But not everyone can see this kind of thing! It’s a pity that many people in Ri Wu circles are still in Miyato Masahiro! In their view, there are too many accidental and unexpected elements.
One knee solved Miyato Masahiro Xie Cunguan and turned his eyes to Yezhang! This very true master of calligraphy is looking at Xie Cunguan with a critical eye at the moment.
He seems to realize something from Xie Cunguan’s boxing frame, but he can’t seem to catch it.
However, for just now, Xie Cunguan played against Miyato Masahiro, but he felt a little different! Miyato Shoumao is not a strong player, and naturally he doesn’t have the lethality that his wild chapter sweeps everything.
He decided to go to Hougen, regardless of the official boxing, if he was punching hard! He looked at Xie Cunguan’s thin body and thought, You just have a boxing rack and you can’t break it up! You know, Yezhang’s fist can break the stacked cedar boards, his hand knife can break the cement boards that are stacked together, and his leg can kick off the icicles of 50 cm, and his foot knife can cut off the bricks lying flat on the ground.
After they posed, Yezhang suddenly drank a lot, made a false move in the previous progress, and then cut to the groin at the root of Xie Cunguan’s thigh with a foot knife as soon as he turned around.
This is his usual skill and his most direct and fastest leg technique.
Many people are often moved to the surface by his progressive punches and feints, and they are driven straight in by his face, and his attack point is very tricky, which is the big bend of the human torso.
He is so powerful that many people will be beaten back and leaned forward by this leg even if his leg is sealed, and if he wants to kick with one leg, he will immediately turn back and hit his opponent with his hands straight and fists alternately.
Although this can’t be regarded as his proud skill, there are also many actual combat experts who have been defeated by him.
But as soon as he got out of the leg and thanked the officer, he took a step almost at the same time. Immediately, he got up and left the kid to put on his boots and took over.
Xie Cunguan’s consciousness is that when the enemy is on fire, the consciousness is that when the other party moves, he will move himself and move his body, and he will be able to put on this sealed body and take over the frame while making progress.
Wild chapter one leg to feel depressed!
Because of his progress, Xie Cunguan made progress and took over. As soon as both of them moved forward, his leg strength was not enough. Before the direct leg strength was finished, he bumped into Xie Cunguan’s kid wearing boots and legs.
What is more important is that he has a flash feeling when he kicks the leg in Xie Cunguan’s leg.
Because Xie Cunguan’s boots legs, knees and calves are inclined at an angle of 45 degrees directly, which is actually the secret of the boots of the kids.
Kid’s boots, legs, thighs are flat, and his body is a ten-degree vertical angle.
What takes this angle is because there is a saying that standing on a tree supports a thousand pounds! This knee is flat to block the opponent’s leg to the farthest place and must not be kicked backwards.
Vertical east-west support is the biggest, if the thigh is straight!
But the calf is at a 45-degree angle and the toes are tilted back.
Toe back is to protect the ankle joint! Sometimes the joint is always loose and suddenly it is bruised by a strong force, so that the ankle joint can be effectively protected from injury.
The angle between the legs is 45 degrees, but it is the most scientific place for this leg technique! Because this kind of leg theory is that kicking and sweeping your calf will not hit you under the condition of maximum vertical force on your calf! On the one hand, it effectively protects the knee joint from being impacted by huge force, and on the other hand, it can slide off part of the force at an included angle of 45 degrees.
There is also a sudden change in the strength of the other side, which causes the other side’s center of gravity to change, so that it is difficult for the other side to make another move when one leg comes out, because if a person’s center of gravity changes, the first thing he can do is to find his center of gravity.
So small a leg theory is that there are so many calculations from the frame structure!
If you don’t believe me, try sweeping your legs across a stake with a 45-degree angle. If the stake is slippery enough, when you sweep it fiercely, the sliding force is likely to directly drop you to the ground.
Suo Yezhang’s leg is kicked in Xie Cunguan’s kid’s boot leg, so his leg has a feeling of false kick, and this flash feeling directly changes his center of gravity as Xie Cunguan’s leg slides to bear a 45-degree foot.
