"Beauty elder brother! I’m going to Qingxue. "
"Why not leave Lida?"
"Because I have someone I like."
Because I have someone I like.
Because I have someone I like.
Is the girl he has liked for so long going to leave him?
Does he have no chance?
"Don’t you like me?" Xing Cun smiled, though still beautiful, but full of desolation.
"Of course I like it! A beautiful brother is like a brother. "
"That sister should be happy!"
"Beauty brother will be happy!"
"You like it is Qingxue Tezuka, right?"
"How did Brother Beauty know?"
"Because of … feeling"
"Beauty elder brother don’t miss me too much! I probably can’t see you later. "
"Because my father has eyes in Lihai Dali, he will never allow me to be with Guoguang!"
"Then I’ll come to see you."
"Dad will suspect that he knows that I am fine with you!"
"Well, be happy!"
That winter was far less cold than the injury in his heart.
Chapter 11 A tear in the iceberg’s heart
When this story is finished, Xing Cun’s face is full of pain.
"Beauty, don’t be sad!" Cheney tugged at his shoulder coat.
"You are her, aren’t you!" He hugged her gently.
"I … I’m not"
"Impossible! You look the same! "
"It’s really not gorgeous, huh?"
A kitten was dragged out of Xingcun’s arms by Tracey.
"Minister of Lihai University?"
"She is Sydney, isn’t she?" The brisk momentum of Xingcun Stadium slowly emanates.
"Is she really Uncle Cheney?"
He kissed her on the lips in front of Xing Cun.
It’s like swearing that he has everything
Just arrived at Tezuka and saw this picture.
My heart seems to be broken.
The pain spread
A knife cut his heart!
Sydney, she didn’t resist!
She obeyed him!
Isn’t she in love with him?
qu; Sydney! Have you really forgotten me? qu; Tezuka grabbed her by the shoulder and dragged her out of her arms.
Hold her tight!
qu; I’m sorry! qu; That man what what!
What? It hurts to see him like this!