Even Ye Hong, a patriarch, dare not violate this rule. Now this Ye Qiu dares to violate this rule, which is a great event for the whole family.
Although Ye Qiu leaves home in addition to Ye Tianwai, he is also a second-rate role in this leaf home, as well as the heads of families and four elders, but now he is openly meddling with family things, which is absolutely not allowed.
"It’s not that you don’t know the rules of autumn doyen’s family, right? We family elders can’t intervene in the annual test meeting, but now you want to intervene?" It was Ye Hong who was the head of the family, but now this Ye Qiu is actually taking care of things in the family. Ye Hong naturally can’t sit idly by.
No matter whether this Ye Qiu is out of the same ulterior motives, but at the moment, it is a blatant violation of family rules, that is, Ye Hong has to come out and point out Ye Qiu’s mistakes by challenging him as the patriarch.
"Sorry, chief of the fathers, I am looking at all of you who have worked here for so long and haven’t finished this test. I have to solve problems for everyone. If you have offended, please forgive the chief of the fathers." Ye Qiu naturally knows the meaning of the chief of the fathers Ye Hong, but it is unknown. Ye Ran nodded slightly at him not far away and then walked towards Ye Hong, and he kept saying apologies.
His apology is somewhat meaningful. Others may not recognize it, but the four elders around Ye Honghe are very clear. Of course, Ye Han knows it for nothing now.
Although Ye Qiu’s words seem to be an apology to Ye Hong, it is not difficult to find that his words are meaningful, not only demoting Ye Hong, but also raising himself a lot.
To say that everyone has spent so long doing this means that Ye Hong can’t even solve such a simple situation to solve problems for everyone, which means that there is nothing that can’t be solved if he wants to play in Ye Qiu.
It’s not even the heads of the fathers who have solved it for so long have not solved things. As soon as he came to Ye Qiu, he has solved things perfectly. Is this embarrassing for Ye Hong?
See Ye Qiu approached Ye Hong also have to talk in the future Ye Han but some can’t see the past, but it’s not good, so he smiled at Ye Qiu and then turned around Ye Qiu.
"Grandpa, since you are here to solve problems for everyone, I don’t know what happened to the test stone just now. I seem to have seen three different lights. I wonder if your old man can answer one or two questions for everyone?"
If someone wants to hit himself in the face, he can’t be beaten there, but now the other party has slapped him. There is no chance for him to avoid it, but he can return it to the original. Not only that, but if he has the chance, he must return it twice.
Ye Qiu abacus wanted to think that he would be able to give Ye Hong a Mawei if he wanted to play by himself, but he didn’t expect Ye Han to come out for his father now.
The original Ye Qiu was prepared to ridicule Ye Hong, but now he met Ye Han, but he was a little timid. Before he entered the stadium, he had already seen the abnormal situation during Ye Han’s test and thought of it just to give Ye Hong some words to suppress.
If you really want him to explain the abnormal situation of the test stone, he has no way at all. Now he can hesitate to ask Ye Han suddenly, and at the same time think about how to expose this problem.
See Ye Han Ye Qiu make words can say Ye Hong naturally feel very gratified, not only because Ye Han helped him find his face, but also because he felt that the gap between himself and Ye Han was almost broken.
Ye Han didn’t want to save Ye Hong, but to see if Ye Qiu didn’t like it and wanted to return it. Did he do it himself to help Ye Hong?
But now that I think about it, he suddenly realized that he was trying to find a step for his father. Thought of this, Ye Han’s eyes involuntarily fell on Ye Hong’s face.
After coming into contact with Ye Hong’s comforting eyes, Ye Hanxin couldn’t help but tremble and look back and then smiled at a blank face of Ye Qiu. "? I wonder if you already know the reason, Third Grandpa? "
Ye Qiu glared at Ye Han and scolded him all over in his heart, but it was not good to show his anger. He had to rush Ye Hannai and shook his head. "I really want to answer one or two questions for everyone. The previous situation was too abnormal. At that time, I also explained the reason."
After listening to Ye Qiu’s words, Ye Han immediately nodded at Ye Hong with a cold hum, and then turned his attention to Ye Qiu again. He hesitated for a moment before he smiled and said, "Since Grandpa Three said so!"
