The three men have now hit Jingyang City, and many people have noticed that the battle is gaping. It’s really the first time they’ve seen this level of fighting. The ferocity is really terrible and most of the houses have been destroyed. Jingyang City was actually set off by the hurricane, which filled the world with dust and filled the sight of Warcraft and human beings.
Knowing that the method is away from the attack range of the plank brick, the burly man immediately stopped dodging and stopped. Then he suddenly cast out the hands of the Xuan Yin shield and pushed it out toward the front to kill God. A larger and thicker Xuan Yin shield was formed in front of him to resist the rapid rotation and bring the airflow into a hurricane. The plank brick hit the Xuan Yin shield and kept rotating. The Xuan Yin shield was drilled with severe ripples.
And the man was also very close to the rapidly rotating brick, and the rapid rotation of the brick produced strength, which caused his arms to twist and his clothes to be ground inch by inch, and his face was stirred and rolled, and his lips fluttered violently, and saliva was constantly sprayed.
"Good opportunity" The wind raised his mind and moved his body. In the blink of an eye, he already bypassed the hurricane. Behind the burly man, he suddenly raised the soul-eating blade and then chopped at the burly man with a force.
The burly man is obviously not an underwhelming lot. When the wind breaks his mind, he frees up a hand and condenses a layer of Xuan Yin shield toward the top.
The soul-devouring blade chopping Xuan Yin Shield produced a deafening explosion and hesitation, which was his hasty differentiation. The defense of Xuan Yin Shield was greatly reduced, and the wind was lifted. The fierce chopping of Xuan Yin Shield suddenly burst and the burly body suddenly fell to a house in Jingyang City. The house collapsed instantly, and the rubble and broken wood were scattered into ruins, which shook the sky again.
"Die!" Lanlong looked at the burly man who had just left the place to control the rapid rotation of the plank brick. The hurricane followed and drilled toward the ground. As the hurricane fell to Jingyang City, it was like a ruin. Jingyang City was entranced by the hurricane and rolled up several rubble and bricks, and the surrounding Warcraft was also rolled into the middle school.
In the end, the huge hurricane in everyone’s terrible eyes drilled into the ground and saw that the ground was immediately hit by unparalleled impact. The already infamous ground was once again set off with a layer of gravel, and all the way around the hurricane stirred out to kill God.
In an instant, the bricks took the hurricane and rolled the ruins into a flat ground, but no burly man was seen.
Lan Long couldn’t help showing a little surprise in his look. He put away the plank brick. "Where is he?"
"This is the soul of Warcraft will absorb the deepest memory in people’s minds and transform it into someone. From now on, we must be very energetic. We don’t divide it, otherwise it is very likely that the people around us will become the soul of Warcraft." Feng Yang looked dignified and Lan Long explained it and stared at Fang Yuan’s soul force covering Jingyang City in an attempt to search for the trace of soul of Warcraft.
At the beginning, the mastermind of Warcraft was to absorb the memory in Feng Yang’s mind and turn it into Xia Ying’s sample and enter the human city, thus smashing the sculpture of Wu Soul.
"* * that’s really difficult." LanLong also put away that smirked look.
Lan Long and Yang Feng stopped, and everyone in Midtown found out that the two men had joined forces to create a shocking effect. In their hearts, they just blew the burly man to dust and gave a cheering sound. They were very confused about why they didn’t come to help, and they looked a little weird and searched for something in the wind.
"Kill all these animals"
"Brothers and sisters kill!"
Suddenly, there was an exciting shout, and brothers from various sects flocked to Jingyang City from all directions, and it was very frightening that groups of flying Warcraft flew in the sky.
At first, everyone was desperate, but another batch of flying Warcraft came. Later, it was discovered that flying Warcraft was indeed flying Warcraft, but all of them came to fly Warcraft.
Lan Long led all the younger brothers in Baihua Valley to come and see wave after wave. The younger brothers joined the battle and the exhibition of Warcraft. As time went by, more and more supporters came and the number of Warcraft became less and less.
All these helpers have arrived only now because all the escorts in Jingyang City have come to transfer the people in Jingyang City, and all the leaders of major sects have let their cousins fly in Warcraft.
With this batch of fresh troops to join the situation, it has turned around a little. People who are coming have entered Jingyang City to see the most prosperous city that originally belonged to Gulai Empire. At this time, it is beyond recognition. It is a ruin. Everyone in Jingyang City can’t help but gasp and jump from the wall. You can see that the city is densely packed with Warcraft and people are constantly falling down.
Perhaps there is also a time when all talents will put all kinds of grievances and disputes in the past into fighting against foreign enemies. Perhaps this emotion is called solidarity.
For a while, if there is no trace of the mastermind Warcraft, Feng Yang and Lan Long can land in Jingyang City to kill Warcraft and run towards Downing and others.
At this time, Downing, Caier, Xia Ying, Fang Fang and Xiyu have been divided into a group of Downing and Xiyu, a group of Xia Ying and Caier, and Fang Fang is divided into three groups to save people.
Tang Ning and Xi Yu teamed up to slay a seven-level Warcraft and save several people, then turned to leave.
"Downing and Xi Yu" rushed to the two men and said eagerly, "Are you all right?"
"Yeah, it’s ok," Downing said.
Feng Yang said, "Just now, the necromancer Warcraft has been mixed with human beings. The necromancer Warcraft will absorb a person’s memory and change his body. Now he must always be on high alert."
Explained some kind of downing and Xi Yu then headed for the front and continued to slay Warcraft Ran *, while the wind behind them suddenly drew a sinister smile that did not belong to him.
His arm has undergone earth-shaking changes. The original one is a little thicker than ordinary people, and his right arm has expanded and lengthened at an amazing speed, just like his little brother will change when he sees a naked beauty posing in front of him.