Wen Jun can discuss one, two, one and two serious local strongmen. He should be able to give himself more discussion.
See Bang Wei bitter face didn’t refute is clearly agreed.
The dragon will be disappointed, shake his head and turn back.
Go back to your place
Habitually took a shower first …
Although he is now strong, he is not stained with blood at all, but this is what the dragon will be used to for many years
Washing away not only the traces of physical killing, but also transforming one’s mentality into calmness through this ceremony, as if one would become another person after taking a bath and the root of killing was another person.
"Hey? This is what the abbot taught me. The two sentences are similar. "
The dragon general suddenly remembered his bathing habit. Is it really physical to wash?
In fact, washing is your own heart so that you won’t lose yourself in that killing again and again.
The dragon general suddenly smiled and said to himself, "No wonder the abbot said that I had a Buddha’s nature. I had already made a deep Buddha’s nature in the unconscious process before I joined Shaolin."
Lying in bed, forced to log in to the game.
It has been delayed for too long because of those dozens of idiots … Now it has missed the abbot’s daily lecture on Buddhism.
Login game
Sure enough, you can see the brothers scattered in twos and threes in Daxiong Hall.
The daily morning class has ended.
"Damn bastard"
The dragon will stamp his feet. During this period, he has been practicing martial arts diligently, and he is often told some Buddhist theories by the abbot of Xuan Ci.
It doesn’t sound interesting at first, but those awkward Buddhist scriptures can really calm your heart when you close your eyes and recite them silently after memorizing them …
In particular, combined with the abbot’s many reasons, the dragon commander is quite a bit. Each Buddhist scripture condenses several feelings of life wisdom.
Because of this, I feel a little angry with the church for missing the morning class …
You won’t come later, will you? Isn’t it good to catch up with the evening? I was just digesting.
"Hey? Dragon teacher younger brother, there you are. You missed the morning class. The abbot asked me to meet him in the abbot’s meditation room after informing you. It seems that I want to give you a small stove. "
At this time, a passing player saw the dragon general greeting him.
"oh? Thank you brother. "