But this sword can make Hanshan almost injured, which makes him feel somewhat fulfilled. It turns out that there are still some masters in front of his speed yuan soul peak.
But this is relatively small.
However, it is gratifying that a practitioner of the Yuan Shadow realm can push people to the point where they can dodge when fighting against a practitioner of the Yuan Soul realm.
But in spite of this, he still didn’t dare to be careless about a master in the early stage of Yuan soul. He was lucky to win, but now the other party is the strong one in the peak stage of Yuan soul.
It’s not that he hasn’t been in contact with this realm, but I still remember that she was already at that level when she met Lengling.
He has been with Lengling for this realm, and he has seen it with his own eyes, which is not generally severe.
What’s more, Qingyun once went through this level of cultivation, and Ye Han now has all his memories, which is even more profound.
If he is now a small stream, the master of Yuan soul should be a big river.
So he this second sword has ice yuan to cut into it.
Ice Yuan can be displayed without weapons, but if he has weapons, he can exert his power even more.
After all, it’s extremely exhausting to use this trick only by your own strength.
But the words of weapons are different. When weapons are used, the vitality needs to be consumed, and the attack does not need much control, so it saves a lot of vitality.
And if you want to exert your vitality, you must score a vitality to control it, so that you can really exert it, leaving 60% to 70%.
When his second sword came out, it had already shaken the surrounding vitality, and the surrounding vitality was dispersed.
Xingyuan energy body is much stronger than ordinary vitality. Now Lord Ye Han nine planets has practiced Xingyuan body again, and it is more powerful to exert that power, which is naturally incomparable to ordinary Xingyuan energy.
Looking at Ye Han this sword Hanshan heart suddenly also a shock.
It’s conceivable that this sword can split the natural vitality.
You know, if the average person wants to do this, even the combination of man and sword needs to be played well
Did he fix true has entered the realm of meta-body?
At this moment, Hanshan completely froze the original Ye Han. It was with his own speed that he created the illusion of the unity of man and sword, but he didn’t want it to be true.
Therefore, he is almost certain that this Ye Han is the realm of Yuan body, and his breath is hidden by some special method.
Looking at Jian yuan near Hanshan’s heart, he was busy chopping out two palms and then his body continued to retreat.
His two palms show the firm but gentle way, but he also knows that he can’t play hardball with this firm but gentle way. When the left and right sides try to pin down this firm but gentle way and give himself enough dodge.
After all, it is also the Yuan soul realm that has repaired his two palms and caught Ye Hanjian’s anger, which greatly suppressed the speed.
Taking this opportunity, Hanshan’s body quickly flashed and then took the opportunity to take the sword in Ye Han’s hand.
Ye Han grinned with a light smile, shook the sword in vain and flashed a sword tactic suddenly toward the Hanshan body.
Hanshan didn’t dare to be careless about the sword once upon a time. He saw that Ye Hanxiu was extraordinary. If he was injured by his sword tactic, he could be sure that he would be seriously injured.
See Ye Han sword tactic has attacked his Hanshan immediately choose to dodge dare not this sword tactic.
Ye Han looked at it but didn’t neglect the sword in his hand and shook it again. Then, when he drew a sword, he went back to Hanshan again.
Hanshan was shocked when he saw it. What exactly is this swordsmanship that can even apply two swords without stopping?
"It seems that he has already entered the realm of meta-body!"
Hanshan whispers in his heart that all he can find is the answer to Ye Han’s sword tactic.
Only when a person who has a meta-body realm gives full play to the unity of man and sword can he do this.
Naihe also humbled and chose to dodge.
Hanshan can’t help but criticize this man. How on earth did he become so strong? He came for revenge, but he didn’t expect to be beaten back by the other side.
Real Ye Han is not as optimistic as Hanshan seems. At this moment, he is also facing an extremely difficult decision.
The last few moves have consumed half of his vitality. If he goes like this again, he will definitely show his flaws and just give the enemy a chance.
What’s more, it’s just the realm of Yuan Ying that he cultivated. He can’t stand the consumption of a strong yuan soul peak.
"What should I do? Am I really going to die here today? "
Think of these Ye Han heart is a little worried that you have experienced so much, can you come to this step?
Not reconciled, even if you don’t say that you haven’t enjoyed a wonderful life, you can’t just die.
Once upon a time, I was determined to protect myself by myself, but now?
Now without the help of women around you, you will end up in such a terrible situation