? Willy lifted up his eyes is very simple. First, it is to clear his name, especially to slander ice cloud. After she was present, she publicized her own ghost. This will make her reputation more stable and valued in the Yin evil Sect. After so many years of willy, it is easy for a single person to be bullied. No matter how strong the negative strength is, there are many people who have Yin evil Sect. I still feel very willy when I was young.
Secondly, naturally, the members of the team who are loyal to themselves have increased their fighting capacity. After repeated trials in recent years, it has been found that these teammates are good training targets, not only good people, but also respect and loyalty to themselves. In addition, these people have good qualifications, and they are far better than themselves. Of course, loyalty and people are the most important things, but resources can be smashed, and they can be used to make ghosts for them without revealing themselves.
In the coming period, Li Lei took all the people around the nearby 100,000-square city, where the immortals gathered in cities. On the one hand, he secretly sold the spirits to those merchants at a price of almost 1.5 million lingshi, and then took advantage of the fact that when they held an auction, the price was about 2 million more. Although it seems that Lei Lei lost 500,000,
But it actually put him in a more secure position.
Well-founded and not exposing yourself may be a sign of reverse treasure. In fact, this is not a loss. Anyway, those ghosts were collected for nothing and sold quietly from beginning to end. Twenty ghosts were finally bought back by him in the form of auction. Luo Tuguan, Qing Niang and Lao Zhao were each assigned two. In addition, the remaining four were ready to be taken back to politely and Qing Er brothers, where they could sneak in one or two. Therefore, after all this, throb also made a net profit of millions of spirits.
It’s rare for others to ask for a ghost in the hands of willy, which is just like Chinese cabbage in the market. The quintet ghost willy naturally won’t be sacrificed elsewhere. In fact, even if he needs a ghost, he will be promoted to a class base and need to be sacrificed again.
The whole exercise plan of willy covered more than ten years in Wan Li, and it took a total of half a year. Although it took a long time, it didn’t arouse many people to suspect him. Although there are sensitive people, it is strange that the market ghosts have suddenly increased recently, but it is still impossible to trace them because the area involved is too wide.
Although the members of the throb team also felt that there seemed to be a lot of ghosts, they didn’t think deeply about it. They knew that it seemed that their boss had spent money to buy news, and they found out where there were ghosts to sell, so they led the people to buy them. The whole process went smoothly. In this period, throb also went around in the auction house to specialize in the magic tricks, but it was a pity that those magic tricks were too bad. It seems that throb only looked at the whole Zhaozhou.
According to the information from various sources, it seems that the spectre-bending tactic of the spectre-bending clan is not worse than that of the evil spirit clan, and they also have a set of routines to enhance their ghost ability. The reason why this sect tactic is not worse than that of the evil spirit clan is also very simple. In the evil spirit clan, this spell is just a lot of powerful skills, and one of them, the evil spirit clan, is quite all-encompassing. It feels that it really belongs to the evil spirit clan, and the skill method should be the evil spirit.
However, the more they probe into the ghost-bending tactic, the more they feel interested in the ghost-bending tactic, which is called the Heavenly Soul. It is a Sect that even a small Sect will be very strict with its own tactic control. Like the spectre Sect, although it is a large Sect, it is a powerful force. How can it be a core tactic for itself?
Although throbbing the soul-pinching method can dial out some information you want from the memory of the other party, it is simply an idiot to find out a skill method, because the information obtained by this kind of thing is one-sided and intermittent. memento mori root can’t contain a complete skill method, which is also normal, otherwise no Sect can keep its own skill method secret. Think about it, such as
However, even if I am eager to try several ways, I can’t think of a reason. Even if I am involved in the spectre clan, I won’t accept the origin. Top large-scale sects such as Yin Shazong or spectre clan are very strict about the inheritance. This is not the kind of teaching club formed by stragglers. Every new brother is included in the Sect from childhood.
