Tell Nott to make room for me.
After I finish the branding of the will body, I have to go through the measuring gate at the first time.
Besides, you tell Sotum to get ready to meet my will-branded plane.
No matter where I come through the measuring gate
I want it to send my will imprint to the second source energy surge channel in the shortest time! "
Evie said several orders in one breath and then turned away.
He’s not worried about Nyirabu, remember?
Even if Nyirabu doesn’t remember, Staff Nyirabu will remember.
"Is the red rectangular object very key?"
Nyirabu frown, although confused, but re-directed the preparations for the construction of Mars base.
Evie confessed things, of course, is also a command not to fall.
It was this time that he hastily sent over to inherit Evie’s will, and the practitioners of genetic evolution were mysterious practitioners in their India-India area.
But this time Evie should be fighting for the red rectangular object, but it’s not a big problem.
Almost at the same time
Three virtual projections in another unknown hall light up in turn.
"Eldest brother this Mars field that thing is true or not?
Does that mean fire Jane? "Asked a virtual projection.
"it’s hard to say"
The boss shook his head. "But whether it’s true or not, we need to follow up."
"Do you want to take it?"
"Let us know according to the situation."
The office of the Moon Myth in the Moon Base also called an emergency meeting because of the change of the battlefield on Mars.
At the same time, all major joint departments called an emergency meeting at the first time.
The sudden emergence of red jade slips may not be well understood by the major joint departments, but more or less similar discoveries have been made.
At the first time, a targeted and efficient meeting was called
At the same time, the mysterious hall Guanghua lights up again.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-seven Gene fluctuation regret
I don’t know where the mysterious hall Guanghua rises gradually.
The four-sided secondary screen flashes a number of information flows, some information flows are flashing continuously, and some information flows are stuck in the same place.
Hundreds of sub-screen information flows in all directions flashed for ten minutes.
Ten minutes later, the main screen jumped out of the first message.
After testing, the main body of the Mars base has been damaged and awakened, but the core of the Mars base has escaped due to loose structure.
"Does the fire core escape from repeated verification?"
"Verify that the fire core has escaped"
"Fire core state escape state illegal self-destruction program has been detected, and the final confirmation is in progress"
"No.37 long-sequence observation object was detected in the fire core escape site of Mars base"
"rule conflict"
"Start evasive procedure"
"No.37 long sequence observation object is preferred"
"self-destruction procedure terminated"
"After the implementation of the specified procedures, if the fire core is disposed, it is detected that there are many life activities nearby to prevent it from being captured. Please ask No.1 horse to give instructions."
"No.1 instruction starts standby program"
"Fusion clear key information escape self-destruction.
No.37 long sequence observation object meets the fusion condition.
Give priority to integration "
"Warning, this is the last fire core of Mars base. The last fire core will open the channel from Mars base.
Program conflict can choose partial fusion. "
"partial fusion command passed"