He doesn’t know why he will encounter such strange things when he comes to perform for the first time. It is said that he should come with Yang Ye and now he can’t find him, and there is another woman around him. Guess this is the solution?
Did two people fall at the wrong time?
~ ~ Wrong!
Because Nan Rong Phantom introduced the so-called Yuan Shaoshao Mansion, he turned a lot of corners. Finally, he came to the guest room for a while and just walked in. Nan Rong Phantom suddenly found that there was already a person sitting in the room. When he looked at that person carefully, Nan Rong Phantom first widened his eyes, then he couldn’t laugh, and then he laughed, hahahaha.
Yang sat in the chair at night and saw Nan Rong’s magic coming in. Just before he was ready to show a little surprise, he saw Nan Rong’s magic joke. His face sank with anger and he opened his mouth and said, "Seriously, seriously, we are implementing it here!"
Nan Rong Phantom managed to catch his breath and glanced at Yang Ye again. He couldn’t help laughing-Yang Ye wore a beige long gown and wore a side vest with a bald head. What’s more funny is that Yang Ye’s lips are broken and there are two left-handed beards to look funny.
"What’s wrong with you, you, you?" Nan Rong laughed out of breath. "Why don’t you scare Yun Xin to death when you go back like this?"
"Depend! Still talking! This is what I look like when I open my eyes! " Yang night staring eyes looked at the south glory magic touched his head "is really unfair! Why am I so handsome but have no hair? You are so ugly but have hair! "
"Ah, ah, Yang night, you calm down. Real destiny is to take control of your own hands …" Nan Rong Magic continued to encourage with a smile.
"Calm down? If I wasn’t calm enough, I would have quit! " Yang night waved vigorously.
"You don’t know! I was also embarrassed when I was executed this time. This time it’s even worse! I have made such two squats! "
"Good good" south rong magic patted Yang night shoulder close to the light asked with a smile.
"Yang night say what happened to this? My name is Huan here! And there’s a little wife named Lu Yiping coming out, and who is that Yuan Shaoshao? Are we coming to the wrong history? "
"Yes, yes! Exactly. Not only is it true, but it’s also very convenient! " Yang night said this face with a smile unconsciously finger touching his lips nonsense "this less yuan is our goal Yuan Shikai big son Yuan Keding! You Huan is Yuan Keding’s good friend, Mr. Yuan, who plays a military role in his life. So do I. I’m a staff officer. Hey hey, it’s much more convenient for us this time! Seize the Yuan Keding this line … "Said Yang night suddenly found himself touching his Hu Masong hand with the other hand severely hit this hand with a growl" get everything done quickly and get out of this hellhole! Get rid of this ugly beard and give it back to me! "
Nan Rong stared at Yang Ye with a smile and said, "Yang Ye, I don’t know anything about your history. What should I do if you wake up?"
"Don’t worry, we will start from Yuan Keding!" Yang Ye smiled and made a gesture of cutting things.
"What should we do next?" Nan Rong Huan Wen
"Now that Yuan Shikai is the president of the Republic of China, we will try to get Yuan Keding to persuade his father to have the idea of being an emperor from Yuan Keding, and then observe Yuan Shikai’s movements at any time through Yuan Keding to protect Sun Yat-sen, Zhang Xun and Cai E. I think it is right to let Yuan Shikai ascend to the throne as soon as the historical trend is right!"
"Oh, I’m a little whiter." Nan Rong Phantom nodded.
"It’s always through Yuan Keding that Yuan Shikai won’t let the president make him emperor!" Yang Ye smiled. "Let’s play it by ear. Then we will cooperate with each other and persuade Yuan Keding together!"
Just then, footsteps suddenly came to Yang night and pushed Nan Rong Magic. Two people quickly took their seats.
Soon the main entrance of the living room will come in. A man dressed in a white kung fu shirt with a small purple teapot in his hand has a long face with a pair of rimless glasses, round eyes and high cheekbones. Looking at it, he looks a little thin. Yang Ye sneaked a look and guessed that this should be Yuan Keding.
Sure enough, when I came in, I saw Yang Yenan Rong’s magic smile and waved my hand. "Oh, Huan Erhao, you are all here!"
Yang Yema got up and saluted, shouting "Gentleman"
Nan Rong Huan also learned to stand up and scream at Yang Ye, but secretly left Yang Ye. I was a little surprised that Yang Ye was Liu Erhao. That brother Lu Yiping? So I’m not his brother-in-law? I didn’t expect that my kinship with him was actually reversed!
"Don’t mention it. Sit down." This is indeed Yuan Keding who smiled and waved to Nan Rong Magic and Yang Ye to sit in the main seat of the sitting room and gently took a sip of tea with the teapot in her mouth.
"I’m sorry, Ha Huan Er Hao. As you know, my father is now the president of the Republic of China. Of course, I have to share my worries for my father. Every day is very busy!"
"We all know it!" Yang Ye got up slightly and smiled. "If this were a few years ago, you would be too much. Of course, there are many things every day!"
"Yes, yes!" According to Yang Ye’s instructions, Nan Rong-Huan said, "A talented young man like a gentleman should naturally make great achievements!"
"That’s not necessarily" Yang night suddenly turned the subject and looked at Yuan Keding with sad eyes.
"Why not?" Nan Rong Huan knew through Yang Ye’s eyes that he had something to say, so Ma received it.
Yuan Keding’s flattery was being photographed, and suddenly it was splashed with cold water by Yang’s night talk.
The horse looked a little unhappy and asked, "Yes, Erhao, why not?"
"Alas … even if the gentleman is talented, if he can’t display it, it’s a shame!" Yang night shook his head and said suddenly looked up and showed horror at Yuan Keding "gentleman! Sorry, sorry! I suddenly blurted out the idea that I had been worried about! It is really disrespectful to the gentleman! "
Nan Rong Magic Horse answered, "Hey ~ ~ You are not right. How can Yuan Shaoshao be so petty?"? If you are a gentleman, it is a true friend to be outspoken in person! "
Looking at Yuan Keding with a big smile on his face, "Am I right, gentleman?"
Yuan Keding’s face softened and he took a sip of tea and said, "Yes, Erhao, if you have something to say, you might as well say it directly. It is something I want to talk to you two about today!"
Yang night pretended to hesitate, bowed and fuels, and just let go. Unconsciously, he raised his hand and touched his lips. The word Hu said softly, "Gentleman, I have been worried about this. Now your father, President Yuan, is a gentleman like a duck to water, but once the President abdicates in the future, I’m afraid that gentleman …"
"What do you mean?" Yuan Keding’s eyes were a little flustered, and the chair straightened up. "A gentleman with an emperor is a hereditary system. This presidential position is a democratic election system!" Yang night a face of worry.
Yuan Keding wait for a while looked straight in the eyes for a long time before he nodded and slowly leaned back in the chair and said, "Er Hao, you really are my confidant. I also want to ask this question, but it is not so easy to persuade my father."