If you don’t go to work, you can’t do it. If the hotel doesn’t announce her departure, she should be a hotel employee and make a contribution.
Thinking of these chapters, I finally went to sleep at ease.
Teacher Tang Priest says you want it, just say it. How can anyone know if you don’t tell?
Chapter 32 Accidentally promoted
The next day Zhang Yi continued to concentrate on his work as if nothing had happened.
On the third day, the hotel management called a meeting, and more than 30 test employees attended the meeting room.
Managers of all departments have met and announced the list of employees.
Because the current job is hard to find, the employees cherish this job very much, and the enrollment rate is almost 100%. No one fails to leave.
The catering department of Zhangyi Institute is the last to announce the employee list.
Zhang Yi listened to Aunt Xue, the manager of the food and beverage department, with uneasy feelings.
Aunt Xue finished reading the names of the employees, and sure enough, there was no chapter to follow the names.
All employees’ eyes are all painted and their faces are sympathetic, angry, sad and gloating.
Zhang Yi was flushed, wronged and ashamed. Tears swirled in her eyes and she almost fell off.
She didn’t dare to look at her colleagues’ strange eyes and wanted to find a ground drill.
Aunt Xue looked at Zhang Yi with a strange look and suddenly said, "Now I announce that the general manager has appointed Zhang Yi, the No.3 student, to be the foreman of the catering department because of his outstanding performance in the middle school!"
Zhang Yi froze and could hardly believe his ears. "… the head waiter of the catering department … the general manager’s life?"
All the employees were shocked, and then there was a thunderous clap.
Suddenly, a young man, dressed in a straight suit and imposing manner, came in and walked to the vacant position of general manager.
The palm stopped and all the employees looked at the young man who had never seen him before.
Aunt Xue said, "This is Mr. Hailang, the new general manager of our hotel! Welcome everyone! "
Zhang Yi was even more shocked. Isn’t this general manager the one who made things difficult for her that day? ——
Thunderous applause rang again. Some little girls couldn’t feel the pain when they saw the handsome young general manager clap their palms red.
The waves laughed with both hands and stopped Zhang Lang and said, "Hello everyone, I am the general manager of this hotel after I called the waves. I am also the general manager for the first time. (Laughter) The manager is just experience plus management. I am inexperienced and don’t know much about management. I hope you will give me more support and advice after work!"
The general manager of the humorous rang.
The waves didn’t stop the employees from clapping their hands this time. When they were tired, they clapped their hands a little lower. He added, "Miss Zhang Yi is a probationary employee, but she is sincere and sincere in her work and doesn’t fake it! Don’t back down! This is worthy of special praise. I said that some people may not understand the truth. Miss Yi could tear up the page of criticism I wrote, but she didn’t. This is not a fake! She knows that if she doesn’t tear it up, she may not be able to continue working as a hotelier, but she still insists on coming to the last shift, which is not shrinking! How can we not give special praise to such employees? So I ordered her to be the head waiter of the catering department. The former head waiter of the catering department will have a new job. What I want to do is to ask everyone that the white hotel is meritorious and will be rewarded. Everyone will be promoted. Our policy is fair and just, and everyone has the same opportunity. "
Palm resounded through the meeting room again.
The waves suddenly closed their smiles and shot at them with calm eyes.
Everyone who was swept by his eyes felt a chill in their hearts and couldn’t help thinking, "Why did this general manager, who was smiling and making people feel like a spring breeze just now, suddenly become so fierce and cold-blooded?"
Everyone has a sudden feeling that the new general manager is an unfathomable figure.
The waves looked at it quietly, and two chairs paused and said calmly, "I just said that meritorious deeds will be rewarded, and then there will be punishment!" "
Everyone has a feeling that something wrong has been seen by the sharp eyes of the general manager.
The waves said, "Ms. Yuan, who hasn’t arrived at the department manager today?"
Aunt Xue looked at the two chairs and pondered slightly. "Manager Ye of Marketing Department and Liu Jingli of Housekeeping Department".
The waves said slowly, "don’t they know that today is the staff recording meeting?"
Aunt Xue said, "You should know that the day before yesterday, I also asked Manager Ye to have a look at the list of employees."
The waves said, "Did they ask for leave?"