Yeah, yeah! At this time, Han Yiqing suddenly came in vain! She’s not him! Why did you ask him about his whereabouts so clearly?
At the thought of this, she was remorseful, but she didn’t know that their department saw such a tangled expression …
The cold housekeeper keeps wiping her sweat, miss Yiqing. That’s a good question! But their young master never tells his whereabouts! Now he will be interesting to see if Miss Yi Qing has any special treatment!
The whole hall fell into silence, as if the sound of a needle landing could be detected …
For a long time, the silence was finally broken. "I’ll be late."
Oh dear! He gave her a sentence and went out. She was surprised. Did he say anything different from not saying it? ! Still didn’t tell her where to go!
But the cold housekeeper is different, full of horror.
Their young master finally confessed his whereabouts! It’s impossible to give Miss Yi Qing a promise to come back late …
Han Yiqing felt that he hadn’t played with a bottle in his left hand and waved it in his right hand. Remember to come back and sleep with me! "
In front of the figure suddenly zheng, then cold housekeeper also consternation didn’t see the road ahead directly hit …
Miss, miss, will you stop saying such scary things! Although it’s hard to be shocked to see young master, it feels good, but it’s not …
So scary!
How does it feel to tell the ancient emperor that the beloved princess came to serve the bed! This is shocking …
"Uh …" Did she say anything wrong? ! She just wants him to come back late and take turns! Last night was Xiao Cheling, then today is Leng Ruixi, and one night is Yin Yuhao …
It’s normal! Why is he like this!
As a result, Leng Ruixi paused and went straight out without saying anything. The cold housekeeper had a dry cough and turned to her and said, "Miss Yi Qing, don’t worry, Master Ahem will come back to sleep with you tonight."
Sleeping with you … What an ambiguous remark! Her mouth twitched. That’s what she just said …
Definitely not! Definitely not! How could she say such an unkind thing!
But the truth … She seems to have said it! Han Yiqing, Han Yiqing, when did you become so impure? ! No wonder Leng Ruixi was scared away by you!
The more she thinks about it, the more she regrets it!
Yin Yuhao didn’t know when she appeared behind her. "When did you become so sentimental!"
Without looking back, she said, "Who knows! It may be that it has become smaller and the psychological age has become bigger! "
"This is really nothing like you."
"That you say how to just like Han Yiqing? !”
"Well …" He thought for a while and then went on to say, "Pig’s trotters are your signature and your weight. It’s estimated that no man is willing to carry you! Then look at your chest tut tut … "
He also wants to continue to say that when she went there, she was blocked by her little hand. After she became smaller, there was a smell of baby milk around his nose …
"Yin Yuhao, you are really too much! Believe it or not, I will hit you! "
Chapter 93 You are challenging me to challenge my patience!
Yin Yuhao looked at her more defiantly. "Then come if you have something!" He knew she would say that! Her biggest taboo is that people say she has three points.
Chest, trotters and that weight
Real … Not bad! That’s how they like to stimulate her. She always feels that … stimulating her is a very fulfilling thing!
Too much! Yin Yuhao, you have gone too far! She swore that she would return the favor when they bullied her today!
"You really dare not hit you!" She waved her baby’s fat hand. Although she has a fat face, she can still find a trace of domineering.
Exclusive to Han Yiqing’s domineering
"I have never said such a thing." He always believed that she was a woman who kept her word. Even if she really hit him, she would still have no reaction at all.
"That’s you provoke me! Challenge my patience! "
He generously admitted, "I just keep challenging you!" Otherwise, you hit me! "