Chapter four hundred and fourteen Too soldier tactic
….. Most people guess that Monty has a puppet because the secret of secretly selling it to Yin Shazong can’t be maintained, but I didn’t expect that Fan Quqing also had a puppet and was the first to come out. You know, it’s a puppet of Yuan Baby level. The whole Kangzhou can’t come up with a palm to count the face of Yin Shazong, and it’s a bit ugly. It’s a terrible price to pay for the purchase of this puppet by Emperor Taizong, because the puppet of Yuan Baby level is no less than a ghost in terms of cost alone.
In the face of the aggressive Yuan Ying puppet, Monty was calm and calm, and also called out a puppet. The puppet was humanoid and flowed slowly like mercury, sending out a strong smell. Monty commanded the humanoid puppet to directly confront the beast-shaped puppet.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
"Sure enough" has long been psychologically prepared. Fan Quqing disdains to sneer. So what if there is a puppet? What else can you do today? Seeing her strange smile, she pinched the method of "hurry like a law to summon a god."
Say to see her whole body a twist, a tens of feet high and dressed in bright silver armor general presented in front of everyone’s eyes dignified and sharp, even from the water curtain in our country can let several spectators feel a sense of suffocation and oppression.
"At the end of the month, I will be at the disposal of the Venerable Master", like Hong Zhong, which shocked people’s ears.
"What? It’s impossible. "In a luxurious box, the evil spirit and the magic statue of the tiger have to look at each other with a sharp eye." High-order Yuanying combat effectiveness will be projected by the sky! It’s impossible that Fan Quqing can’t summon such a level of heaven to xuanzhen your disadvantages. "
"Yin evil spirit old demon" has a grand appearance. The middle-aged Taoist priest dressed up in Xuanzhen calmly smiled. "I, Emperor Taizong, are the super sects that are convenient for the world in ancient times. Is it your little Yin evil spirit Sect who can speculate that there is a secret method? I can call you to say that I have disadvantages. Please also produce evidence to show that the remnant of the heavenly generals is my sister Fan."
"You …" Of course, the evil spirit Buddha knows that there is fraud, but he can tell how the other party is cheating by what he thinks. He is not good at this spell by investigating and understanding Fan Quqing.
Xuan’s sincere sneer makes you depressed to death. It’s really impossible to summon the heavenly generals. It’s a pity that Xuan really has some small means to temporarily hand over the summoned heavenly generals to the school sister for command. Just now, the so-called summons was just a performance.
Anyway, Monty is dead in Xuanzhen’s eyes. If you don’t do it yourself, Mengchao can easily kill Monty and the puppet. It is precisely because of this card that Xuanzhen won all the spiritual stones of his disciples and bought Fan Quqing to win. Damn it, those people in Kangzhou have pressed Fan Quqing’s odds to the death to earn only half.
But even with such a sure win, they can earn about 100 million Lingshi. You know, they have invested 16 billion Lingshi, and a group of other disciples and sisters have already lost all their wealth.
When the other party refused to pay, it was Xuanzhen who didn’t even think about it. In front of Taizong, he dared to do such a thing. Even Daganzhou couldn’t find a few. He personally made a profit of 300 million Lingshi. Xuanzhen was in a good mood at the thought of having a large amount of Lingshi in the back.
But the monks of Yin evil spirit Zongyuanying are not so good. Everyone knows that the high-order Yuanying is badly repaired, and there is no room to fight back in front of the general that day.
"Monty can kill herself and leave you a corpse." Fan Quqing satisfiedly smiled. Just that a long time ago, she was just playing with her. It was her biggest card. She didn’t believe that this poor place could find out what kind of high-order Yuanying auxiliary combat effectiveness would be. Even with high-order Yuanying puppets, I’m afraid she couldn’t control Monty.
In fact, throbbing in the box is also a nerve-racking tunnel after calling out the high-order Yuan Baby in The Hunger. Fortunately, it turns out that he also has two first-order ghosts and a first-order puppet, which is enough for monty to sweep all the monks in the same order. But I didn’t expect that Taizong, not the kui, could summon the high-order strength puppet of Yuan Baby. It is throbbing but I don’t know that this is the other side’s disadvantage.
"Impossible! Impossible! Fan Quqing, who has just entered Yuan Ying’s intermediate level, cannot summon such a powerful God! Did you use any secret skills? " The Hunger muttered with a worried face, "This monty is in trouble." The Hunger has done many crazy things. The only advantage is that he is loyal to sects, especially because he knows that monty and throb are different, even if this matter has never been said.
Dongfang Fu’s face is also a little white. Monty, but she’s a master. She’s not the kind of girl who has no knowledge. She even knows what high-order Yuanying is, of course.
"Don’t worry, everyone." Willy’s face eased up. "I believe that Monty’s adult has its own coping means." But his eyes are firmly fixed on the field of Monty. Monty, don’t even think about trying any high-order yuan baby power. High-order yuan baby strength is not easy to handle.
This provoked Oriental fragrance slightly strange and thoughtful, glancing at throb.
In ordinary monty, she might project the high-order heavenly generals according to her sexual challenge. But at the moment, she also knows that it is not a good time to be brave and face Fan Quqing’s arrogance. She did not say anything but pinched the imperial ghost tactic.
The two magnificent and cold ghost kings emerged as soon as they appeared, and they were loyal guards. In front of Monty, everyone was dressed in black armor, and at the same time, a bunch of black and simple banners floated in front of her.
