Qin Feng stayed alone in the room and had been meditating hard.
Last year, he was defeated by Luo Qingxue. He felt great shame, but he immediately rallied to defeat Luo Qingxue. But now he has a feeling in his heart that he seems to feel that even if he practices again, he will not be the opponent of Zhouyi.
The original cloudy weather is getting stuffy at this time, and the dark clouds are gathering slowly, while the muffled thunder clouds seem to be raining.
Qin Feng’s mood is like this sultry weather is extremely low, while Li Linglong, a national beauty in the abandoned Longshan chemical factory on the outskirts, is tied to a pole by a bunch of people.
This group of people who kidnapped Li Linglong has more than 20 people with iron bars in their hands. At this time, they will either sit or abandon the factory to drink beer and smoke, which will make this place noisy with colored jokes!
"What do you want? If you want money, I can give it to you and ask you to let me go."
Li Linglong said to the first kidnapper that she was not an ordinary woman. Although she was afraid after being kidnapped, she didn’t collapse or lose her mind. These people kidnapped her but didn’t violate her body. She knew that these people should not rob her.
"Haha, are we rich people?"
First, Wei Zhang found the snakehead. He hey hey smiled. "Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you for the time being, but if you want to leave here, will your nephew Zhou Yi come to save you? It’s going to rain. If Zhou Yi is a coward, you’ll be soaked here today."
"What exactly do you want to do with Zhouyi?"
Listening to the sky rolling and thunder, Li Linglong’s heart is getting more and more scared.
"You’ll know that it’s been 20 minutes since I arrived in Zhouyi in less than half an hour." The snake head with bare arms said, "This little one won’t be afraid to come because of fear of death! Then you can blame yourself for your bad life! "
But before the snakehead’s words stopped, a white Cadillac rushed in from the door of the abandoned factory. Before the car stopped, two people quickly jumped out of the car. Chapter Two Killing Gods.
These two people are in urgent need to save Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi!
"Who said I was a coward! Isn’t it always here? !”
Zhouyi’s eyes are bloodshot than cold!
As soon as Zhouyi came from the car, he came to the land where the pole was tied, aunt Li Linglong, and two dozen gangsters in front of the pole.
Zhouyi’s face became colder, and Zhou Chi giggled at every step behind Zhouyi. Zhou Chi’s heart was also quite angry at the moment, and he would immediately crush this group of gangsters as soon as Zhouyi made him.
"Yi, why are you here? These people are aiming at you. It’s a trap. Go away. Leave your aunt alone and call the police."
Li Linglong drove in to Zhouyi to know that he had come to save himself, but now there are more than 20 gangsters who have hijacked her. Zhouyi brought Zhou Chi to the place, and she became more and more worried because she knew that these people kidnapped her today to attract Zhouyi to deal with Zhouyi.
"Aunt, don’t be afraid. I said before that I would protect you for a generation so that people wouldn’t hurt you. Whoever wants you to hurt you will die!"
Zhouyi said firmly that he walked towards two dozen gangsters. There was no fear and anger in his eyes, while Zhou Chi followed Zhouyi closely.
"It turns out that there are men who are really me in this world."
Li Linglong came to Zhouyi firmly, but although she was worried, she was not so afraid. She believed that Zhouyi would definitely save her out, and her heart was a little warm.
It’s getting darker and darker. From time to time, a thundering day is low, and the clouds are exploding. It seems that a rainstorm is coming. However, it’s strange that there is no wind in the sky.
The land in front of the pole is full of snakeheads and others, and the beer bottles are still a mess after drinking just now.
"You are Zhouyi. You still have some guts. If you come two minutes late, the consequences will be unimaginable. Our boss always hates waiting for people. Do you know why we want to arrest Li Linglong?"
A shirtless and stocky guy walked up to Zhouyi in anger and said with great arrogance.
"Give me a waste of him!"