"What’s the matter? Grandpa "
Lin Er’s girl was shocked and pale. From Grandpa’s face, it can be guessed that the juvenile building must be in great danger. Facing her terrible elder brother, even she can’t compete. Is it a samurai teenager?
"I can’t come."
The white-haired old man frowned, sighed and shook his head angrily. "That little Wang egg is weaker than it is weaker."
Lin Er girl’s face turned white for an instant and immediately ran to the floor.
The white-haired old man suddenly felt a terrible breath coming from the building and immediately exclaimed. At the same time, he shot out a little spirit and caught his baby granddaughter back.
"Grandpa, you are quick."
Lin Er, a frightened girl, shed a little tears on her face. Before she finished a word, she fainted and collapsed into her grandpa’s arms.
A throbbing pain in the white-haired old man’s heart is really a sin. This precious granddaughter doesn’t even look at her talented and handsome brother, but she is so infatuated with Lou, an unremarkable abnormal teenager. In addition to sighing, he is also a perverted teenager. Whether he can escape from life depends on his luck!
At this time, Tang Jun on the fourth floor has fallen into a life-and-death crisis, and a strong smell of death has been released from the depths of his soul, which makes him feel cold and sweaty. Chapter two hundred and ninety Both sides lose.
Life-and-death head escape is also death resistance and death. Since there is no choice, it’s fate to fight for Tang Jun’s anger. For the first time, I put all my strength into my hands, and at the same time, I put all my precious gods, fire fairy, aurora variation, Optimus Prime’s variation, and the six special gases owned by then dantian also flowed out together and poured into my hands.
The young boy’s small hands finally collided with hundreds of thousands of pounds of "topaz bricks"
A loud noise shook the whole of Qin Cheng. It was dark, and all the people in Qin Cheng felt the houses shaking and the ground shaking as if the end was coming. Screaming, crying, drinking and scolding filled the whole of Qin Cheng, and there were panicked and scurrying people everywhere.
The worst thing is that the high-end villas in Qin Cheng villa area near the Goodwill Chamber of Commerce almost collapsed, and there were screams and screams everywhere. The Guo brothers were far away from the Goodwill Chamber of Commerce, watching and suddenly heard an earth-shattering explosion and a series of horrible shock waves coming at them. The brothers were scared out of their wits and immediately retreated to the distance. The mushroom clouds rose from the Goodwill Chamber of Commerce, and Qin Cheng was a little gloomy after dusk. At this time, it was even more opaque. The whole Qin Cheng was in chaos.
When the black smoke clouds dispersed in the sky, the whole Qin Cheng recovered a little calm, and everyone woke up from the panic and rushed to Qin Cheng villa.
The Guo brothers immediately rushed to the Goodwill Chamber of Commerce to hide behind a cracked camphor tree, and secretly watched as the whole Goodwill Chamber of Commerce leveled all around, and the camphor tree was also cracked to the ground. An old man with white hair was holding a beautiful girl who was crying into tears. In front of them, a young man was lying bloodied, staring at a pair of big eyes and lying down. His hands were covered with blood, and his hands were almost dying according to his waist. The young man was surrounded by more than a dozen venerable masters, and his faces were all depressed.
"Little Brother"
Eldest brother Guo Tianjin saw the scene in front of him and couldn’t stand anything anymore. He cried and rushed to them. His younger brother Guo Tiandong hesitated and walked behind him.
I don’t guess Guo Tianjin knows that the little bloody man is his little teacher younger brother Tang Jun. He almost rolled and crawled before he came to Tang Jun’s side and hugged his bloody body and cried. Guo Tiandong was calm, but when he saw that the little teacher younger brother had almost no breath, he knelt beside him and sobbed gently.
Liner girl suddenly grabbed the Guo brothers from her grandfather and threw them into the distance, holding them in her arms and crying.
The white-haired old man looked around at the rows of collapsed houses, and his face was cold. He looked crazy again. The baby granddaughter shook her head with a depressed face. How could a samurai boy and a venerable master have caused such great damage? Isn’t it incredible? Even if two God-level masters fight, they won’t do so much damage, will they?
At this time, Xiao Shuihan’s side is also a dozen venerable persons with a suspicious face. How can they have such a terrorist explosion when they are at war? This is incredible, right? Many experts in the villa area also gathered around, and their faces were all afraid, but none of them dared to come over and ask that there were still many experts coming in the distance.
Suddenly, Miss Liner felt the blood in her arms move. She immediately stopped crying and stared at her big eyes, which were almost bulging.
Tang Junshi’s injury was not very serious. Just now, he struck hard with his strength and added variation. Optimus Prime’s gravity just hit the top of his head. There was a difference between gravity and the collision of two evenly matched terrorist forces. Immediately, a big explosion occurred, and the shock wave of terror surged around and Tang Jun was shaken out. Fortunately, two illusory girls immediately flew out to form two large apertures to protect the teenager, but this time they both saved the teenager. Their souls were just strong and their bodies were badly injured. After the explosion, they almost returned to the wishful button to absorb fairy gas to heal the injury.