Said Ye Han glanced at nearby Ye Ran once again hesitated for a moment and continued, "You must be white if there is nothing else, then Han Er will be ready to send!"
Ye Han made a series according to Ye Qiu, looked at Ye Qiu quietly with a smile, and a playful look in his eyes seemed to tell Ye Qiu, "It’s time for you to go. There’s nothing for you here!"
See Ye Han so Ye Qiu heart suddenly full of anger, but it’s not good to get better. I saw Ye Hong and the four elders beside him, and then turned around and walked in the direction when I came.
"Han Er, although he is a foreigner of Ye Family, he is also your elder after all. There is something wrong with you doing this. As the saying goes, forgive others and don’t forget that dogs will jump over the wall when they are in a hurry?" See Ye Qiu angrily leave Ye Hong naturally very happy but dare not neglect busy little to Ye Hanku laughed.
Ye Han could hear the original words, but I didn’t know that Ye Hong believed that his voice was a little loud. He accidentally let the four elders around him and Ye Qiu, who was not far away, hear it.
Ye Qiu smell speech footsteps suddenly stopped briefly for a while, but did not look back, but continued to go to the off-site line not far away. Ye Ran saw it and was busy with Ye Qiu’s footsteps and left the square with him.
See Ye Qiu has been far away from Ye Hong this just breath a sigh of relief and look back at the side of the four elders blunt they nodded slightly and then also took Ye Han away from the testing ground.
[4] [After test]
The test matter has been satisfactorily solved because of the arrival of Ye Qiu. Everyone wants to know what the test stone will have three dodge lights, but they also know that no one can explain such a strange field.
After all, even Ye Qiu, a member of the Ye family generation, can explain others, even more so that everyone can keep it in mind, so that he can brag in front of his friends!
Ye Han and Ye Hong left the testing ground and came to Ye Hanfang. They both sighed for a long time, which brought their minds back from the testing ground.
"Father, now you should see the true colors of Ye Qiu’s grandsons. If this matter is not solved as soon as possible, I think there will be disputes in this family soon!" Slow slow god Ye Hong haven’t come to talk Ye Han first nai shook his head with a wry smile and then quietly looked at Ye Hong seems to want to get a solution from Ye Hong mouth.
"Ha ha, I have long known this fact. Ye Qiu coveted me a few years ago. I didn’t expect him to be so bold today. I will take good care of this matter. Now I am most worried about you!" Ye Hong immediately smiled at Ye Han and stared at Ye Han for a long time before Nai shook his head and wry smile way
"This don’t worry, even if he Ye Qiu again how bold it is impossible to deal with me, besides, didn’t you ban him before? If something happens to me during this time, everyone will definitely suspect him of Ye Qiu! " When former Ye Qiu left, what Ye Hong said was ostensibly to scold Ye Qiu, but even his family members couldn’t hear it, but the four elders would certainly be able to understand it.
This Ye Hong’s remarks are obviously a warning to Ye Qiu not to go to Ye Han’s trouble because of today’s humiliation, and Ye Han must not have an accident during this period. Otherwise, Ye Qiu will never escape from the sentence that a coward is an appropriate scolding Ye Qiu.
Ye Han naturally understood this, but he didn’t worry about what Ye Qiu would do to himself for a while. He wouldn’t have an accident before the family competition.
However, he was vaguely worried that the middle of this month is a family competition. According to the previous agreement with Ye Ran, he must fight to the death. Although no one will die in the end, it is also a competition to decide the future heir of Ye’s family.
Although this test Ye Han is a means to cover up the past, he has little confidence in whether the family competition can win. After all, this Ye Ran is now the second one among the younger generation who have repaired the family in Yuanying Jiujie.
Of course, Ye Hanxiu has not been known yet, and even Ye Han himself doesn’t know what kind of repair will happen then. Before the family competition, he also wanted to ask Lengling, but he didn’t think Lengling would tell the truth, so he also dismissed the idea.
According to Ye Han’s unilateral estimate, Leng Lingxiu is at most the realm of Yuan Ying. After all, Ye Han knows that his qualifications are not bad and he has been practicing hard for ten years, which is also the nine realms of Yuan Ying.
"Well, cold son, let’s let you go today. Let’s talk to my father about the abnormal test stone. I think you know why in this family!"