You don’t know which cloud is raining. Wang Haidong said with a smile, "This thing is amazing. Anyway, many people have passed this time. We also ran to see if there are good things."
Although many people used to think about picking up the mistakes, it doesn’t mean that all people are qualified to pick up the mistakes by chance. It is a baby that may be invisible in front of you, but it is a fake. Maybe it is bought as a baby.
It may not be impossible to do such a thing if you go early, but it may not be impossible to punch a hole.
Off ZhangHaoGu Wang Haidong just sat down, but I didn’t expect three policemen to come.
The first policeman was a middle-aged fat man with a big beer belly and eyes as long as his head, saying, "Come out with your shopkeeper. We have something to find him."
Wang Haidong didn’t move. "I am the shopkeeper here. Do you have anything to say?"
The middle-aged policeman said rudely, "You are Wang Haidong. Someone told you that you were suspected of fraud. Please come back with me."
Wang Haidong this is dumbfounded immediately leng where someone accused him of fraud? It took twenty seconds before Wang Haidong said, "Someone accused me of fraud. Who accused me of fraud? I just took over this shop. Even if I was doing business, I didn’t do two things. Who did I cheat?"
The middle-aged policeman came out with a piece of paper saying, "I’m Chief Zheng of Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau, and a man named Chen Jianguo accused you of defrauding him of a jadeite original stone, involving millions of dollars. Now I’m going to take you back to assist in the investigation."
When he said this, the Zheng Kechang’s eyes were very cold and dismissive, as if it was a root, so he didn’t give this shop a rest assured.
Wang Haidong immediately got angry and others sued him, but Chen Jianguo himself stretched out his hand and gave him a hand. Otherwise, he bought four jadeite original stones and didn’t come out with a little emerald. It is impossible for him to sell that jadeite original stone just for such a name.
So at this time, Wang Haidong was angry and angry
Wang Haidong eyes stare big said, "said to take me to assist in the investigation in the past, you know the real situation of this matter, don’t know what this Chen Jianguo and I are like, what am I like to buy his jadeite original stone?
You didn’t find out at all that it was a bit too much for me to assist in the investigation in the past. I’m not going to go with you in the past. "Wang Haidong is mainly angry and unpopular."
Before the emerald stone came out, Chen Jianguo was so poor that he could not even get married. It was Wang Haidong who gave him 300 thousand to help him get married
How about Wang Haidong is his benefactor? Although Wang Haidong is a little selfish and doesn’t tell everything, businessmen who don’t pursue interests don’t have a good face for these three policemen, Wang Haidong.
Moreover, the police did not investigate and arrested people as soon as possible, which made Wang Haidong very unhappy
The Zheng Kechang face a heavy said, "we have no evidence not to take you back to investigate? It’s not like arresting you. If there is evidence, I’ll arrest you directly at this time. I still have to talk nonsense with you. I should kill you people for the crime of foot and teeth in the car and boat shop. It’s quite good that there is nothing to do with robbing the tomb without directly arresting you. "
When Wang Haidong came here, he was upset to hear that he even said in a tit-for-tat way, "You should investigate this Chen Jianguo first and then ask me if there is any problem, and I promise to cooperate with you."
Zheng Kechang said on striking table, "Where did you get so much nonsense? Do you have to help us with the case at this time? We also have regulations on how to do it. You, a businessman, dare to handle our case. "
At this time, a policeman came in from the outside in a hurry. Director Lin of the Huilongguan antique market police station took section chief Zheng and said, "Laozheng, am I in a hurry or are you late?"
Zheng Kechang is an old acquaintance who has been a police station director Lin since he joined the police force. He said in a businesslike manner, "Lin is not that I don’t give you a face. This case is still very big and involves millions of people. I am also business-oriented. If it is a trivial matter, I am also willing to give you a face, but this thing will not work."
Director Lin glanced at the edge of the outbreak. Wang Haidong pulled a Zheng Zhu and said, "Laozheng, you still come out with me to make sure you won’t regret it."
See Lin, director of the said so serious this time Zheng Zhucai said to the two policemen around here, "You two watch me and I’ll be right back."
Director Lin pulled him outside to look at the people around him and said, "Lao Zheng, do you have the temerity to come here and know what the boss of Jubaoge is like?"
Chapter 52 Apologize
Zheng Kechang thought for a moment and said, "I don’t know how I can manage this. I’m not a policeman."
Lin, director of the said with a wry smile, "LaoZheng you this guy is also a policeman for many years. How is your brain so ignorant? You haven’t investigated whether you have a background and dare to come to the door. Do you know who he is? Great grandfather Wang Haidong Wangs, if you don’t want to be a policeman, dare to come and catch him. "
The Wangs this river city is absolutely tough.
Zheng Kechang immediately turned pale "the wangs I how so unlucky, how can it be the wangs? No, since it’s the wangs, isn’t it Peking University? This is an antique shop. Lim, we are good. Don’t fool me. "
Director Lin stamped his foot and said, "You, I fooled you. What are you doing? This treasure cabinet is Chen Dalong. After Dalong died, this shop became Wang Haidong."
I know that there are people in the bureau who are afraid of saying something, whether they are rushing or coming late. Although Wang Haidong doesn’t want to provoke others, it is impossible for you to provoke him. What is it that makes you run? "
Zheng Kechang snorted. "When I became a Chen Jianguo, I reported that the shopkeeper of Jubaoge defrauded him of 1.2 million, so I think this case can be carefully checked. You know I want to make progress, but I have no achievements, so I just want to make achievements through this case.
I said that those bastards in the bureau are not interested in this case at all. They are all my competitors just waiting to see my jokes. "
Director Lin said, "The man named Chen Jianguo, you should go and find out what kind of person he is first. As far as I know, Wang Haidong has not been here for a few days. Does a million swindlers need this million? There is no need for roots. Maybe it is not impossible for Chen Jianguo to report a false case. "
After all, Zheng Kechang has been a policeman for many years.
After director Lin woke up wide, I thought that when Chen Jianguo reported the case, his eyes were not so good. Yes, there must be something fishy inside, but what should I do at present? I have already offended Wang Haidong.
Zheng Kechang’s brain aches at the thought of here. "Lim, since things have come to this point, how do you think I should end up?" Wang Haidong has sinned against him. The police don’t want to be.
Lin, director of the wanted to mean to say, "forget it, after all, there is still a transformation in different places. You didn’t take him to the bureau. If you took him to the bureau, even your director could not protect you at this time.
You should apologize to Wang Haidong now, and don’t be too humble to appear guilty. Just say that you also received a report to investigate at this time. If Wang Haidong forgives you, this matter can be erased by half.