"The first ghost king?" Watching Yuan Ying’s monks broke out once again. Today, this world war I is destined to surprise people. The ghost king is a great thing. One by one, his strength is comparable to that of Yuan Ying’s monks, but the vast majority of the ghost kings are extremely clever ghosts who have been promoted. However, they are a rarity, and the value of Yuan Ying’s puppets is no less than that of the first stage. The whole Kangzhou is famous for its extremely clever ghosts, and three of them are in the hands of Yin Evil Sect.
But those extremely clever ghosts have already been refined and formed a good fighting force, so the question is, where did the monty body come from? Even Brother Yuan Ying’s spirit ghost is extremely difficult, let alone win both. It’s not that no one wants the spirit ghost to achieve the ghost king, but it seems that the difficulty is too great, which consumes resources by no means. Brother Yuan Ying can bear the resources of 100 million spirit stones, and maybe even Shui Piao can’t be seen.
The people of Yin Evil Sect are also staring at each other. Monty actually has two first-order ghost kings? With the physical strength of these two first-stage ghost kings, Monty, she faced some poor and high-order babies, and there was no need to hope that the extremely clever ghost would be wanted by everyone, but it was not so good after all. Most of them were lucky, just like Wan Gui’s little dog got the extremely clever ghost on the fifth floor of the gas refining period.
Jealousy is really enviable. No one envies the projection of the heavenly generals. After all, it is the secret of Taizong. If you can’t learn it, you will be killed by Taizong. But everyone will fantasize about what level your strength will rise if you get the bipolar spirits.
It’s a pity that some sober people are sighing. If you were an ordinary opponent, Monty would definitely sweep the situation with these two early-stage ghost kings, but Taizong’s Fan Quqing has a high-order yuan baby power in hand. What’s more, Monty’s two ghost kings will disappear after the war.
Even Fan Quqing froze and looked at the ghost king’s heart. He immediately felt a sense of envy, jealousy and hatred. He was tempered by this country girl’s living sacrifice. At the same time, his heart was also dying. Fortunately, his senior brother used the hermetic technique to temporarily lend her the heavenly generals to Mengchao. Otherwise, in the face of these two initial ghost kings, today is the anniversary of her death.
"Heaven will kill the ghost king first." It is quite terrible for a woman to be jealous together. She will kill the two precious ghost kings in front of Monty and then slowly torture Monty to death.
At the end of the "will have to make" Mongolian urn urn gas should be a tall figure into a Lihong terror speed to monty.
Monty didn’t move, but there was a trace of essence in his eyes. With her method, he pinched the surface, which was not seen in his eyes. The ghost flame, ghosts and complications soared up and the blink of an eye reached several feet away, and the momentum was cold and fierce.
There is a trace of blue ghost flame wrapped around the whole body. Ghosts pour out from the ghost streamers almost instantly, forming a torrent, which is powerful and powerful towards Mongolia.
"Hum, shrimp, soldiers, crabs," I don’t know the ghost in the Mongolian dynasty, and I beat it with a slap in the face and killed it.
(To be continued)
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Ghosts outbursts
….. to say that this day will be the day when the strength of the earth will be as fierce as the avalanche of momentum.
In the tide of ghosts, he suddenly blew out a white, and hundreds of ghosts were crushed into dust by powerful forces. More ghosts were flying all over the sky by powerful forces on the outside of Jin Dao.
After hitting such a strong blow, the Mongolian dynasty was dumbfounded. This creature, of course, has seen several times in his long campaign. He can shoot thousands of ghosts with his palm full, but he never imagined that the most central part of his palm was crushed and the rest were still alive and kicking after rolling for a while.
Not to mention the shock of the Mongolian dynasty, even the monks who watched Yuanying were shocked. Are those all carefully refined top-level spectres? Why is it so powerful? But if it’s a ringleader spectre, how can there be so many of them? Even if the heavenly fiend has a strong soul, it is impossible to command so much, right?
Willy is in the dark sneer at know ghost flame ghosts badly? It took him a lot of energy, money and life to get the ghost flame. The ghost fan is so powerful that it is extremely scary. Of course, the ghost flame alone is not too powerful and can be run over easily, but it will be quite scary when it is gathered together.
This will involve the so-called group attack magic tactics. Maybe someone will ask Yuan Ying’s master to wave and get a group attack spell to wipe out the weak creatures in the range of dozens of feet, but the problem is that whether it’s Brother Lian Qi or Yuan Ying’s strong, the strength is strong or weak, but there is a limit after all.
Theoretically, a brother Yuan Ying can create and display a difference covering dozens of feet. Fiona Fang is in the attack area of Li Xu Fangyuan, but in practice, doing so is pure death.
How much power does it take to cast a spell with such a wide range of differences? Is it half? Or the Ministry? Even the high-ranking brother Yuan Ying can’t do much, and doing so can also be seemingly imposing and the actual lethality is extremely weak.
Everyone who is a monk knows that the more powerful the power, the more amazing it is, the more dispersed it is, and the weaker it is. If a monk of the same order is allowed to fight there, there will be no damage. Therefore, it can be concluded that such a seemingly powerful spell is not for the monk of the same order first.
Besides, for the weak who win by numbers, it can be seen that there is still some market for this spell on the surface, but don’t forget that this is the world of cultivating immortals. Both people and monsters are extremely fast, and even the tide of beasts will not crowd together to kill people. The formation is sparse, and there are dozens of feet. If you die in the diameter range of Fiona Fang Baizhang, it will be hundreds of units.
It’s absolutely crazy for a Yuan Ying-level monk to kill hundreds of weak units at one time with so much strength, but an idiot’s behavior is that while killing so many low-level people, there are more and even more than 90% of his strength wasted in the gap.
Moreover, once the number of weak units is involved, it is usually tens of millions, even hundreds of thousands. Killing hundreds or even tens of millions will not help.