The nurse also came in and saw that there was no one in the hospital bed. "Maybe you went for an examination?" I’ll ask for you. "
As a result, Meng Xiaodong really disappeared, and the doctor felt very strange. Meng Xiaodong just woke up, and her hands and feet were inconvenient. How could she leave the ward? Chapter 4 Crazy man.
However, they searched the whole hospital and the gardens before and after, but they couldn’t find anyone.
Song Yuanyuan asked to bring up the closed-circuit view of the hospital. Who knows that the closed-circuit view of the hospital today is a bad root? It is at this time that Meng Yudong’s words came.
"Yuanyuan, how is my sister?" Meng Yudong called and asked her that there was always some uneasiness in her heart.
Song Yuanyuan thought about whether to tell Meng Yudong but soon made a decision "Meng Xiaodong is gone? I didn’t see her when I came to the hospital. I looked all over the hospital and didn’t see her. "
Meng Yudong heart a cold "gone? But the doctor said before that her leg might paralyze her. Where can she go by herself? "
"Yeah, I can’t figure it out." Song Yuanyuan is also worried. "The hospital closed-circuit view doesn’t know what’s going on. There’s something wrong today. Now no one knows where your sister is? Dongdong, don’t worry, we’ll find me to tell you. "
Meng Yudong hung up, and she didn’t know what to think. Where might my sister be? Just as she was thinking this way, the words rang again, this time it was a strange number.
"Meng Yudong, do you really want to see your sister? If you really want to see her, wait at the intersection of Xi ‘an Street and Road next door in ten minutes, and you’d better not inform anyone, otherwise you may never see your sister." Before she could respond, the words were hung up.
Meng Yudong’s brain is blank. Who is this person? He threatened herself that she couldn’t think too much, and now she rushed out of the door without thinking too much.
She reached the intersection of Xi ‘an Street and Road at the fastest speed. There were many people coming and going here, but a car stopped in a minute. She turned to a man dressed in black and looked at her coldly. "Miss Meng threw your mobile phone in the carriage."
Meng Yudong looked at this person as a stranger, and his personal momentum was cold and his eyes were sharp and scary. She took a deep breath. She didn’t dare to get into the car. She stepped back a few steps. "I don’t drive. Who are you?"
Seeing that she didn’t drive, the man’s eyebrows wrinkled and the carriage door hit Meng Xiaodong. Meng Yudong sat inside. When he saw Xiaodong, he almost forgot to breathe. Meng Xiaodong looked dull and saw his sister excited to earn, but there was a gun pointed at her.
"Now do you want a car?" Car man asked her
Meng Yudong had to throw away the words and follow them. She took a break and left.
"Who the hell are you?" There were two other people in the car, all dressed in black, sitting up straight and no one answered her.
"Xiaodong, how are you? I’m my sister, Xiaodong." Meng Yudong looked at her sister with slightly red eyes and said.
Meng Xiaodong turned her head and recognized Meng Yudong. She became excited. Her hand moved slightly to speak, but she couldn’t say clearly.
"You’d better be quiet and want to talk for a while." The first man in black said coldly.
"Who are you and what do you want?" Meng Yudong held his sister and asked these people.
Still no one answered her. They were taken to an abandoned factory. These people were still human. Xiaodong’s wheelchair was also picked up by a man, who put her in the wheelchair. In the process, no one laid hands on her to instruct them where to go.
There is no one in the small factory here now. When they entered, there was a man sitting inside, which was Xiang Peijie.
Meng Yudong’s eyes are wide open. Why is this person here? The first man in black said to Xiang Peijie, "I’ll give it to you here, and a car will pick you up and let you leave in an hour."
Xiang Peijie nodded to the man, and the man left with another group of people.
Meng Yudong looked at this Pei Jie and she couldn’t help but ask, "Why are you doing this? Why do you want to hurt me so much? "
"There is a saying in Dongdong that people should know that they are born like us, and some people shouldn’t touch some things." Xiang Peijie came over with a wry smile. "But it’s no wonder that you are Miss Zhou’s daughter. It’s no wonder that her heart was so big and yours was so big."
"What on earth did you say?" Meng Yudong feels that this person is terrible. "How did you escape? Now the police must be looking for you all over the world. You’d better hurry! "
"Of course I want to go, but I want to go with you in winter and winter." Xiang Peijie pounced on her and pressed her against the wall. "You look like your mother in winter and winter. Is she as beautiful as you are now?"
The man’s disgusting breath sprayed her face and she turned away. "You let me go!"
"Dongdong, will you come with me? I’ll take care of you. I have a lot of money now. "Xiang Peijie stuck her tighter." Come with me in winter, huh? "
"You let me go." The man pressed her body and she felt sick. "Don’t forget me, I am your daughter. You can’t let me go like this!"
"Daughter?" Xiang Peijie laughed at this word. "Dongdong, you are so cute. Yes, you are my daughter. Don’t you think this will make us closer? You should like me better, Dongdong, because I really like you. "
Meng Yudong is crazy. She thinks this man is crazy, too. Otherwise, why would she say so many crazy things to her? Her tears were forced out. "You let me go. You can’t do this."
"Why not?" Xiang Peijie’s eyes suddenly contracted sharply and then his eyes became bigger. "What’s that man but I can’t?" I like you so much that you like me, don’t you? Otherwise, how can you be so concerned about me? "
Meng Yudong felt that he was not talking to himself at all, and his eyes were crazy and unlike normal people.
"I’m not the man you said, you let me go." Meng Yudong tried to struggle, but his strength was not as strong as that of a man. Chapter 5 I want to take her away.
"You are Dongdong, you are her." The man threw her to the shabby sofa. "Even if you are not her, you have to be her today."
Meng Yudong felt that this man was crazy. She really felt afraid that she would fall from the sofa. She wanted to crawl and escape, but the man rushed to grab her back to the sofa and tore her clothes.
"You can’t do this. You let me go. I’m your daughter. You can’t do this to me." Meng Yudong was frightened and struggled to hammer.
"That’s right. You’re my daughter’s name is Dad, huh?" When she said it was her daughter Xiang Peijie, she seemed to be more and more excited by the stimulation. He pulled Meng Yudong’s clothes and her snow-white skin pricked his eyes. "Call dad, maybe I will be gentle."
"You pervert, you let me go." Meng Yudong’s hand was pressed by his head and she cried when his head was buried in her chest. "Please let me go."
"You must be me today, and I must get you." The man said that he had already pulled her pants and stared at her face tightly, which made him even more excited. "Please scream and ask for someone to save you."
"Don’t" cool body makes her despair. His eyes make her feel ashamed and resentful. She feels that his hand has reached the surface. "Don’t, don’t, Dongyang, save me."
"Be bigger and see if anyone will come to save you and see if Dongyang will come to save you!" Xiang Peijie squeezed her leg and took off his pants.