Feeling that everything is not false, Yan Yang can’t help but think of his father once said that there is a secret of fate in this forbidden area in the backyard.
"Is that light and shadow the secret my father said?" Thought of here, Yan Yang couldn’t help muttering, and immediately looked back at the family members who had just rushed in.
"You stay at home to avoid all unexpected situations. I’ll be right back!"
After a little hesitation, Yan Yang was busy giving orders to everyone, and then he flew to the east on his own, and soon he disappeared from the eastern sky.
Inflammation’s family, when they saw this, did not dare to advocate that they should look at each other and then they waved their sleeves and left toward the outside.
Oasis Ye Han is ready to listen to the cold ling method to solve the problem of soft leaves’ healing’ for clothes. Before he can solve his clothes, he feels a strong breath outside the tent.
Ye Han can feel frightened and aware of the danger without looking back, so he can give up his impulse and retreat behind him.
At the same time, LengLing also rushed into the enchantment and came to Ye Han’s side. Suddenly, she picked up her feet and held Ye Han and ran towards the room.
Away from the enchantment cold ling still dare not neglect busy holding Ye Han quickly ran towards the big tent.
The fourth world, the sun comes to fight
After leaving the tent, Lengling breathed a sigh of relief and released Ye Han. Nai shook his head and said, "The color prefix knife looks absolutely right. If I don’t move quickly enough, you will probably die!"
"Not in? Linger, don’t scare me. You are always timid until I am! " Listen to LengLing minxian some exaggerated words Ye Han said with a face of banter
"Hum! You really don’t know or play dumb for me. Didn’t you find that Yanyuxiao is about to be born? " See Ye Han so cold ling is a wry smile.
Ye Han heard this and couldn’t help but have a letter to Lengling’s words. He just wanted to say something, but he listened to Lengling’s continued, "Accurately speaking, this phlogistic jade flute was born before!"
After listening to Lengling’s corrective words, Ye Han quickly asked with a quick laugh, "It turned out that Yanyuxiao was born. Why didn’t you say earlier that I almost made a big mistake!"
"Ha ha, what do you mean by this mistake? Do you want to say that you almost missed Ye Rou’s innocence or that you almost lost your life? " Cold ling smell speech busy smiled to say with smile
""took a white LengLing Ye Han no longer continue this topic wave your breath busy at the big account.
Everything in the tent seems normal, but it is unusual in Ye Han’s eyes, because it is impossible for an ordinary tent to be filled with such a powerful fire energy breath!
"Bad sun is coming!" At this time, Lengling’s eyes accidentally fell into the sky not far away, so he was busy exclaiming.
Listen to LengLing wake Ye Han suddenly is also a surprised busy turned around and looked if otherwise the sun figure has come near!
"I wonder if Chief Yan will come here so late?" Although surprised but Ye Han and panic color busy blunt inflammation Yang smiled and asked
"Hum!" Cold hum, Yan Yang thinks there is no need to answer Ye Han’s question, and he doesn’t bother to answer a big question!
"hey! Chief Yan, you are so angry! I don’t know what Chief Yan did on this trip! " Ye Han Yan Yang ignored Nai Lengling to replace him and asked again.
Glancing at Leng Lingyanyang slightly, he just hummed, "It turns out that you should not steal again this time, right?"
"Oh, the chief of the clan, you are still thinking about that thing. Well, it’s good to say that although I was once in your fierce yuan city, I also came to get back my own things!" Lengling smiled and replied
Being LengLing so say phlogistic Yang immediately is right, obviously for LengLing words he is noncommittal.
See phlogistic Yang no longer words LengLing busy and smiled to say with smile "real thanks to the heads of the fathers, what about you? At the end of the day, the heads of the fathers are still my big benefactor LengLing! If it weren’t for your palm, I might not have met Han Er by now! "
Ye Han smell speech suddenly surprised himself when he met Lengling, but Lengling was full of inflammation and cold, and he was in pain. If it was as she said now, wouldn’t it be said that the chill in her body was all due to this inflammation and yang?
Thought of here, Ye Han couldn’t help but ponder over it again. If you say that this inflammatory yang can be cultivated by itself, it will be cold, and this kind of energy can even be extinguished by his own master’s cold yuan. Wouldn’t it be said that the inflammatory yang cultivation is stronger than his own master?
Obviously, Ye Han couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to believe it. After all these infighting, he learned something about Yan Yangxiu.