Xiao Liu rejoiced and turned to think how he suddenly became so good.
Looking at him eagerly, "What happened to my husband?"
"What’s the matter? Just think about changing your wife’s strength! " The high wind looks uncomfortable.
Xiao Liu’s mouth evoked a warm smile. "I’ll live a good life if I don’t call Lord protector. Let’s talk about it!"
In the end, the high wind still didn’t hold back and hugged her "you … you …"
What is he trying to say?
Xiao Liu don’t understand "what is this? What’s wrong with me is that I’m sick? "
"It’s not … you’re okay, but I think I’ve wronged you over the years." A novel by Gao Feng
For another example, her original pride has now become a gentle wind, pondering over this world’s husband and wife. There are strange bedfellows but there are things that are peaceful, and there are many sweet things that are harmonious and loving.
But if he changes another one, he may not always be able to cover him.
Of course, you can live without a package, but what’s the point? Or do you want a Nuo Nuo-only woman? What’s the point?
Xiao Zhang is not the best, but it is the best for him in this world.
"This is not going back to Beijing? Although the northern desert is not good, it’s not bad. After we made this first person, they came here. It’s not so deserted at first, is it? It’s better to come back than it is now! " Xiao Liu thought he meant that she had been wronged in recent years.
The flurry was so happy that she misunderstood, "Well, it’s good to go back. You haven’t seen your parents-in-law for many years. Isn’t your father already an official? Just living in our house also makes"
"That can’t be done. They don’t want to. If they really want to, it’s not my house. It’s also the eldest sister first." Xiao Liu laughed
High winds let her "go back and say that not coming to live for a long time also makes"
Xiao Liu blinks and says today is not right.
See her wondering flurry a glaring "what? Can’t you be good to you? "
It hasn’t changed!
"Husband, did you have breakfast?" Not at all. He just answered the phone and said goodbye.
"Hum! Good is love to eat! " The high wind said that this woman is getting smarter!
"Husband, busy people have lost weight these days, and it is good to eat more. We will soon return to Beijing. Let’s be more energetic when we go back. We will definitely pick you up when the time comes." Xiao Liu said this ordinary thing with her eyes full of attachment.
The wind was warm in my heart, looking at the pale hand to smooth his clothes and wrinkles, and silently saying, I will treat you well!
"You also have a beautiful back to Beijing! Don’t lose your face! " I want to bite my tongue when I’m finished. Why can’t I talk well?
"Well, I also have a good spirit when the time comes back to my parents must also come to meet! If not, they love dearly, "Xiao Liu said.
High winds shrink in my heart. I feel bad about you. I feel bad about it …
What I can’t say after all is squeezing her hand hard.
Xiao Liu didn’t know it just now, but now he knows all about this awkward man …
I have everything in my heart, but I can’t say it well. Is it a sigh for her? Or sigh?
"The messenger went back to our house earlier and was supposed to clean up." Xiao Liu said.
"I know you have said this session you sleep! I … Come back later. "I want to say that it’s okay to come back later. Chapter 961 GongSunSu returned to Beijing.
A few months earlier than Gao Feng returned to Beijing, it was Gongsun in Yuanli Prefecture.
Speaking of it, he is in good health, and his injuries are not as difficult as expected. Although it is a long process to keep fit, he has been much better now.
So I wanted to come back to Beijing and come to Lizhou. Yan Gui wanted to think and lost his little brother and daughter-in-law! How can you sit and enjoy yourself and not do anything?
But the young couple are so happy that they haven’t had children yet. What’s wrong with being happy for a few years? It’s gone!
GongSunSu lost a pile of department will take his wife and children back to Beijing in the state, then go again in a few years!
At the same time, Pei Yuqing is ready to leave Beijing. He must go first to change back to the high wind. After all, it is much more cautious than Lizhou. It doesn’t matter if Su Lin says that he will go there and Gongsun Su turns around and throws it to the Ministry.
A pavilion called Gongde Pavilion was built outside the south gate of Beijing the year before last.
On this day, Yan Gui came here to meet Gongsun Su with a loyal minister.
I saw Gong Sunsu riding his horse from a long distance. I saw many people here. The horses almost rushed over early. Look at the horses and chariots behind me. There is still a mile to go!
He laughed, "Ah! I really appreciate you coming to meet me in person! Or let’s raise people in the north. I can’t stand it in the south! "
Yan Gui got up and laughed. "Surely Gongsun is used to the rhetoric of northerners and you can’t stand it when southerners talk, can you?"
He’s a boor. He’s used to going straight when he comes. He’s used to being gentle and gentle in the south!