk from master to slave, and now he has made many contributions and hard work.
I have no idea about the chaotic crystal, but I didn’t expect that my big brother, the ghost thorn, would take care of him so much and prepare to share a rare chaotic crystal with him.
"I can’t accept your kindness, Brother Ghost." Ghost Ghost refused to bite his teeth and turned to throb. He knelt down and said, "The Lord Ghost can earnestly join the fierce ghost army, starting with a pawn and killing the enemy. Ghost Ghost also hopes to be able to be independent of the strong like Brother Ghost." He has always been with the Lord, although it is relatively safe, but now he lacks the opportunity to make contributions.
"Where is it good to follow the master when the ghost goes to the fierce ghost army?" Ghost thorn is frowning unceasingly. "The fierce ghost army is the main first-in-command guard force, but its position is in our blood sacrifice ghost servant. Wouldn’t it be a joke if you went to be a soldier? If you really want to make meritorious service, please ask the Lord to give you a leader and lead an army. "
"Thank you for stabbing the big brother’s heart." Ghost really insists on the positive color way in this respect. "Ghost is the main personal servant, but the fierce ghost army is formed and promoted separately, and it is not as good as its own strength. I can’t believe that I can’t earn the meritorious military service with my personal strength. I would rather stop all gossip from being a soldier."
"Very well, I really didn’t read you wrong." Willy calls the ghost out to test his mind. After all, the ghost is an independent individual who sacrifices his blood to the ghost servant, but he is not like a ghost thorn, but he walks out of the most difficult place with himself more or less. Willy always has some worries. _ Historically, because the ghost servant has formed his own independent consciousness, he has tried to rebel against his master. Although things are few, they are not unheard of.
Personal blood sacrifice ghosts are expensive but not expensive. Suspicious ghosts are excellent in qualifications and belong to the best among many extremely ghosts, because the two sides are naturally much closer than the fierce ghosts.
This time, Willy got a lot of chaotic crystals in his hands, naturally he wanted to take the opportunity to advance to the gods, but Ray started out as a monk who was trained in the imperial ghost tactic and was not well repaired in melee, or he fought with ghosts and servants.
Since it is impossible to train one’s own ghost servant without trying, willy is relieved of the ghost. This is not a cynical generation, but also has his own pride.