That’s a dark monster.
Can’t see clearly
It’s not huge
It’s like … Humans!
But humans will never be like each other.
Without the facial features, there is no breath of "people"
Possession is a pure’ evil’
It seems that it embodies all despair, tyranny and destruction in the world.
The other party is such a thing
The other party raised their hands and easily suppressed the giant bear.
But the other side saw him when he was about to kill him.
Each other one leng.
It seems incredible
Then the other party threw a giant bear and came towards him.
"Who are you?"
The other party asked
Then he said to himself, "Who am I?"
Say such words, the other person is close to him.
And he?
Kick out without hesitation
The glorious giant appeared behind him.
This foot [creation]!
The other party was killed by one foot.
be easy to do
Without the slightest resistance.
It’s like everything before is an illusion.
It’s like.
He frowned.
An unprecedent crisis is coming toward him.
He felt as if he had seen some truth.
And before Goethe thought it over, more words appeared in front of him-
[Judgment passed! 】
Chapter ninety-two You must save yourself after foreseeing the "firewood knife"!
The words poured out after a meal-
[Judgment passed! 】
[‘key’ holder completes alienation! 】
[The key holder’ Human (Silver Alienation)’ is promoted to’ Human (Gold Alienation)’! 】
[Human (gold alienation) is already a’ silver alienation human’. You have once again gained an enhancement, but there are hidden differences in the depths of your soul. With the influx of more world forces, it has become more complete, allowing you to see those memories that once belonged to your ancestors from the blood brand! You are very clever and can instantly master more skills and have a stronger and faster body than others, and your recovery speed has become faster again. You have really mastered the special talent of your ancestors, even though you are still a slightly disabled immortal, but you have surpassed your ancestors! You will be stronger if you keep eating! At the same time-you have mastered a little’ crisis’! Watch out! Watch out! Be careful! She’s terrible. No one is whiter than your ancestors! Even at this time, you have already surpassed your original ancestors! 】
[Effect 1 Heart +1 Skill +4 Body +4]
[Effect 2 Feast → Feast Ⅱ]
[Effect 3: 49%→59%]
[Feast II] The powerful prey is that you have been pursuing the goal, hunting them, eating them, you will become stronger, and eating them will make you even greater! 】
(Mark 1: Powerful creatures killed by you will become your nutrients)
(Mark 2: Powerful creatures killed by you will be erased.)
(Mark 3: You’ eat’ the nutrients so that you will gradually become stronger, which requires a digestion process)
(Note 4 This’ eating’ doesn’t prevent you from really eating what will make your appetite better)
[Heaven and Earth (59%) This is the final way for you to choose and the final display of your mind, skills and body. When you make Heaven and Earth, your unarmed attack power, defense, skills and special effects will be increased by an additional +59%, and the opponent will directly collapse if you need to make a judgment on your own mind. You will get an extra level of+5 if you are proficient in the options’ dissipation’,’ leverage’ and’ criticality’; After you’ armor-piercing’ through the opponent’s armor, shield, etc., you will cause two’ extinction’ level real damage. These two forces will change according to your mind, and there will be an extra energy (including your own energy and energy shield, etc.) outside these two penetrating forces to cause an additional’ extinction’ level explosion damage; Your body +59]
(Note 1 [unarmed combat (extraordinary ⅸ)] is an extraordinary extreme method to raise bloody honor)