The three metal crash sounds sounded almost at the same time, which also showed the horror of the speed of the wind and the speed of the opponent’s sword.
In everyone’s eyes, the wind is blowing, and then the six swords and awns collide together, but in the ear, it is a collision, and it is only after seeing the swords and awns collide that the sound is heard. This strange picture makes everyone feel uncomfortable in the chest.
The power of these three swords made Feng Yang feel frightened, and the impact of the dragon blood sword made his body suddenly retreat a few steps, causing his arm to tremble slightly, and the dragon blood sword also brought up a bloody ghosting image in the trembling.
Because of the strong impact into the body when the impact, the wind blows up the body’s attribute energy, and the riots are inexorable. It is because of his appalling control over the attribute energy that he still inevitably suffers some injuries.
And the other side didn’t feel much better. Although it won the sneak attack, the wind Yang counterattacked and made Dally retreat. The back directly rocked several talents to stabilize themselves. An iron sword in his hand has turned into powder to dissipate G in the wind.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-five Three men in a play
It was none other than Leng Yue, who had a big battle with Fengyang more than ten years ago.
Now, although Leng Yue’s appearance has not changed much, his swordsmanship and momentum are just like his growing character with the passage of time. His swordsmanship attainments and power are rising, and he believes that he will not lose to his peers, but this time he really met his opponent.
However, Fengyang is wearing a handsome young man’s leather mask at the moment. Leng Yue’s eyes can see the quality through the surface again, so he didn’t recognize Fengyang’s identity but knew that he had to intercept two people who offended Dreadwind.
"You can’t escape from the start of the Law Department of Dreadwind Gate." Leng Yue’s indifferent voice is even more cold and has no color. This is not the case for enemy talents. Even if he has guarded the girl for ten years, his tone remains the same.
Eyes staring at Leng Yue’s face, although indifferent, but surprised in my heart, is a way to hide this more than ten years. Although I have delayed my practice because of many things, several adventures have made my strength soar and the speed of secretly assisting the practice with the king of viper is several times that of ordinary people.
Leng Yue’s swordsmanship is so high. It seems that he has not slackened off in the past ten years or has his adventures. However, before an adventure, he must have enough strength and extraordinary talent, otherwise even if there is an adventure, it will be ruined.
Bai Yanhong was also filled with horror when he saw Leng Yue attack several times just now. Although he could see that Leng Yue’s strength level was not his own for the time being, his skill in quick discussion of swordsmanship was heart-pounding.
Bai Yanhong secretly thought about a few swords in his mind, and gradually it turned out that the sharp momentum and speed of those swords were full of sweat and panting. He admitted that Rao could not guarantee that he would not be injured when he met such a fast sword.
"Flowers win snow, you go first" Feng Yang said this sentence is for flowers win snow, but his eyes have been locked on the opposite side. Leng Yue is ready to guard against Leng Yue’s interception of flowers win snow.
Hua Sheng Xue is not a person who is good at playing the dog blood bridge. He didn’t say the words’ I won’t go if you don’t go’. When Feng Yang’s voice fell, he was already flying and leaping for several feet. The high school flew past the Woods.
Leng Yue word also directly fly jump arm a shock hand again an iron sword strange degree as the wind Yang change weapon is obviously practiced.
Feng Yang also did not hesitate. Almost as soon as Leng Yue moved, he flew faster toward the flowers and snow.
The sword speed is equal to that of Leng Yue, but the moving speed is better.
He first rushed to the front of Huashengxue and stabbed a sword that missed Leng Yue’s sword at Huashengxue.
The relative ability of the two swordsmen to create such a fighting style is the best performance of the accuracy and control of the two swordsmanship
Compared with the blood sword of Feilong, the iron sword in Leng Yue’s hand is naturally inferior, but the toughness of the iron sword with force coverage has also been strengthened. This time, the impact on the iron sword was the slightest damage, and the blade contained force and stirred for a while.
The speed of the two men’s quick strokes and quick swords is shocking, which makes people feel that the sword is dazzling in front of them, but they can’t see it once. Even if they have good eyesight, they can see the arms of both sides move gently, and then the two swords collide several times.
Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao naturally can’t let Leng Yue face the strong enemy alone. How can they choose one-on-one hit? This has never been Dreadwind’s style
Bai yanhong Shen tianxiao two people rushed over at the same time, and their swordsmanship was sharp, and their fists were just fierce, and two different smells were strong, and they bombarded the past behind them.
They do this for a reason, too. Both Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao think that the wind and the wind are tied down by Leng Yue, and this time is the best opportunity to win the snow with flowers.
But they seem to underestimate the wind and the snow again.
See Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao sword fists when the distance between flowers and snow is less than five feet. The wind is as strange as a ghost. With the appearance of two people holding dragons’ blood swords, they suddenly swept the sword. A huge crescent-shaped bloody sword mans like blood-red clouds hit the blaster sword mans and fists, and at the same time, Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao were locked in the attack range.
Flower wins snow is also uncommon. Seeing that Leng Yue pursued the past, he made room to attack Leng Yue with a quick sword speed. Leng Yue Hua wins snow, not to be outdone, stepped forward to meet him, but he also fought against Leng Yue at a very fast sword speed.
However, this scene seems a bit fairy-tale-like, just like an escape from passion, with a little sadness and fate, with the same girl, and the three men are not fighting for love at the moment.
The three men fought as if it were destined to be difficult. The first world war made Feng Yang feel a little ridiculous.
Flower wins snow fighting capacity Leng Yue, the strong hand, also shows incisively and vividly. Although the sword speed ratio is slightly inferior to that of Leng Yue, it has not fallen into the wind with its strange and destructive power of swordsmanship.
The wind blows out the bloody sword awn, which will shatter Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao, and Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao will tear the bloody sword awn in the same moment, and it will stir with the strength and ripple.
The wind Yang didn’t continue to fight to force Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao to retreat, and then he cut himself and Hua Sheng Xue teamed up with two people to stab Leng Yue with a sword at the same time.
Although Leng Yue’s sword is quick, the wind and flowers win the snow are also swordsmanship with high attainments, and the strong sword is as fast as lightning.
The iron sword in Leng Yue’s hand suddenly spun up on his chest and brought up the ghosting image, which made it seem as if there was a substantial shield in front of him. The wind and the flower-winning snow sword stabbed Leng Yue’s chest almost at the same time. The sword spun rapidly and brought up the ghosting image to form a shield.
Listen to "bang" a exploding Leng Yue was directly shocked to fly out to kill God, even if he clenched his teeth, he failed to seal the blood pouring into his mouth.
The unique tacit understanding between the strong and the strong makes them fly towards the Woods as if they have a heart in mind.
Although Leng Yue has said that there is a law in the Woods, it is better to break the law by force than to be killed here.
Today, when the wind blows, some people feel palpitation, and some people are disappointed. Being invincible before, many changes have taken place in his mind. In the past four years, his strength has advanced by leaps and bounds, which has made him proud to recognize the martial arts level. However, in the face of Dreadwind Gate’s thrilling containment of the wind, he suddenly found that his mind has changed. This is a dangerous alarm.
At the same time, Fengyang also found that the mainland is indeed a place where hidden dragons and crouching tigers are born in large numbers. No matter how powerful a person is, he has to give in easily when he meets a big sect with a long history.
After all, it is a little accidental that a sect can dominate a place for many years and become a famous sect in the mainland, but it is more inevitable that it must have something extraordinary to stand on its feet.
Just like that titanium steel gold chain, if you control the enemy in battle, it will definitely be difficult.
Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue plunged into the Dreadwind Gate in the Woods, and no one pursued them. Because the law has already, it means that there are many crises in the Woods, and it is a differential attack. Even Dreadwind’s cousin will die if he goes in.
Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue went in and saw the situation at first sight, which made them dumbfounded. Both of them glances saw surprise from each other’s eyes and saw the ecstasy * and some complicated feelings.
Because they see that people are impressively a woman who has a constant relationship with them, a woman who has entered their world one after another, Xia Ying