This roadside fight still attracted some passers-by to shake the glass.
"You don’t hurry away from the police case." Cao Fang took out his guns in all these eyes and rushed those car owners to have a cold drink. Those car owners went to Cao Fangliang’s gun and the car was afraid to be busy.
"Small police do you want to catch me? You seem to be dying! " Wang moved and was helped up. Liu Hengshui was sarcastic again.
"I fought with you today." Liu Hengshui almost vomited blood with anger, and Ma wanted to duel with Wanimal again.
"Liu Hengshui, you retire"
At this time, it was Cao Fang who spoke. She had been injured by Liu Hengshui and knew that Liu Hengshui could not beat Wanimal.
Liu Hengshui seems to be more afraid of Cao Fang Cao Fang, and when he drinks lightly, he doesn’t want to fight hard with Wanimal. At the same time, Cao Fang came out and went to Wanimal.
"Hey, there’s a beautiful policeman?"
Wanimal looked at Cao Fang and laughed. He didn’t even have eyes for so many male policemen. How could he be afraid of Cao Fang?
"Wanimal, put your hand up. If you resist arrest, I’ll be rude!" Cao Fang face a cold way
"Yo, I’m not just racing. Just fine some money. Besides, the fine seems to be a traffic police matter and your INTERPOL." Wanimal looked at Cao Fangdao with some bedroom eyes.
"Of course I will arrest you for assaulting a police officer!" Cao Fang nu way
"But do you have it?" Wanimal contemptuously said, "You people are not my opponents together. Besides, my master’s car is your license plate."
"With this, I can arrest you. You are a special car, so I dare not arrest you?" Cao Fang leveled the gun at Wanimal’s head.
"Beauty police dare you gun? If you dare to shoot, you will wait for the Ministry to go to jail! " Wanimal felt that Cao Fang, a beautiful policeman, was not easy to provoke, but he was still very arrogant.
"Wanimal you I dare not gun? You, your car has a Beijing 6 license plate and you can do whatever you want in Hangzhou? I’m warning you, you have to listen to me now. If you just attacked a police officer and resist arresting me now, you can be shot dead on the spot! "
Hearing Wanimal’s words, Cao Fang’s face was frosty, and her gun was aimed at Wanimal. She said coldly that she wanted Wanimal not to cooperate with her, and she really might have a gun.
"Who are you? Since you know that we are special cars, you are not qualified to stop us. Besides, the car in front is speeding. Why don’t you stop that car and stop my car alone?"
Wang listened to Cao Fang’s words beautifully, but he laughed otherwise. Since Cao Fang recognized the origin of the car he helped Mo Haiyang, he can be sure that Cao Fang didn’t dare to shoot him, just to scare him. His tone is still arrogant.
"I’m Cao Fang, deputy head of the city criminal investigation brigade. There is a reason why we didn’t stop the car in front, but you know," Cao Fang continued to be cold. "You’d better raise your hand and be honest and come back to the police station with me for investigation!"
"Officer Cao, since you know that I am a special car, I think you should know that my background is not simple. Then your gun, my identity, if you kill me, it will not be enough for your family to bury me!" Wanimal is in the previous step face timidly said.
Suddenly a crisp gun rang and Cao Fangzhen pulled the trigger and shot one!
Although Cao Fang is only 27 years old, she has been a policeman for several years. She knows that she must give them some color in the face of such arrogant guys, otherwise they will really show off in an ostentatious manner!
Cao Fa shot this, of course, not at Wanimal’s head but at Wang’s feet.
Cao Fang’s marksmanship is also good. Her shot just hit half a foot in front of Wanimal. Her shot was a deterrent.
Wanimal where think Cao Fangzhen gun in the mind is also got a fright immediately back a few steps!
"Wanimal, can you hold up your hand now? If you resist arrest again, then my gun won’t hit the ground. You’re still young, so you shouldn’t just kill me, right? "Cao Fang continued. Her gun sample is really imposing.
"I really met a crazy woman today." There is really no way for Wanimal to meet someone like Cao Fang. No matter how high his martial arts are, he is still not sure how to avoid Cao Fang.
"Who dares to gun here!"
At this time, Mo Haiyang and Jiang Shiwen also left, and Mo Haiyang rang up as soon as he got a car. He looked dissatisfied.
To his main car, Wanimal also came to Mo Haiyang to guard Mo Haiyang.
"What are you from? Are you the owner? "
Because of Zhouyi, Cao Fang investigated Mo Haiyang. Of course, she knew that it was from Beijing Red Taidang Mo Haiyang who came from the special train, but she still pretended not to know.
"Of course I am the owner, but what qualifications do you have for a small vice captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade to know my name?" Mo Haiyang sneered, but when he walked up to Cao Fang and cleared Cao Fang, he looked carefully before Cao Fang got up.
Cao Fang’s figure and face are first-class, and she still has a kind of temperament that his daughter doesn’t have. Mo Haiyang, this guy’s heart itches at the sight of beautiful women, and now his eyes are almost straight when he comes to such a beautiful policeman. He feels that this policeman is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his generation, which is comparable to those in Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
"This mo ocean is really a gift! If you dare to treat me like this, I will give you some color! "
Cao Fang was looked at by Mo Haiyang with bedroom eyes, thinking that it was very uncomfortable. Chapter 69 My site is my boss.
Not long ago, when Cao Fang learned that Zhouyi had offended Mo Haiyang, she specially asked Zhouyi to go out and blamed Zhouyi, saying that people like Mo Haiyang were not easy to provoke. But now she is also angry because she found that Mo Haiyang really belongs to the type of under-pumping.
"I’m a policeman. I’m not qualified to know your name?" Cao Fang said to Mo Haiyang with a straight face, "You are speeding. Since you are the owner, please show me your ID card and driver’s license. I want to check it!"
"Beauty, if I don’t show my ID card and driver’s license? What can you do with me? I am a special car and you are not qualified to check me! "
Mo Haiyang cleared Cao Fang’s stunning face, but his face softened. He smirked and said to Cao Fang that his bicolored eyes glanced at Cao Fang’s towering virgin peak and slender thighs from time to time, secretly drooling!
"Be serious. Didn’t you hear what I said?" To the mo ocean this sample Cao Fang more angry up immediately in the previous step, pointing to the mo ocean said.
"Beauty, you just said to Wanimal that your name is Cao Fang. You are so beautiful. There is really no need to be an actor. You are angry. The appearance is so good. I know many friends in the entertainment circle. You must be a diva." Mo Haiyang teased.
"Wanimal assaulting a police officer, you and he humiliated the police officer all the way, and I will arrest you!" Cao Fang nu way pointed a gun at Mo Haiyang.
"Hey, beauty, your temper is really hot. You always pull out your gun. Do you have a gun?" Mo Haiyang’s pale face muscles shook and he pulled out a pistol handle from his waist to play with it!
"You actually carry a gun privately!"
Cao Fang went to Mo Haiyang and took out a pistol, and the horse handed him a warrant to "surround the three of them!"
Cao Fang led this criminal investigation team, which can be described as the elite Cao Fang of Hangzhou police system. A dozen policemen came around to surround Mo Haiyang and Jiang Shiwen!