Wild chapter immediately girded up and tried to stabilize himself.
But this is the most taboo thing to do in a tournament, because you just released your strength, and now your binding force will be entangled in your body, making your body freeze in an instant.
And what are the consequences of the sudden freezing of the body in the boxing?
Yezhang answered this question according to his actual feelings.
Xie Cunguan’s kid put on his boots and sealed his leg, which changed his center of gravity. Wild chapter’s body couldn’t help being stiff just as he was looking for the center of gravity. At this moment, Xie Cunguan’s leg had stepped out and stepped on his supporting leg knee.
This step on the leg is also very particular. If you want to hit the other side out, you should step on the other side with greater force, but if you don’t want to hit it lightly, your leg will slip on the other side’s knee and step directly to disturb the other side’s one-step reaction. Hit the enemy with both hands!
Xie Cunguan is like this at the moment. He doesn’t want Ye Zhang to entangle again, so when his leg rubs against the other’s leg, he steps on it to make progress and forces himself to come. At the same time, he gets up and his hands are divided at this time.
Right hand to the other jaw, left hand to the other’s throat, and right elbow has found the other’s heart and slammed into it. At the same time, he shrank his tail and restrained his strength.
When the body is instantly tightened, the locust immediately cuts its hind legs, pushes its front legs and urges it to pull people out directly. With the progress like a tiger, it changes from a step to a lunge, and suddenly it starts to split with both hands.
Just listen to a wild chapter, and I was beaten flat to the ground by this change. At that time, my body was shaking and my roots didn’t get up again.
Xie Cunguan steadily retreated his eyes and looked at his last opponent, Yokozuna-class sumo Lux.
Chapter 9 The third war pursed onions lead the way
Sumo is a national skill of Ri, which is somewhat similar to that of Qin and Han Dynasties. Everyone knows that it is two tons of superman, big and fat, wearing a crotch cloth and a wide belt on a clay platform. You come and I try to push, throw, catch, pull, flash, press and trip to see who can throw who out of the platform.
However, although the sumo competition seems simple, in fact, the technology is also very rich. There are 70 kinds of techniques and 40 kinds of techniques, which add up to more than 100 kinds.
Sumo wrestlers is divided into ten grades according to the competition results: preface, preface, curtain, curtain, twelve, front, summary, threat, big, and Yokozuna Yokozuna are the highest titles of athletes and lifelong honorary titles, but Yokozuna athletes can’t lose. If they lose, they will be advised to retire.
First-class sumo wrestlers all end up with huge pear-shaped bodies. They have such a body shape and strength. In fact, their diet is closely related to obesity. In fact, they eat a lot of "sumo hot pot" every day. The amazing food intake is about ten times that of normal people.
But instead of eating greasy fat, they eat protein according to the scientific diet structure.
On the other hand, in order to keep weight, sumo wrestlers usually do short-term training during sleep except for two meals.
Once the athletes quit sumo, they will lose a lot of weight.
The training of sumo wrestlers in Ri mainly depends on the "Ministry House". There are 49 ministries in Ri Sumo Association. The top leader of each department house is called "Pro Fang", that is, the retired famous Lux usually takes charge of the sumo association and teaches his brother to learn sumo skills.
Every year, each "department house" will recruit students from elementary school students. Once the parents agree to eat, wear and live, the burden of having a house will be borne by the government because of Ri ? primary school, education at the beginning, but everything will be borne by the department house.
Kurihara is a "pro-teacher" in a department house after retirement.
Because he has been engaged in sumo, the institute has also maintained its weight.
Awahara Lu is 1.2 meters tall and now weighs 200 kilograms, which is more than 20 kilograms lighter than in his heyday. This is because he has been engaged in sumo teaching to keep his weight.
However, because he has to constantly practice training with his brothers, he has practiced more than in the past.
In the eyes of ordinary people, these people are the most clumsy, but in fact, because of their weight, besides not moving fast enough, sumo wrestlers are also very fast