See Xia Yibing don’t talk like wind Jerry Liau was a little regret.
"It’s okay, it’s my fault. You have to handle things with me. Just consider it as my atonement." Feng Jerry Liau’s tone became a little self-blaming, as if it was really atonement
Xia Yibing looked at his remorse. Xia Yibing took a sip of his lips and revealed a smile. He said, "I’ll leave it to you, but if I don’t do it well, you’ll have to let me be overbearing."
The wind Jerry Liau gawk Xia Yibing said in his heart that she laughed so beautifully.
Feng Jerry Liau found that her smile is more like that of that little girl, and there are also two small dimples. There are more than one billion people in this world, and there will be several people who are more or less similar.
Xia Yibing found the wind. Jerry Liau saw that she was white. She smiled in front of others for the first time.
What’s the matter with me? I actually smiled in front of him?’ Xia Yibing really feels nervous.
"You smile beautifully. Why don’t you laugh often?"
"Don’t worry, you have to help me do a good job. If you can’t, you can let me out of here." Xia Yibing resumed his cold tone and didn’t joke.
It’s not like a joke at all
"Good, I will promise you" Feng Jerry Liau readily replied that he wants to do something that he can’t do?
"I’ll give it to you one day. You just have to hand it over to someone for me." Xia Yi said coldly.
She swore that no one would ever see her smile again after he first saw her smile.
"Well, you have a good rest. I’ll take things with you again. I’ll rest in the next room. Call me if you have anything." Feng Jerry Liau looked at Xia Yibing with a little love.
Deah179 He is worried about her leaving.
He’s not white. Xia Yibing’s tone is cold again. Not just now, and why did she become like this? This makes the wind easy to learn about her cold mystery.
Xia yi ice expression nodded, thinking of another plan in my heart.
Well ..
When Feng Jerry Liau was about to leave the room, he suddenly returned and said, "Remember to have a good rest and don’t want to escape. I told you that there are masters guarding the machine outside."
Wind Jerry Liau said and walked out of the room and smiled at the door. "I know you today and I feel that you are not so easy to stop."
Fang Xia Yibing directly embarrassed one.
I didn’t expect her mind to guess for him.
Xia Yibing got up and took out a piece of paper with words written on it in front of the brain desk. In 1 minute, a piece of paper was filled for her. She folded another piece of paper and made an envelope. Put the written paper in and put it away.
She didn’t feel sleepy after writing the letter. She went to the balcony. The wind was blowing on the balcony. She was a little cold, but she felt good.
She looked at the stars in the sky, the American star, and saw that the stars were still here in China.
"Mommy, I’m sorry I didn’t protect myself, and I didn’t protect my grandma and sister. Mommy Europe missed you so much and wanted to see you again." Xia Yibing looked up at the stars, which was very novel. Almost she could hear herself. She had thoughts, remorse and resentment in her tone.
A thousand words want to talk to her mother, but I have collected such a simple sentence.
Xia Yibing balcony blowing night breeze quietly with the stars.
I don’t know how long it took Xia Yibing to feel a little sleepy before returning to his room to rest.
Suddenly, from the balcony on the other side, a Jerry Liau came out.
Their two rooms are just a few meters away from each other’s balcony.
Although Feng Jerry Liau knows her character a little, he is still worried that Xia Yibing will escape in the middle of the night.
So he had to keep Xia Yibing.
The next morning …
Wind Jerry Liau woke up early and eagerly went to Xia Yibing’s ice house to see Xia Yibing raise his mouth and a shallow smile. Finally, he was nervous.
Suddenly he will be afraid that Xia Yibing will leave and that he will never find it again.
The wind Jerry Liau out of the room after breakfast is ready, call Xia Yibing up.
After breakfast Xia Yibing handed the letter written last night to Feng Jerry Liau.
Deah18 wind Jerry Liau changeable personality.
Coldly confessed, "You helped me take the letter to a person named Xia Yixi, and I wrote everything down."
"Hello, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good."
Two icebergs were fine yesterday, but today they have become a little overdue.
Xia Yi freezing point nod wind Jerry Liau came over and bullied Xia Yibing up again. The tone changed from cold to gentle. "The patient will have a good rest at home and wait for my good news."
"Feng Jerry Liau, you … let me go. I will go by myself." Xia Yibing roared.