Willful eyes, Qian Luo and others also know a thing or two, but there is no way for them to do things. Even if Qian Luo, such a strong person with an elixir level, joins the spectre clan halfway, he will not want it, even if he wants it to be attached to the spectre clan to form a separate potential force, such as the potential force family and so on.
After two or three months of fruit, throbbing is also a disappointment. It’s extremely difficult to sigh when I want to steal the spectre’s inheritance skill. Throbbing also feels that some people are trying to get a slightly better ghost-bending tactic for the time being. Forget it. Everyone knows that the power of the ghost servant refined by staple goods’s ghost-bending tactic is definitely far less powerful than throbbing’s ghost-bending tactic, just as throbbing can almost connect with his own ghost servant. If you want an idea, you can make the ghost servant fight, let alone the powerful auxiliary ability of the ghost-bending skill.
On this day, when willy felt that he had forgotten his plan, such as going back to Kange Prefecture, Guan Hong’s little sneaky thief came and found willy’s red face and it was difficult to prevaricate for a long time. When willy was really forbearing and his eyes were almost mad, Guan Hong stammered, "Boss, in fact, I have a way to get the ghost dance of the Heavenly Soul."
This words say throb almost without a case of surprise and anger, "are you itchy?" Dare to tease me like this? Motherfucker, what can you do? Come on! "
Guan Hong, a guy who usually likes to pretend to be smart and smelly, has become a mother-in-law at this time, and it took a long time to make it clear. It turns out that Guan Hong was introduced to a big family in Zhaozhou, and because of his outstanding qualifications and his childhood, he grew up with a small white face, which is also very popular in the family. That big family is a top-level vassal family in Zhaozhou and his own strength is not weak, so the butler is well-known in the whole Zhaozhou.
This also caused Guan Hong to be extremely proud, narcissistic and smelly fart. He always had a great personality. He provoked everywhere, but with his good money, he did swim like a duck to water among the flowers. It was then that he tried his best to hook up with a girl.
However, it is in this girl’s body that he has obtained all the unprecedented qualifications for fighting. Wen Xiaoxue is more than him in fighting. Wen Xiaoxue can beat him two or three times. Especially since he hooked up with her, Wen Xiaoxue has imposed a strong system on him. He can’t connect with his lover again. This male friend still feels quite fresh. She is inseparable, but after a long time, she finds that Wen Xiaoxue’s name is gentle but it is really provocative and domineering. Because the local official Hongfeng has not been beaten less, it makes him feel that. Especially this woman wants to marry him and is willing to join the official family.
That’s all. This woman ran to the official family and met a list of elders such as the head of the official family. The severity of her fierceness can be seen, but the most frightening thing is that the official family really appreciates this WenXiaoXue, whether she was born, repaired her strength or looked, and it is important to find fault with her.
After being inexplicably engaged by the family, Guan Hong ran away and simply ran away from home, hoping to create a sky by relying on his bow ability. Only then did he meet Qian Luo and Lei Dang today behind the chaotic sea.
After the thunder sounded beautiful, my heart burst into laughter. It turned out that I was not alone. I couldn’t help but feel refreshed and balanced! ~!
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Grass-roots imperial ghost
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Chapter two hundred and fifteen Grass-roots imperial ghost
However, it also makes willy’s affection for the official increase a lot. Although this little boy has a heavy breath, it is still quite reliable at the key moment. After all, the official is small, but he ran to the chaotic waters to escape this WenXiaoXue. Now he wants to willy solve this difficult problem, but he is ready to choose to find WenXiaoXue again regardless of his’ personal safety’.
But throb also know a lot of things is reluctantly patted him on the shoulder, "I’d rather not talk about it later than what day soul * * don’t want to be wronged by his brother."
Throwing this remark, an official Hong’s face flashed a trace of gratitude. At the same time, he laughed. "I knew that boss Lei would say this. I had already completed the matter before." I said that the official Hong took out a glittering jade slip from the bracelet and lost it. "The real soul of heaven * * is quite complicated, and even the spectre Sect is very strict with practitioners. This one is that Xiaoxue spent a lot of time trying to restore and simulate the soul of heaven * * and the spectre Sect’s martial arts tactic, as well as her experience in practicing the tactic for so many years. She has tried her best.
