In fact, this is the strong and mellow fox wine flowing into the stomach to produce a refreshing feeling, just like many alcoholics will call it "ah good wine" after drinking.
The wind is rising in this state, but in this situation, his name is doubt, which is a kind of scream.
After drinking a mouthful of wine, the wind blew low and said, "Depend on you to cooperate. I didn’t cooperate when I shouted alone."
Bare, oh, a hurriedly shouted, "Mom dares to provoke me not to shrink your neck, impotence, tight buttocks and anus today, and you will die on the spot. When you don’t finish the Spring Festival, you will always sing you back at your grave."
"Brothers beat him up." Several young people also quickly chattered and shouted to make the wind sing.
Outsiders in the inn were scared to death when they heard the sounds coming from inside. It was cruel, cruel and inhuman. Does a young man have to be so abused? Look, how miserable that is.
"Over over this guy is bound to support not to live, if he really accidentally killed dad will certainly stripped me of my skin" Jin Shan’s face changed. She wanted to let bare teach this jerk a lesson, but she didn’t really want to see the wind die. After all, she knew that the wind was not a big rape and the wicked were treated like this. It was really miserable and humane.
Just when Jinshan tried to push the door and rush in to rescue, the door was suddenly pulled by the wind, and the left-handed hip flask was peanuts and peanuts, and they swaggered out.
"Huh?" Jin Shan was blindsided. She just called it so fascinating. Why is nothing wrong?
When everyone was puzzled, they saw two young people holding each other’s hands. Two injuries were not heavy. The young man carried a coma companion. A young man and Bare came out with each other’s hands. Bare seven people were all black and blue. The panda eye had a cracked mouth and bloody teeth. The guy who was carried out was white in the face.
"Keep your eyes bright, so don’t touch me, or I’ll see you beat you up once. You be careful," bare broke free from the young man who helped himself and pointed to the wind and said maliciously
However, this kind of scene always looks strange, and the injured people swear to be cruel, so things are still rare.
Feng Yang lost a peanut in his mouth and wryly said, "Thank you, Xiao Gong, for your kindness. I will walk around when I see Xiao Gong urgently."
"You’re smart, brothers. Let’s go." Bare, swaggering, said to Feng Yang. Soon, he told a group of he is my brother that he had taken a few steps to feel the pain and cursed a younger brother behind him. "You * * * bear come and hold me."
Everyone looked up and fell down and died.
This is a very strange phenomenon, which makes people very contradictory and entangled. They really can’t figure out how those personal injuries came about. Can they beat themselves up and bruise themselves?
Jin Shan looked stunned and looked at the wind blowing around for several times. She was quite disappointed and said, "Why aren’t you hurt at all?"
"It’s all injuries," the wind said.
"I’m so glad to hear that," said Jin Shan with a smile.
A girl is a tangled creature. When the wind is ravaged by tragic humanity, Jin Shan can’t bear it, but when he sees the wind coming out safely and ill, he can’t bear it, and his mood disappears instantly, and he feels very unhappy. How can this guy not be hurt at all? Hearing that Feng Yang was also injured, and that Jin Shan was still injured, his psychology was much more balanced.
In order to keep Feng Yang injured for a long time and make him feel a little uncomfortable, Jin Shan has been wandering around the street and walking at a fairly high speed, which is not like a girl shopping at all, but like rushing to go somewhere.
However, it has been three-step and two-step speed walking for Jin Shan to get hurt. Instead of seeing the wind rising and being tired and vomiting blood, he will be tired and panting first, and his chest will be constantly ups and downs.
Jin Shan was angry and wanted to rush to bite the wind and return to Jin Fu with all her anger after a few mouthfuls.
On this day, I didn’t encounter any accidents. Zheng Ancheng’s forces seem to be still in a wait-and-see state, or the ghosts haven’t reached the order yet.
When I returned to Jinfu Mansion and walked into the hall, Fengyang suddenly saw a maid leaning over and wiping something. Fengyang caught a glimpse and saw that the wall was stained with a few threads of dried blood.
Feng Yang couldn’t help but think of himself and Jin Pingfu and Xiao Hai talking in that room during the day. Did Jin Shan stick to the door and eavesdrop?
Who is the mysterious person during the day has been bothering Feng Yang, but there is still no clue. The blood on the wall made Feng Yang suddenly find some inspiration.
Going back to my room, I’m going to visit Jinshan room at night to make sure whether this bitch peeks at her bath or not.
He’s going to make sure if Kim Shan peeked at himself, and he wants to know who it was if it wasn’t Kim Shan who peeked at him that day. Or are you planning to attack the Jinshan people?
Hand-written novels
Chapter four hundred and nine What a beautiful spring scenery
Welcome you to come.
Breaking into a girl’s room without permission is not ethical. Fan Fengyang is struggling violently and has been lingering in pain {Flash Dance Novel Network }*WWPshu8* bubble! *
If you sneak in and get caught, you can’t get rid of the pervert charges even if you jump into the gutter.
But if you don’t go to this mystery, you will always pester Feng Yang so that he can’t practice quietly.
In the end, I was able to solve the mystery in my heart, and I decided to make a breakthrough at the risk of falling into abnormal condition at any time.