Willy eyes revealed a trace of complex color holding the jade Jane took a deep breath and said, "Thank you, officer, I believe it will be better for me to bend the ghost hand method." I was thinking that this is an impossible thing, but if this stolen soul * * WenXiaoXue experience class is absorbed by the department, maybe I can try to create an ordinary ghost-bending tactic to gather together to live.
"It’s nothing hard. I don’t know if WenXiaoXue has changed a lot because I ran away. She faced me with this very difficult request this time. Instead of threatening me to get married, she was very supportive of me following you to make a trip to Kangzhou after listening to some of your deeds." The official said here that he was also a little moved. "I was ready to sacrifice myself, but now I am very grateful to her. She said that no matter how long I made a trip outside, she would wait for me silently in Zhaozhou."
Willy heart dark I feel this WenXiaoXue is really very severe, after eating a loss, she understood the man’s temperament. She paid so much attention to GuanHong, posing a kind of attitude that she didn’t care about everything and waited silently. Instead, she ate this one. This didn’t move him into what kind, but Willy also had a good impression on WenXiaoXue. Although she had never met before, she knew that this was a great girl. By doing so, she betrayed her legacy, but it was a requirement of GuanHong. This is not something that ordinary people can do. If she really loved GuanHong, she would never do it.
No, it’s her who said a few good words again.
After throbbing, he took the whole team to the big desert, and the route was naturally to avoid all dangerous places. Throbbing would rather slow down than get into trouble halfway. Because of Wen Xiaoxue’s jade slips at hand, throbbing is almost a nest in the bedroom of a flying boat, and the door is not out of the second door, so he has devoted himself to studying the stolen soul.
Although this celestial soul * * is still incomplete, but adding WenXiaoXue’s various tips to keep it is what makes willy look infatuated. Although it is a ghost-bending route, it is quite different, as the bodhi old zu said, the ghost * * seems to be a death tactic, but it is actually a kind of vitality, which is also the most original and root anger. This is also the reason why the ghost * * is so powerful. For example, the ghost tactic of Yin evil spirits is also repeated.
However, the tactic of the spectre Sect is quite different. Although they also refine the ghost servant through blood sacrifice, it is more overbearing to treat the ghost servant’s power to urge the spectre Sect. They often use some extremely cruel means to stimulate the ghost servant to make the life ghost servant become particularly crazy, including the long-term stimulation of spells and drugs. The ghost servant is fierce but lacks spirituality.
For example, the ghost servant base can send them to do some simple chores, and their spirituality also makes them somewhat flexible when they carry out their master’s goals on the battlefield. The higher the dynamic level, the more obvious it is that the ghost servant will have a low IQ and can communicate with his master in the opposite direction, while the ghost in the middle of the day can be treated as a monk of the same level and can practice spells.
Of course, there are only a handful of celestial ghosts that have appeared in history.
The evil spirits of the Yin clan are exquisite in keeping a trace of spirituality of the ghost servant, while the spectre clan is willing to sacrifice that trace of spirituality but make the ghost servant worse. They are a fighting tool rather than a partner after all.
To be exact, it will be slightly inferior if the ghost servants of the same level fight against the ghost servants. However, this is in the case of extremely ghosts. If both sides are extremely ghosts, the ghost servants can be different from the ghost servants by virtue of their good spirituality. However, if the ghosts are ghosts, the ghost servants will be extremely dominant because the ghosts are extremely intelligent and spiritual, which is equivalent to a normal human being and even more intelligent than ordinary people.
I have to admit that there is nothing wrong with the practice of the spectre Sect. On the contrary, it is the most cost-effective, because the ghosts in this world are already very rare, and you can’t ask for ghosts from heaven. That’s a matter of fact.